Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den

The language in the inner most square looks like braille. Perhaps this New Year's message for 2014 requires we make sense of the world using a different skill set than ever before. 
Braille requires sighted people to "see" with different eyes. 

Happy and Prosperous 2014,



  1. James Horak
    A diagram for electronic circuitry controlling orbital paths of spheres. (The two smaller will equal the magnitude of the one larger.) JCH

  2. Might be the way this crop circle was made.

  3. Personally I don't really think to much of the above but then again it's not my expertise.

    This Sandy Hook Teotihuacan Exact Match;

    I find more obvious,

    Have a nice day,

    Rick Berg

  4. I am more waiting personally about the ET behind the moon, I've heard there is an dimensional shift going to take place within a month, they are here to help out with it.

    This is all for now., truth ? false? No idea that's what I heard.

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg