Thursday, November 28, 2013

Never A Straight Answer Covers Up Cities On Mars.

Further proof of my claims that Martians exist:

If  they are not native Martians, then they are Earth colonizers who have secretly been there for at least several decades, maybe more. 

For more:

(The Elon Musk mission to Mars might actually be a mind controlled agenda to have the billionaire in cahoots with the US Military to slow-reveal Mars colonization as being more established than it is by having the towns and cities revealed slowly four or five years after the "first" colonizers have established their place there as well. Then each year they will start to "uncover" more and more signs of life via satellite media, etc. NASA will have less and less of a role in this until the entire operation is usurped by corporate occult influences and completely taken over by defense contractor and technocrat Illuminati control in the for profit arena. By the time people "colonize", instruments will be in place to show rudimentary "camps" with people in them- all staged of course, to show "progress" with the rugged pioneers. Like most of the footage CNN creates (, most of this is staged when "progress" reports are given. I still maintain that the four or five people who go on that first trip to Mars will be sacrifices as part of a long term transcorporate Illuminati mega-ritual: 


  1. Why is it that you believe Mars is already colonized with humans Anya? I did not find that artle you linked convincing at all. Do you know more about this than mere speculation? In my view Lady Gaga is just ripping off the Ziggy Stardust thing that David Bowie did way back when. She is just being the talentless hack rehashing and bastardizing the great rock bands of the 70s that she is. Whether it is Bowie or Queen or serving drinks to the members of Iron Maiden (because she wants fans like theirs) (that is real people that are loyal, not just the plastic fad sort that she has. (Fat chance Gaga! You are lucky to have any fans at all! Be grateful for the morons that actually pay real money (likely not their own money they actually earned) to watch your soft porn show! The types of 'fans' that are all uniform complete with the Tramp Stamp they so proudly show off. (great description BTW Anya, I couldn't put it better myself) Ripping off others material, mind control, programming, it's all much and muchness in many ways, just the tamer more lighter side of it. She most likely is not even aware of what she is doing, rather than a willing participant. like Michael Jackson, he became aware, only after a long time by which time he had earned Sony over 2 billions U.S dollars. Maybe his father is/was mind controlled himself. I guess everybody who chases the dollar and seeks validation and approval from others is to one degree or another. With or without the torture and abductions and what have you.

  2. Stephen, I added a video to the post today, you might want to take a look at that one, perhaps it will be more convincing. I am a psychic medium and gathering what I know concretely with a pattern of "unveilings' in the commercial space flight industry that seem disturbing to me- quite disturbing, actually- and I write about it. I never said this was a site for empirical evidence or the thorough follow through of the scientific method, but when and if I can show comparisons via science, I will, and enthusiastically. There's plenty of evidence to show that Stephanie Germanetti aka Gaga is indeed a Monarch princess model. Please refer to endless internet discussion on for more. The site is awash with descriptions and analysis of poor Stephanie's exploitation of her body mind and spirit by occult illuminati forces that have brainwashed her since early childhood. She actually grew up in an apartment building here in New York that supposedly has a Masonic meeting room on every floor of the building. (She comes from an extremely wealthy family and went to private school with Paris Hilton among many other children who are slaves for the cabal.)

  3. hi - wanted to answer this with examples of non-mars images and other examples of close-up ones of mars - next to the original TIFF files and the JPEGS used in the google earth / mars / moon programs and your examples...

    its simply jpeg compression anomalies that you are bringing to light by changing the colour values and exposing where the image-compression has made similar colours the same to make files smaller for web and internet use.

    those images with anomalies are then mapped onto the surface of mars and mapped over the terrain to follow its curves... can do the same on an image taken of a piece of paper saved as a lossy-jpeg's another of a random image of mars - a close-up of a rock and surrounding dirt in the right, you have the uncompressed TIFF image taken of the surface - and on the left - the JPEG that has been saved to make the file size smaller (by throwing away information on colours that are very similar next to each other but which the eye cannot discern). I've then changed the colour values of the image to bring out and show the compression anomalies. on the left - smack bang in the middle almost - is a square. its not on the original because the original has all its colour information - the jpeg on the left is showing the same checker boarding effects inherent to jpeg compression.

    heres one of a portion the grand canyon

    here are a couple on jpeg images of paintings

    ...the google earth images follow contours (they don't look flat and follow the terrain) - this is because the flat (like my image examples) images with the compression artefacts already there, are mapped onto the surface topography of the mars (or google earth - try it in google earth on areas of dessert or fields too - does the same as would google moon and even the google sky program on a non-black area) - and so have the appearance of following the terrain.

    the issue is compounded on your example with google beacause you are looking at a compressed image of the planet as you zoom - which is itself already made of successive images that are also already compressed.

    to prove this - find an area of mars you see this artifact on - then use the NASA or ESA websites to find the original imagery; you will specifically need the TIFF versions of the images of that area - not the jpegs.

    These "TIFF" format versions of the images are of a format where you get all the dots of colour and none of the compression anomalies.

    Then try the same thing.

    All the images used on the mars globe are available in their original format from the above sites (ESA or NASA).

    You will get similar results to my first example when using uncompressed versions of the same areas and the geometric anomalies will disappear.

    1. Thank you so much, Jonah! I will take a look as soon as I get a chance. Many blessings, Anya

  4. The Mars images don't look like compression anomalies- they have shadows on areas where buildings could be. I'm looking at the links and yes, I would concur there appear to be compression anomalies here that could be visually extremely similar to the “anomalies” of the mars imagery- that said, however, it still doesn't explain why astronauts who went to the moon told journalists that we are not alone on the dark side and were told in no uncertain terms to stay away:
    suffice it to say, we may not be alone still on Mars as well. I am of the belief that Gary McKinnon:, who suffered the threat of extradition and a long term prison sentence for hacking NASA’s computers and who claimed he found logs of lists of “non-terrestrial officers” not on the the books in NASA’s programs, that he found images of secret space program ships, etc. with tech far exceeding anything our current Air Force of any technology has officially on the books was the main reason for the witch hunt against him. That’s my belief. Again, I don’t take blind faith in everything, I would love for there to be proof/science to back this up. But there is enough - more than enough anecdotal evidence from legit insiders who know that this stuff is real. Until such time as it can be irrefutably disproven, I remain open. (and of course this is not science here, just intuition) that Mars is inhabited by humanoid people and has been for thousands of years, that it may be inhabited below the surface as well. Regardless if these images are fake, manipulated or real, we are not alone. Drake's equation has more than amply proved this mathematically.