Friday, June 13, 2014

Update - Some Connections

So, apparently something else just "popped up" on the radar in California recently. More undersea structures that miraculously enough in a world of 7 and a half billion people and endless, constant surveillance and satellite feeds and footage and imagery, NO ONE has ever noticed until just a couple days ago. 

 Interesting how these things keep just popping up "all of a sudden"! I'm sure they haven't been there for years and someone's been keeping them hidden by satellite feed deliberately until such time as they would be "unexpectedly" revealed. 


I actually think this particular location is pure US Military. And that Project Seagate MIGHT have something to do with this for some reason. 

Why, I cannot say. It's an intuitive thing. As always, my statements should not be considered a substitute for legal or medical advice, and for entertainment purposes only! 
Don't bet the horse on it!

 But it feels like military and strictly military for this one. No extra-terrestrial hanky-panky. Oh, there might be one lone ET involved with this somehow. But maybe only more indirectly than direct. As is usually the case with most of the exotic technology that's being kept from us on purpose.
But it is interesting how this spot's been kept "hidden" for so long. And why?

Here's some more background stuff I "found" through my own intuition as pertains to other undersea anomalies in Southern California just up the beach a bit from Santa Monica. Maybe you can make some sense of it. And yes, I intuit the search engine terms to post as well, hint, hint.

And YES, the choice to use Lana DEL REY is deliberate as is the title of the song. 
God, do I have to spell everything out for you guys?

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