Friday, June 6, 2014

Ep.72 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Steven Greer Proj. Aquarius Brea...

Jimmy read my letter on the air for this episode based on some more info I was getting off of the undersea whatever it was off the coast of Malibu. I don't have anything to say about Greer's presence on the show other than I think the Aquarius docs might be fake, but who knows for sure yet. 
Here's a link to the original post regarding the Malibu undersea whatever subject:

God bless him, but Jimmy kind of mangled/drastically shortened what I wrote when he read my correspondence out loud so he got a few things wrong in the reinterpretation - I do charge for my services but I don't charge for anyone to read my blog, fyi. So in that sense, yes, I do provide a lot of free information. 
Here's the actual correspondence reprinted here:

Hi, Jimmy! I know you probably think I am full of sh*t, lol, but thank you so much for giving me a shout out on your lovely show the other night. By the way, that remote viewer was right yet wrong about what is inside the undersea structure by Malibu. If that's what he's seeing, he's simply not going far enough, then. Or perhaps not getting enough context. There are structures/a base hidden behind/inside this thing that are under the purview of the secret government. The military owns it. It used to be alien, it's now owned by the military. People think that's IMPOSSIBLE, that the aliens are omnipotent and always win at everything, always, but that's not the case. It was taken over by the US military, if I had to intuit, I would say about fifty years ago. There's a link to the US military with this --thing-- of a supernatural/multidimensional nature. The secret branch of the military, when I refer to the military of course. Just sayin'... This is a kind of bat doodie crazy post I made on my blog recently trying to figure some stuff out as well, thought you might get a kick out of this- or be completely disgusted by it? Just trying to figure things out... Blessings, Anya PS- I love love love Preston Dennett's work, he really deserves more coverage, thanks for promoting him.
I have to add that whatever this is, is still co-joint somewhat- meaning partially, as in a few, I am seeing grey type ETs who are probably programmed life forms but could be not programmed, co-existing with secret space program humans. Am getting there may be some benevolent Pleiadians even working side by side but unless you are sensitive to energy wouldn't probably notice who they were since they are human. Very pretty human (male), but human. Otherwise indistinguishable. One is a young looking man who is probably about 100 with short brown hair and very tall- 6'4" per 6'5". There is some kind of benevolent assistance as well, believe it or not. I don't know what this is but what I WANT to say or am leaning more towards, is that he is assisting with what is being called "The Transition". In a good way, I mean. Not an ominous, New World Order way. A good way. A benevolent way.
The grey ET is there occasionally, but the Pleiadian human/s are there "permanently"- meaning, until their job is done. I don't know how long that is, but it's a long time- longer than an average earth human lifetime but for them, probably the equivalent of 40 Pleiadian years. (They live a lot longer than Earth humans do.)
Not all the Greys are bad! I am getting one grey there in particular is very intelligent, very wise, very kind- has a very relatable (meaning, it feels very human, not "alien") energy, compassion, kindness.
I could be being played with here, Jimmy! But so far I am not getting negative vibes off this place.
It feels very connected to limited drip, drip, drip if you grok what I am saying
And is for the most part, wherever this is, human run. As in: Earth human run
It's about sovereignty. And them that are not from here helping us with "The Transition".
There is a bad element that wants in. I don't know who this element is, but they are negative. There are always fights over this base, it is crucial for interstellar communication as well as a travel point for wormhole technology. Theres a technological station at the base either nearby on land or in this thing, but if it's on land nearby, it is definitely connected very profoundly to this energy point where this thing is. It's holy. It's ancient structure here. Lemurian, possibly.

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