Saturday, January 4, 2014

As American as Apple Pie.

FYI, someone who uses the term "Majestic" in reference to mind control is going down a whole other level of rabbit hole. That is not the language of a casual dilettante. Usually people bring up the terms "MK-ULTRA" or just "mind control" or "brainwashing" in speech in reference to the subject when it even comes up at all.

 For him to specifically point out that Majestic was involved with his programming is saying something not insignificant. 

This also confirms my accurate prediction of the bombing that it was going to be a CIA false flag operation and I can't remember but I may have even said that the bombers for this event would be patsies.


  1. One of my friends is a master numerologist of over 30 years. He has schooled me on the meaning behind numbers and years and birthdays. He has taught me that everything has an energetic vibration and numbers are no exception.
    2014 comes out to a 7. 2+0+1+4=7.
    7 is a chaotic number, it's crazy. War is crazy on most levels. This year should hold some great importance in this war we are involved in. I think the 7 is an indication that the enemy will face great chaos this year in the war. I believe that the war has recently turned in our favor and we are now winning on all levels. There is a lighter feeling, energy wise, and I and many of my allies are now finding that we can go forward in plans and projects which were undoable before. Nearby where I live, our allies have won a massive energy portal for our side and manifestations have been happening faster than ever before. I received a message that many portals like this all around the world are now being won and that light workers may use the extra energy for their positive manifestations.
    The master numerologist also told me that this year would be a year of rebuilding, mainly turning negative experiences we all went into strength and into better lives for us all.
    As always your mind is the most powerful factor in anything and you can go any way you want with this. These energies are subtle in the beginning but as you utilize them more and more by feeling better and better emotionally then they become extremely powerful. Use this time of renewed energy to snowball into a better life for yourselves and for us all this year.

    Interesting year this will be <3

    Rick Berg

  2. That's funny, Rick. Because if you really are a master generator, you don't even have to feel good to get what you want. You only have to cut off the head of the snake to generate anything. So cut off the head of the snake. The act makes no difference how you feel. Just cut it off. Then the problems will most likely discontinue. Go to the heart of the source and address it directly. If it makes you feel better, that is just a byproduct. But doing your job should be the focus. Not on how good you feel.

  3. Sometimes feeling horrible is natures way of saying you have to step to it and hurry up and fix the problem, not work really hard on "feeling better". Sometimes the only thing that will feel better is solving the problem. Not avoiding unpleasant things just to make you feel better.

  4. The enemy is realizing slowly that the emperor has no clothes and they don't know what to do with this knowledge. They hold their hands to their heads and wander around dazed and wondering what has happened. The enemy is a clueless shit.

  5. Also, every time you say "the master numerologist" it's like fingernails on blackboard. Anyone who proclaims themselves a "Master" of anything is a dud in my book. Good luck with that.