Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lady Judge Barbara Thomas, Woman in charge of Dulce Base budget and overseeing the tab on my MILABs at Los Alamos also now in charge of cleanup for Fukushima, urges nuclear power plants on fault lines in Japan to get back on line as soon as possible!

The toadie on the right is so amused. It seems Dr. Evil's plan to deliberately make the planet as inhospitable to human and animal life as possible for 1 MILLION dollars is working perfectly. Perfectly, I tell you!

WOW, what a surprise. I mean, who'da thunk it? The very same woman who is in charge of funding and budgeting the skullduggery in R & D on human genetics that's going to be unleashed on the human populace just as soon as beta testing is done is ALSO in charge of "clean up" for Fukushima. 

I use the term "clean up" in quotes because the only people who are going to clean up are her and her Dow Grey friends. I've enclosed some other "interesting" images of Lady here with "not related at all" images from a tv show where the caretaker for an alien race that wants to take over and turn the human populace into a food source/destroy the human race bears no resemblance whatsoever to
 Her Judgeness.

Nothing to see here at all, I'm sure. 

And if you think that's weird, check this out! I'm sure it's completely not related either:

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