Monday, January 13, 2014


Anyone starting to think that just as former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer says "there are aliens who look just like us and walk among us", legalization laws for smoking pot get passed, GMO bans are happening and gay marriage is starting to be amended, it's proportionate with the "tsunamis" and geo-engineering of the skies and sea bed die offs and chemical spills and radioactive plumes happening***all at the same time***? It's almost a "smoke 'em if ya got 'em" mentality- like the turds in the NWO want us to enjoy this little civil liberties fest just before they bring the ecological hammer down.

This plume might be the radioactive event/ground water leak I was concerned about/predicted recently:

Interesting that Lindsey Graham, who just HAPPENS to be the Senator for South Carolina, was "supposing" in speeches about a "possible terrorist attack on harbors in South Carolina (and New York, yeesh) via nuclear weapons" not too long ago. Barnwell, the site of the leak, is only 111 miles from the Port of Charleston, South Carolina. What is nuclear waste and radiation but a terrorist attack unleashed on the populace? On the populace of SOUTH CAROLINA no less? I think that he might have issued a public warning from The Powers Who Think They Be just as the Illuminists are "required" by "law" to tell you ahead of time what they are going to do. They knew about this leak well beforehand. Note the complete and total lack of mainstream media coverage other than a local affiliate on this.

and pay special attention to this post/prediction I made as well:

"Regarding this groundwater radiation leak, I very much "saw" the inside of what looked like a very scientific environment, very sterile looking, white walls, heavy painted concrete, heavy plated safety glass, etc, but was getting this was in the United States and not in Japan."

Please note that not only is there a radiation leak in the water in my prediction, but that I mention it happening in one of the Carolinas. I also stated accurately that the weather would be cold and damp when it happens. (January tends to be cold and damp in the Carolinas.) April 27th, 2013 was when I posted this prediction, I was only off of my claim that it would happen "within six months" by 12 weeks. I also stated quite clearly that the leak would be due to "old falling apart issues", and in fact that seems like what's occurring.

Funny how all these old nuclear facilities all seem to be falling apart at once lately…

And if you think that's weird, check this out! I'm sure it's not related at all:

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