Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thank you! Part 2

Celebrate good times, come on. 

This humble blog (as opposed to humble brag- is it? ;-) ) just reached the 200,000 page views mark and some change a few minutes ago.

When I consider the first 100,000 views took almost 4 years to get to and the 2nd 100,000 page views took just 10 months to attain, something's cooking in the kitchen. 

I know this is probably not many page views by most bigger blog standards, but it's my blog, and I don't bring it to you with tons of advertising. None really. Unless you consider the once in a very rare while service announcement or new addition to my psychic business. 

I bring this blog to you with the genuinely sincerest intent that you may hopefully gain something positive from this, that you take away something that empowers you, that gives you a more informed view of how something is or might be, that you take away something that encourages you to be a critical thinker, that it inspires you to always be hungry for knowledge, no matter how obscure, that it makes you always want to be learning, growing, and maybe get some info from a unique position that   the mainstream media wouldn't even think of covering/would not touch with a ten foot pole.

I hope this blog serves your best, highest interests and does not hurt you. 

And if it does hurt you, then it was probably for your best, highest interests! You jerk!




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