Sunday, January 12, 2014

China Abolishes Its Labor Camps and Releases Prisoners

A "sudden" internal decision to end a relic of the Cultural war?

The product of discussions behind the scenes/an ultimatum?

Or did someone point a gun at China's head?

One wonders...

Of course this could all be a whitewash and indeed like the articles say, "drug rehabilitation centers" could be the new work camps. Interesting about the one child law loosening as well, however- could human rights be having a revolution of their own in China?
 And what would be the prevailing conditions that would cause that?

Certainly China's been under fire for years for flagrant human rights abuses. Surely one letter snuck into a Halloween decoration wouldn't alone be the sole reason for this sudden and swift change of heart? One has to wonder what goes on in closed chamber sessions having to do with trade embargoes, business deals and the like. Perhaps this has an economic connection as well.

Obviously, China has a long way to go before they can be considered a country that actually cares about human rights:

But perhaps there are some who are hastening the acceleration of this path:

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