Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper found yet again to be assisting in fake news as part of false flag operation

I know this is old news, but yet another interesting connection here to Anderson Cooper, manufactured/fake news, his CIA ties, and the fact- SURPRISE, SURPRISE!-- That the Beta mind controlled kitten I know ( who used to work as Diane Sawyer's employee and was a broadcast journalist herself shortly thereafter also worked directly as an employee of ol' Andy Cooper himself at CNN as well.  


Here's Andy's first foray into lying to the public about the facts surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting:

 Of course good ol' Andy C. is a Beta mind controlled slave himself, but I digress. Most of the news media are playthings (sometimes literally) for heads of state, to be used as mind controlled gits and sometimes cannon fodder if necessary, always to be used as lying mouth pieces for the status quo, the agenda if you will, and all without realizing it. 

It's hard being a Vanderbilt/member of the illuminati bloodlines, lemme tell ya. 
You don't have a chance once you pop out of the womb. 
The bloodletters have their talons in you before you reach the age of two. 
So a little compassion and moment of silence for the clueless lapdogs, if you will. 
Pray for them and their deprogramming and honestly speaking out about it. They really need the prayers.

In my experience however, Beta kittens, especially ones entrenched in the news media, are notoriously dissociative, completely out of it (but also incredibly intelligent and charming), totally effortless liars as is evidenced here so amply, so good luck with the likelihood of them ever honestly speaking out about any of this.

Most of them are so far gone you're lucky to find anything resembling an actual original thought or experience they can recall that wasn't co-opted by one of their handlers.
Their whole lives are transmitted for the public to think about a certain thing a certain way.

That's not to discredit their often skyrocketing IQs, but to people who set the agenda, that's almost beside the point. Their preternatural intelligence often serves as a hindrance in the long run, actually, and many mind controllers/handlers surround them at all hours of the day and night to anesthetize and subdue them subtly and overtly in many, many ways.

This isn't the first time CNN's been caught with its pants down participating in wag the dog "news" "journalism" that suits the globalist anti-human agenda (, but it's certainly one of the most flagrant displays of "I just don't care what you think anymore, human populous" out there.

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