Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Las Vegas Shooting : Was Jerad Miller a Patsy Used to Further an Agenda?

Again, before I begin... sigh... my thoughts and prayers do go out to the families and friends of those senselessly murdered.

This is becoming too familiar a phrase and one I am tiring of very rapidly.

I am intuiting mind control, one of a full blown CIA operation nature at that.
 Jerad's definitely in some kind of MK-ULTRA, yes, organized, type of government program of propaganda to make Libertarians, "conspiracy theorists", and anyone who is critical of the US Government appear a 
 "radical" and a "domestic terrorist".  I don't know what to make of Amanda's mind control in particular, she might just be a very willing participant in all of this through the very persuasive efforts of her husband. It happens. He definitely indoctrinated her for long periods of time in an "incubator" type environment to make her this way. On the surface it would appear as a similar type of Folie à deux that was the same (I think faulty) diagnosis given to the twins in England in 2008 who ran across the highway, but no. This too is mind control. 

 The Libertarians I know are some of the most reluctant to move to violence I have ever met. A lot have military backgrounds and/or direct, personal knowledge of and an understanding and respect for firearms and for human life, not a reckless disregard for either. They understand the gravity of what it means to own a firearm and how to use one and are usually very, very keen on personal responsibility and individual freedoms as long as the individual doesn't harm them.
Libertarians I personally know are not brainwashed children.

The CIA are actually the ones who have a very well known track record of creating the brainwashed children. 

Oh, and here's a phrase that gets tiresome to keep saying as well, but yet again must be said:
   Follow the money!

And apparently, follow this phrase:

Jerad Miller
The dawn of a new day. 
May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it.
Las Vegas Shooting : Was Jerad Miller a Patsy Used to Further an Agenda? - The Vigilant Citizen

HMMMMM. Where have we heard that phrase before? And from whom?

For more:

This seems to be the season for crazed "lone" gunmen. Hmmm... Not saying all of them are MK-ULTRA, they aren't. But some of them are, most likely.
And that whole "Dawn of a New Day" thing is creeping me out. 

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