Sunday, October 13, 2013

They offered me the world...

Beware bearers of false gifts... Zealots are zealots regardless of "good intentions". The Crusaders absolutely believed in the good intentions of what they were doing and had all the answers as well.
 I know people who have accepted this oath and they are pretty mind controlled now. I love them and want what's best for them, but they are young and naive and impatient and want quick routes to power and are scaring me. 

This group always creeped me out. Another I know who is a contactee affiliated with high ranking officials in the NSA has come to me and mentioned other "savior complex" "White Knight" type issues like the NESARA Act; this person told me once NESARA was passed (based on information he got from his NSA contacts), it was going to be ice cream and birthday parties all the time. 

He is now also literally one of the most, and I can't exaggerate this, one of *the most* mind controlled and scary and delusional and deceived people walking the face of the Earth right now. He has spoken publicly about NSA top officials mind controlling him and now he is saying in interviews that the NSA officials are great who he knows. Complete 180 degree change from several years ago when he was telling me he didn't want to talk about the first NSA official and that it made him uncomfortable and that this person should be avoided at all costs. 

Now he's glorifying the latter agent (who has since died) and thinks this guy is great and was a great friend- this is in the public domain, I'm not making this up. Okay... As a word of advice, coming from direct, personal experience here: Just assume, John and Jane Q Public reading this-- just assume that anyone who approaches you directly working for the NSA has been assimilated by the borg and they are in general not to be trusted.

 If anyone tells you someone in the NSA is your friend, run, don't walk in the opposite direction. Anyone working at any time in their lives for the National Security Agency is to be placed at permanent arm's length status, even if they tell you they are a spy who came in from the cold and no longer want any part of it, they now see the err of their ways and just want to help humanity, that they "stumbled into (the job) somehow", that were just young, naive, and dumb and "recruited" and told that... well, they were told that they were there to save the world as part of the literature and propaganda given to them by their recruiter/massager/handler. 

Sound familiar? 

I have found that anyone who falls for that at this point in 2013, who has all this public information at their disposal about the history of this agency and what it has done and continues to do to people- I'm just talking about citizens, not even to persons of interest- I have found in my experience that those people are people who run a very high risk for being compromised at any point and time if they aren't already right out of the box. 

Chalk it up to hindsight being 20/20. The NSA and anyone who works for it at all points and times should always and ever be held to the highest levels of scrutiny and skepticism, always. Always, ALWAYS assume an ulterior motive with anyone who receives an NSA paycheck. 
It's not an accident that their HQ in Fort Meade is also the center for much of the technology, research and development that now is in use for mind control of the military and of the masses.

The former oath taker interested in the group mentioned in this video is also a Mason who, suddenly had a bunch of shadowy trickster magicians hanging out with him all the time after he mentioned this group to me and how he was affiliated with them and how he was going to "save the world".  He was very taken with them and I just thought upon meeting one of the members, was just goofy and sinister and strange. 

This is not a group I can get behind either. Many from this "Society" have reached out to me/danced around me by virtue of proximity in one way shape or form or another as well but I have declined their repeated invitations to dance. 

In both cases, these above mentioned friends have been worked over hard by black magicians who think they own them now. These two people have been deceived. I wish them well but am wary of them because of their choices. 

Always beware and be aware of people who claim they have all the answers. 
Especially if they are connected to organized crime! 

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