Monday, November 11, 2013

November 10, 2013: Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm 'Zoraida' - rotat...

Whomever was responsible for the beam, it was probably a division of the Navy of whatever country  did this. I'm just saying. Perhaps it might even be the US Navy. Again, just saying. 
Thinking back over the last month or so with the Washington Navy Yard shooter complaining of having ELF waves aimed at his head 24/7 and saying that the Army/Navy was to blame… I know directly and personally how much the Navy/Office of Naval Intelligence loves me and has used electronic attacks and other ways to try and "control" and immobilize me and others through these types of torture devices.
But why, you ask?
Well, for starters, if this was manufactured, the people in charge are sociopaths. They want to see what their weapon is and what its capabilities are first. They are eager little kids on Christmas morn who want to pull the wings off flies and hurt people just to watch them die. 
But it's probably not that great a stretch that the US Navy might have also done this as a not-so covert assignment to make it seem like "global warming" was to blame to keep funding the globalist agenda. 
Perhaps there were also trade negotiations or embargoes or anything that would have upended the apple cart infrastructure in that region that were unbecoming of the West and that were about to come to light by representatives of the afflicted countries and they just needed to be sent a message.
 There's all kinds of reasons why the boys with their toys would do this. 
In my case, directed beam energy weapons were used to come into my home, immobilize me, wake me up to tell me who they were and what they were doing there, only to knock me out again and alter items of clothing in my home as part of an ongoing COINTELPRO operation, and for all I know, to alter me.
 I shudder to think, actually, as I don't actually know in full what was completely altered that one time. There were many times, actually, that would call for shuddering to think that would come up in my life, but I digress. 
There always seems to be some kind of beam or scalar wave weaponry nearby and in use when it happens.
Think about the large scale implications for this. Then consider how brain waves can easily be tuned to the same amount of Hertz as radio/earth's electromagnetic wave energy. The possibilities and combinations for destruction and disruption are endless.
Just… saying...
Do you see how this could be used for all sorts of strategic reasons, kids? 
Are you beginning to connect the dots at all? 
You can make waves with waves of all kinds. 
It's not rocket science. 


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