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Two years and a day ago

I posted this:

 I didn't get a chance to write anything in detail about what had happened or about the photos because my mother was dying of cancer and in fact she died a few months later, so my life was a bit in upheaval at the time, so sorry if no description was then forthcoming. 

Just was guided to re-post this, my friend Sarabeth was with me and another friend and several other people she knew on the day of the Pleiadian Alignment, which was on May, 20th, 2012. 
It was a very special day, I felt for several days to be pulled towards a clear and open spot on one of the piers in Manhattan resting on the Hudson River. I was told telepathically to go there and the energy was very loving and kind. I researched a little bit about the Pleiadian Alignment for a couple of days beforehand (again, drawn to do it), and it turns out the Pleiades only line up with planet Earth once every 26,000 years. 

In spite of the personal turmoil I was going through, (getting ready to visit my mother for what would be the last time I was to see her alive, having a series of updates by phone with my stepfather and other family members about how she was being kept comfortable in her last days as I packed my suitcase), incredibly enough, on this day in 2012, I felt good. I mean really clear-headed and calm and even and good. It was a respite from the mood I had been feeling for almost four years as she struggled through brain cancer and visibly deteriorated, alarmingly so.

The first surgery left her "well" according to the surgeon as he had removed "all but three or four cells" of the cancer in her brain, but aftereffects of the surgery caused her to lose total function of her entire left side of her body and impaired her speech dramatically. This was problematic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is my mother was a left hander who really primarily functioned through speech. So in her 60s, my mother had to learn how to write with her right hand and learn how to speak again. She was already deaf in one ear from childhood, so it was a struggle to see her so helpless all at once. 

The last time I saw my mother whole and intact and cognizant really was 2009, the night before her first surgery. That's the last time I remember my mother as my mother whole and intact and with the use of her body and mind and voice. Then came the endless rounds of radiation and chemo that left her brain damaged on top of the disabilities with the left side of her body and her ability to speak. Pretty sure the radiation and chemo was also what caused the tumor to grow back a couple years later that finally did her in. The doctors don't tell you that radiation and chemo ages you dramatically also- physiologically and biologically- My mother looked like she had aged about 20 years over the course of her cancer "treatments" that lasted a little over four years and was wheelchair bound pretty much the rest of her life after the first or second surgery. 

So there was stress. For a good long time in my life and in the life of my family.

It's funny because I remember this day of sightings as the first time I felt good in a while and also the last time I would feel good for a long while. After this, I went to Colorado Springs (again, drawn to do so, not fun but not regretting the experience) about a month later to work on a missing persons case that kind of became a nightmare as THIS happened:

so my radar and my compass were way off in terms of Dealing With It as pertained to Mom. 

Usually my inner compass/voice/whatever would have said "be with your Mother", but when your Mother is dying, your inner voice says "Go into denial, spend like a crazy person on clothes that are ugly and don't fit right, mood swings, forget to remember to forget-- what was it I was supposed to remember?, do things you normally wouldn't do, and most importantly, use INCREDIBLY BAD judgement all or most of the time." 
 You kind of go mushy and get distracted and yes, become a little frantic. 
To say I was vulnerable was an understatement. 
Professionally during Mom's illness, I could hold it together well. I was doing well, going on shows, getting work. But privately I was not so good.

You realize how precious time is when something like this happens, even though I realize time is a big ol' fat paradox and is a construct and really doesn't exist-- not really. And yet there's still not enough of it, nor does one tend to use it well when one has a dying parent. 
I wasn't as bad as Michael J. Fox's character in Bright Lights, Big City, basically having a complete coke-fueled hedonistic meltdown every day, but I was definitely off. 

Look at my timeline, the perfect storm for chaos:  I found out I was a MILAB in April 2010, let James Casbolt come into my life and started dating Max Spiers that fall. Mom had been sick for a year or so at that point. All that right there should tell you my judgement in my personal life was slightly off! 

(I kicked Max out of the apartment almost as quickly as he weaseled his way in, but that's another blog post I have yet to write entirely.)

So when this feeling these -beings? people? were sending came from (literally) up above, I could almost imagine that it's what heroin would feel like. 
Warm and comforting and encompassing like a fuzzy blanket and good. REALLY, REALLY good. Just waves of universal love, like being on a beach and just letting the tide rush over you with that feeling. Sentient races who have mastered the space time continuum and are spiritual powerhouses who realize that All Is Love sure do know how to flip on and amplify the feeling switch.

It felt odd to feel that good, and honestly, I didn't trust it entirely. Here they were, making me feel good and my mother was dying. How dare I? It felt wrong, selfish, awkward almost. But there they were, in the sky over the Piers by the West Side Highway beaming it out nonetheless. 
I don't know who these beings were specifically, but they sure were nice.

Sarabeth had a video camera and recorded me for a short message that I was receiving and sharing with everyone present. I don't like how I look in this video so I am not posting it, ha ha- YES, I am not above censoring unflattering images of me! I'm not so selfless that I am going to cheer when someone shoots me from below, emphasizing every double chin there is. These star people amplify feelings and a camera amplifies chins! So, no video, ha ha. Deal with it! (No, it wasn't able to pick up the shapes in the sky, sorry, it didn't have the range, but Sara's SLR camera was excellent and did.) 
 But I will post the audio when I can get ahold of it from my old computer that died last year. 
(Just haven't had a chance to get that info yet from the old computer.)  

The reason the shot was such a low angle is because Sarabeth sat down to film because she was sure it was going to be at least an hour long message, normally the messages they give are pretty lengthy, but no, it was just a short message of no more than five minutes or so. 

But what these beings lacked in words, they more than made up for in appearances, so we stayed for the show. The message itself was one of love and their allegiance and fidelity to the human race, the people-- meaning *everyone*, not just a small elite cabal - and how this was a magical transition for the human race right now and that it was an exciting time fraught with trouble and change, but also for peace and enlightenment and that they loved and honored us so very much and that they were happy to be with us celebrating this cosmic and apparently longtime connection.

They I think said something about calling themselves a long term relationship, a long term brotherhood of a sort we had among the stars with these people, that we were related, which led me to believe these were human ETs. 
They didn't say outright they were Pleiadians, but definitely identified themselves as part of a galactic community. 


 I just said (All-purpose term, not what they titled themselves as) "Galactic Brotherhood". 


 That's I think how they termed it at least, this is two years ago now, so please bear with me - it was a greeting as a friendly, GENERAL, all-purpose term and not really a title. 
Nothing too polarizing, okay? 
You can put your eyeballs back in their sockets now, nonbelievers/skeptics, it's going to be okay.  

Someone brought a pair of binoculars that were passed around and some of us could use the focus on the lens on Sarabeth's camera and what was happening was quite extraordinary- everyone who looked saw them, and you could even make them out just barely with the naked eye. At first I started speaking and they weren't there or anyone could see them and then one of my male friends present yelled "There! There! In that direction, in the sky! Above us!" And indeed something was happening and there were these spheres stationed in the sky that started morphing and became the most extraordinary colored shapes that were dazzling. 

There's one shot that unfortunately I wasn't able to get from Sarabeth's hard drive that was extraordinary, of a horseshoe-shape that was rainbow colored, it was absolutely beautiful, and I wonder why that shot was missing when I sent these from her computer to mine. I just couldn't find it in her collection. After (and while) I gave my little speech/message for the group at the Pier, everyone was watching the sky as these shapes formed over it- I would have to say these things were stationary and moving slowly in an eastward direction while they did their little displays. They were playful and I think responding to requests. I would say something like "bounce up and down in the air if you can see us" and they would respond in kind! It was hilarious. In all, the whole event took maybe just under an hour.

I hope someday to get a hold of that shot of the rainbow horseshoe shape because it was extraordinary, but honestly, when I downloaded these images, I was hungry and tired and she had somewhere to go so I only had time to download what I have here. Look, I have things like this happen to me (and she does too) all the time, so while we were grateful for the display, this isn't something new to either of us. So the images are there somewhere, I just need to find them and post them. Sarabeth is an artist--creative-type, so getting her to sit still long enough to hammer out something specific is... not usually accomplished easily. ;-) 

In between interruptions like phone calls and a multifaceted attention span that some might on the surface say resembled Attention Deficit Disorder, it's hard to get anything from anyone usually with an artistic bent/right brain leaning. We tend to be a bit... scattered, ha! 

I will try and hopefully maybe in another two years or so we'll have all the images in a compendium. For now, this is what's here. I hope this makes sense. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I too await miles Bases vidja on Max and your take on this/these matters. Sorry about you mum.