Saturday, October 12, 2013

Missing Nuke Investigation: Special Report has eerie connection to stolen nuclear material to be used for a false flag attack that I picked up on this past spring that thankfully was halted

"This is definitely a political and strategic move"

First off, I am very, very glad that what I said here:

didn't happen. 

Regardless,  I was highly accurate about behind the scenes false flag nuclear activity being planned with possible stolen nuclear material and that a traitorous group within the military was definitely involved-- a false flag that seemed to be in the planning stages literally as I was intuiting it. I was also right about  the locations: New York and/or another coastal city (In this case, Lindsay Graham's comments about a nuclear attack on a harbor in South Carolina) being targets. 

The fact that I once again accurately picked up specific plans for a false flag (this post here:, and here: where I accurately predict the Boston Marathon bombings by several months, as well as in the Bases 21, Part 4 interview)  in the works this past spring -- well before Alex reported on this --
 does not make me an "Illuminati Puppet" like a certain "person" has called me.
It makes me a psychic. 

Meh, whatever, karma has definitely been a relentless, pummeling bitch for those people who slander me lately, and it's also a bitch for said Admirals and Generals in charge who have since been fired allegedly for alcohol abuse and gambling addictions respectively. I wonder if beyond the "official" story if they were in any way attached to this thwarted event, though. 
Couldn't help but be reminded of something I said in January of this year in my Bases 21 interview: 
"The chickens are coming home to roost." 
This is only the start of rooting out the negativity where its lair is and exterminating it where it stands.

People aren't taking this false flag stuff and nonsense anymore. People are remembering who they are and what the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is for. People are remembering that those things kept in the shadows will grow mold and that sunlight is for those who can accept its disinfectant properties. People are growing up.

I saw a possible reality that I prayed would not happen and it hasn't so far, but it is interesting that September 3rd saw the outing of this halted event/string of events. 

I made this prediction, interestingly enough, on April 20th (which, subsequently, is also Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre). I said the plot dates for this event/these events to happen would be within 120 days. August 20th places this event at the 120 day mark or so. Not very long after the "missing" unsigned nukes were outed by the alternative media on September 3rd.  Which implies that the plans for the missing nukes would have been prior to the September 3rd date, well within or around the time frame I stated.

 I would never, ever presume that my prediction/warning in the above listed blog post had anything to do with heading this horrific event or events off at the pass. 
But I do believe that we are in a quantum universe and that "time" as we know it is speeding up and that there is a "quickening" of people's sense of time and timing and that when you are in your right self/intentions, when you listen to your conscience and act on it, you will do and say the right thing and the Universe will provide you with abundance and spectacular spiritual (and physical) rewards.

I just want to say a prayer of thanks and for protection for the men and women who contributed to the outing of this orchestrated event and stopped it before it could go much further. God bless you and keep you protected always. You are all doing the right thing and I know you aren't thinking beyond the Constitution, the values of what makes this country great, and the love of your loved ones and their safety as well, but rewards beyond this are great for those who do in fact do the right thing now. 

Abundance is yours if you just do the right thing. 
All it takes is a little bit of courage and some measure of action and God will provide. 
Liars will be prosecuted. Make no mistake, they will be dragged out by their hair and hung from the rooftops (metaphorically) right smack in front of the media before too long- even the mainstream media will give up the ghost and have to admit it and begrudgingly showcase it as well. 

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