Thursday, October 17, 2013

ET Abductee: Hyperdimensional predatory species is threat to humanity

As sensationalistic a headline this sounds, this is true. Interesting that he had a "wedding cake" UFO sighting like I did but his experience was radically different and infinitely more negative than mine. I have experienced these types of attacks from both human and non-human sources and can report that they are very similar. 

Please detox your environment both spiritually and physically. Stop eating GMOs. Open your third eye responsibly. Be ethical. Work to develop compassion. Become a spiritual warrior. You are in a fight. It is a battle, whether you realize it or not. When you see between worlds, you see the technology at use. It's not such an insane idea. In 2009 people said I was "crazy" for seeing the rapid use of nanotech in the pantheon. Now it's old hat. Just like anything, any new technology can be used for bad or for good. It's just a matter of time before much more is revealed and you can read these words without chuckling, I hope. Forgive the framework if you must, but look at this anyway.

I believe what this man is saying is true,  however to say that it's "almost always" these hyperdimensional creatures doing this is perhaps coming from a slightly compartmentalized perspective. He dismisses the intense interest and focus transnational hand-in-glove surveillance and mind control R & D contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton and others have in this in controlling humanity vis a vis surface to brain tech as well, and quite frankly, the attacks sound exactly like experiences targeted individuals have, including myself. 

Microwave attacks are nothing special in terms of setting them up and the technology involved, it's actually quite simple if you have the means to set it up. 
Microwave tech isn't rocket science. And this might be news to this poor man, but the technology IS omnipotent at this point. It just isn't being used by the mainstream. It doesn't make anyone "invincible" however, and there is a lot of competition. 

 There are human abductees who are off-limits to the NWO for military abductions and follow up checkups. This particular brand of ET doesn't want to share with anybody and probably provided names of people the Powers Who Think They Be (a.k.a. the middle managers) who are off limits for the human deep black scientific/military industrial complex studying, examination, and experimentation. I know several who are deemed "property" by these negatives and they are often in the media and are exceptionally mind controlled. Their lives are tightly controlled and focused on obsessions and recurring themes and they never fully heal nor do they recover from their traumas. They also report severe depression at many points in their lives as a matter of course. 

 This man unfortunately probably has been labeled "property" of the ETs, however he seems to be one of the few who are actually standing up and fighting back at his oppressors. More power to him. I hope he breaks free of their grasp. As is typical of some of these people who are branded under ownership of these beings as well as "garden variety" victims in mind control programs, both groups tend to have a jaundiced and rather pessimistic view about worst case scenarios and the future of humanity, so please take what he says about the default and a "natural disaster" connected somehow that happens according to him shortly after with a grain of salt. People who are "owned" by these beings tend to be extreme "glass is half empty" types for various and assorted understandable reasons. 

These grey ETs hate humanity and are some of the most virulent in the Universe or known universes. The way you defeat them is by free will and FIGHTING BACK- fight back by questioning reality, questioning the status quo, eating right (non GMOs, fluoride removal in your drinking water), exercise, meditation, prayers of protection, stress reduction techniques, ethically responsible psychic development- you CAN fight back, but first you have to place your free will as front and center as ***the most*** important thing in your life. 

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