Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aaron Alexis, aka the Washington Navy Yard shooter in touch with Targeted Individual site that I was on the email list with briefly

In the interest of full disclosure, due to my being chosen to speak at the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues in May, 2011 (, I was either initially placed on or had signed up for the mailing list for Freedom From Covert Harassment. (Can't remember which.) 

While I have sympathy for the plight of every single person who claims they are targeted individuals, I want to say that mental illness is a big factor with some of the "members" of this group. I am not affiliated with any organization nor do I have an agenda other than to find out what's happened to me and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law the perpetrators and/or organizations both foreign and domestic who did this and continue to do this to me. 

Whether people who claim to be TIs who happen to also be mentally ill have been driven insane by the harassment (it happens) or were already sick to begin with is up for debate. The evidence of Alexis as a "heavy drinker" might have come from the stress of having pervasive, nonstop waves of energy beamed at his skull 24 hours a day, every day. Many TIs try to find means of escape and often the torturers will let up if you do certain activities they want you to do as a form of "reward" sytem. In my case, I was often knocked out and slept for hours at a time whenever I would try to do anything productive- sometimes to the tune of 16 or 18 hours a day for weeks, and in some cases months. This would occur often after a full night's sleep as well. That was in 2009. I hardly remember most of that year due to the sheer volume of missing time I had due to being knocked out with what I think were directed energy weapons. Sleep induction is very common with TIs. It's definitely one way to keep your "soft target" from fulfilling their purpose, most definitely. 

With other targets, the agenda is significantly more violent, and watching video games and heavy drinking definitely ups the ante as far as creating high states of aggression and chances for violent confrontation with a TI. But regardless of what the torturer uses on the dial tone and the frequency for the intended goal,  I do know that covert harassment is real, being a targeted individual myself. This above mentioned information DOES NOT MEAN however that every TI is mentally ill. In fact many TIs are pillars of their communities prior to their harassment and are very sane, accomplished, highly intelligent/educated/successful but most importantly *sane* individuals for the most part. 

Anyone interested in the subject of mind control needs to seriously consider the possibility that Aaron Alexis was telling the truth and they need to look into ELF wave technology and the impact on mood, consciousness,  and brain waves that the technology can accomplish. Combined with military style abductions, interrogations, the use of drugs on the test subject and other forms of "behavior modification", anyone, and I mean literally anyone who is sentient and can form a sentence can be made into a Manchurian Candidate. 

Do not think you are above it all and immune. You aren't. And you cannot tell me you are a serious researcher or a serious person (are you listening, David "black sentient goo" Griffin?)  interested in secret or covert technology if you are making statements that directly or indirectly state or imply that "mind control is rubbish". No, no it is not. It's real. The faster you acknowledge that fact, the quicker it gets exposed for what it is and then something substantive can finally be done about it. Because crimes against humanity by the American military machine happen every day all day to thousands of Americans and people all over the world silently and without media attention. How many people suffer in silence is up for debate, but I know it's not a handful. 

The US Navy in particular has many sins to atone for that it no doubt will never completely owe up to. Funny how you all took an oath to defend against threats, both foreign and domestic, and yet some of you reading this who are involved directly with my torture and the covert torture of other US citizens, both civilians and members of the military alike, don't seem to have a problem with any of this. 
You are at best naive, and at worst sick, deluded, and delusional individuals of course. But that's how the payroll goes, I guess. 

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