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Canadian Secular Jihad, Mind Control Style.

Justin Bourque
April 6 (posting song lyrics on his Facebook page):
Free of anger, free of hatred, free of pain, tell me what was this place supposed to be? Can ya hear? Can ya see? Can you see what they've done to me?

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the dead for this tragic, senseless series of killings.

This is most likely mind control at work. If you've seen the BBC doc "Madness in the Fast Lane" what's happening now in Canada is something like it:

His programming has been activated and someone has unleashed this kid on the public. Would not be surprised at all if he was raised at or near an underground facility. And when I say "at" I mean routinely taken out of school for mysterious "doctor's appointments" etc. Or if he was home schooled I wouldn't be surprised. Not that children who are home schooled turn into this but this one was routinely taken out of the normal routine and used in black mission training or actual operations, etc.

UPDATE: 7:10PM ET, 5 JUNE, 2014:

WELL, WELL ,WELLY WELL.  Am I good or what?

Check: Home-schooled.
Check: "Laid-back", "relaxed" and "friendly" Bourque has friend who says he underwent "radical radical, angry remake earlier this year of a man obsessed with gun rights, angered by police and fixated on global conflicts going half a world away.
It was almost like a complete 180 for him,” friend and former workmate Trever Finck told the Toronto Star. “There was a pretty stark difference.”

And, just like broke student James Holmes, I wonder where someone who works at Walmart and shares a trailer with roommates with no obvious income, gets the money for the firesticks that go boom that he likes so much. The article goes on to say:

It remains unclear where Bourque purchased the firearms. World’s End Warehouse, a firearms dealer in the Moncton suburb of Riverview, said in a statement that Bourque was “known personally by employees of our store,” but that he was never a customer and did not purchase firearms or ammunition from World’s End.

The article also goes on to say that Bourque switched from pot to heroin. Just so you know, with the exception of maybe one or two male super soldiers I know with Delta (Assassin) and Beta (sex kitten/prostitute/ritual/sex slave for NWO) programming, they all unilaterally were hardcore heroin addicts. Without exception. The rest with this particular kind of programming who I know for the most part have been in rehab multiple times for either alcoholism or multiple substance abuse issues in addition to heroin problems.

What are the odds.

Anyway, as you were:

Someone has gone completely off the reservation and it might be by design through forces outside of Bourque. Most likely - As of the time of this writing, I haven't read the full article yet, this is just my initial impression- he will have come from a military family or military close by with an undue influence over this young man. He is definitely, definitely from a mind control situation. No question in my mind. Wait to find out what his parents and grandparents do for a living as well. 
 Lone shooters do not go off the handle like this 9 times out of 10 unless their code words/numbers sequences have been activated. 

His programming could be breaking down. He's going to kill himself most likely and/or allow cops to shoot him. If he survives, don't be surprised if he starts shouting code words at people and says things that don't make sense but are definitely related to mind control phrases, etc. He probably has no to very little idea he's in this program. He's probably not conscious at all right now. Alter personality taken over or some kind of psychic split/programmed psychosis...

Looking at article now- an obsession with guns is part of the programming. I don't mean "wow, I really like guns and am a gun enthusiast"- I mean like someone becomes a gun hoarder. I know of a tv director who is also a Monarch slave and one of the worst drunks I've ever met who directed several episodes of Dawson's Creek who had this exact same hoarder fascination/obsession with guns and I intuited that he had a sniper rifle under his bed and he started crying because he said he didn't know how he could assemble and load it in 15 seconds or less but could. 

I mean this guy started sobbing almost uncontrollably when I told him this, and when he finally composed himself enough to ask me how I knew that, he then told me that LAPD took the rest of his guns away because he had more than the legal limit but that they accidentally missed that one- the sniper rifle under his bed. 

 He's a complete and total mind controlled slave/sniper/assassin in the black projects and not surprisingly at all is friends with Max Spiers, who also is a Hollywood/CIA/Monarch brat whose dad is a CIA paid informant and Hollywood producer for a couple of projects, including I believe
 a James "I used to be married to a Churchill-Vanderbilt and I also went to Harvard" Toback film from the 90s. No NWO connection there, I'm sure.

ANYWAY, Max and his sister Becky both independently told me on a number of occasions when they were kids -- this was no secret, the both of them would bring this up often in conversation- that their traitor-to-humanity Daddy would come home from "work" with two industrial size garbage bags filled with cash and he would throw the money on the ground so they could swim in it and Daddy would laugh and laugh at the folly and joy of it all. 
Max and Becky both also independently confirmed/told me that on several occasions during their childhood, the entire family would have to flee town very quickly and mysteriously go on "vacation" in Greece for a while until the heat was off dear Dad. 

As an aside, on one of the more sedate, actual family vaycays-- you know, the ones where the family didn't have to FLEE TOWN-- Max brought his friend and schoolmate who is also a Hollywood mind controlled Monarch slave by the name of Orlando Bloom. This is true, I've actually personally seen childhood photos of Max and Orlando together at school, it's not made up.
 I haven't even told you what Max told me about their school days together in Canterbury and what I intuited about that awful place. 
It's pretty sickening. 
Maybe someday...

 As an aside, this friend of Max's who was a tv director who is also a mind-controlled sniper for the NWO/black mind control projects was also friendly with the Scientologists even though he personally wasn't one, and who spent time at Scientology's rehab facility Narcanon with his roomie David Carradine. This cat told me that they both knew Narcanon was bullshit, and that they would sneak out at night and go drinking, but that everyone there was very, very nice. 
(Yet again a CIA/Scientology connection...)

Oh, lookie here, this scene is going down currently at the site of a defunct base: - CFB Moncton, New Brunswick, (portion of property currently hosts CFB Gagetown - Detachment Moncton). Defunct bases are often used for black site operational training. Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force all there- interesting that I chose the image I just chose for my background photo on Facebook just moments before seeing this article/finding out about this kid Justin... hmmm 

UPDATE, 2:02 AM, 6/6/14:

!!!! It's times like this that I creep even myself out. I went back to Justin's Facebook page again and scrolled down beyond the first third of the page that I had only looked at to that point and found this meme:

I'm kind of astonished. I swear I hadn't seen this until just now. This... creeps me out. Stormtrooper #1 with elbows on table, meet Stormtrooper #2 with elbows on table...

This... just can't be a coincidence, amiright???


Anyway, yep, Monsieur Bourque even posted song lyrics on his FB page as literally one of the last things he did before going on the shooting spree that strongly allude to mind control programming. 
What are the odds. This kid has End Times programming, no question in my mind. 

I am QUITE sure the name of the place was not lost on anyone on the inside as well- Lord Christopher MONCKTON is anti-NWO and a figure in the conspiracy community who talks a lot about Obama being fraudulent/worked with Sheriff Arapaio on the whole birth certificate thing along with speaking out about the myth of global warming- I am SURE this is sending a message to those who know in positions to know that this very well be a retaliation of a sort as well. Remember: the NWO creepies always have multi-faceted reasons for why they do the sort of actions they enact. It's all magic, m'dears to boot. You can't have a sacrificial lamb if there's no sacrificial ritual to accompany it, now can you?

I also love how the news media is already speaking of Justin as if he is already in the past tense- He HAD a problem with authority. At the time of writing this, he's not dead yet! But it seems as if the press has already created it as a foregone conclusion that the only thing to do is shut him up by killing him. They can't all be drugged up on thorazine permanently like that poor kid who was a complete patsy for the Batman shootings- the same kid who said that he was under mind control:

Justin Bourque's ( FB posts are still up on his FB page-- for now:

Clearly this is yet another in a long string of mind controlled operations in the last several years to make anyone who is pro-gun look like a nut and still strengthen the argument that the removal of arms from the populace should take place. 

He is posting the following song lyrics and by his choice of lyrics, it looks to me that he is talking about mind control has been done to him, especially End Times (Delta) assassin programming: 

Justin Bourque
23 hours ago
A cockroach in the concrete, courthouse tan and beady eyes.
A slouch with fallen arches, purging truths into great lies.
A little man with a big eraser, changing history
Procedures that he's programmed to, all he hears and sees.
Altering the facts and figures, events and every issue.
Make a person disappear, and no one will ever miss you.
Rewrites every story, every poem that ever was.
Eliminates incompetence, and those who break the laws.
Follow the instructions of the New Ways' Evil Book of Rules.
Replacing rights with wrongs, the files and records in the schools.
You say you've got the answers, well who asked you anyway?
Ever think maybe it was meant to be this way?
Don't try to fool us, we know the worst is yet to come.
I believe my kingdom will come.

Justin Bourque
April 6
Free of anger, free of hatred, free of pain, tell me what was this place supposed to be? Can ya hear? Can ya see? Can you see what they've done to me?

Justin Bourque
April 7
Ask yourself, would you fight for the future of your children or grandchildren, or your family and friends sons and daughters? 
The answer is: no you're too stupid to know what to fight for, cause we're already losing the silent war you don't wanna believe is happening.

Justin Bourque
March 24
Are you hypnotized? Part of the illusion. Oh, see how they run! 
It's the mystery, poetry and passion, innocence and fashion, revolution
evolution ways. Are you satisfied with the lessons that you're learning?
Is the fire really burning? Do you know?
Hey dream child! Promises are spoken, and promises are broken, electric eyes that never let you see them in the day.

Plus, the following memes, one variation I myself have posted as well: 

This is what? The fourth or fifth "crazed lone gunman" in two years to do this? They all fit similar patterns, btw. All had "issues with authority" or worked with the authorities or were wards of the state or whose backgrounds were entirely fictional and totally unclear (Adam Lanza, anyone?) and lo and behold it was all about gun control. 

This kid has some kind of Delta end times programming:

Delta programming is military-assassin programming that has trickled into popular consciousness through movies like La Femme Nikita, its American remake, Point of No Return, and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Regarding the Delta programming, Sullivan said: " was when I was used to do hits, kills, and also body guarding and hostage extraction. I had a great number of alter personalities that had specialised training and had different modes to do different things." MIND CONTROL SLAVERY & The NEW WORLD ORDER - by Uri Dowbenko 

If they shoot someone, then they will be told all kinds of lies about the person they are to kill. They never are really given a chance to step outside of their deep trance and to ever hear the truth about what they are doing. They live their lives in a surreal fantasy world where nothing really makes sense. They don’t try to think for themselves, they just follow orders. ........They never are really given a chance to step outside of their deep trance and to ever hear the truth about what they are doing. They live their lives in a surreal fantasy world where nothing really makes sense. They don’t try to think for themselves, they just follow orders.The Illuminati Formula 7. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System 

If the programmers get tired of the slave’s programming breaking down.....then they will simply give the slave an assignment in which the slave will end up dying, i.e. a suicide mission......An example would be a lady who is getting too wise about the New World Order, so a Delta is assigned to crash their car into the lady, and its written down as "just an unfortunate ACCIDENT with fatalities." A shop owner refuses to pay the Mafia for protection; so a Delta vandalizes and tears up the shop and has a fatal shootout with the police. The Illuminati Formula 7. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System” (Source:

Johnny Darkk: “I think they're trying to create the illusion that anyone who has a problem with authority and the way the system is screwing us is a dangerous nut case.”

For more on the subject of mind controlled assassins, Satanism, the NWO, Scientology, and the connections that draw these topics altogether, see:


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