Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dutchsinse (Typhoon Haiyan weather war tech whistleblower) Youtube channel "violates Youtube guidelines" for unspecified reasons, videos blocked

I give up.

My account was shut down AGAIN , today, with no warning, and for no reason.

Saying I violated youtube guidelines?

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For more info, check out this link:

UPDATE, 11/22/13:

Everyone using google+ listen up... big time security flaw in G+ ...

I just sent this to them personally....


Posting here since no one will respond from google help, or from youtube.

SERIOUS security problem with google+ flagging process being easily exploited , which other people can use to shut down ALL your google accounts at once.

Yesterday, my youtube channel was shut down, erroneously , with ZERO strikes, and ZERO community guidelines violations!!! Plus, all my videos, three years 800 videos and 75000 subscribers..... all gone, along with my 'home' main google+ page.

How did it happen? All someone has to do is flag your google+ as an 'impersonator'. It was approved by google instantly... and ALL your accounts go down.

no email is sent, and no dispute process exists... except, to send a copy of a dang PHOTO ID to google+ (at their request) to 'prove' I am 'dutchsinse'. lol which is a screenname, not the name on my id.

Major problem here.... it means anyone can flag you as an 'impersonator' instantly shut you down, and then youre left shut down for days .. weeks while YOU have to then 'prove' who you are.

This is highly unacceptable.

I will be posting this to facebook, to my 50000+ subscribers, this must be fixed, and not ignored.

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