Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MK Ultra - The Handlers

This is true. And other MK-ULTRA kittens have many handlers who say they are their friends as well and give them "safe harbor" from their abusers when in fact they are simply reprogramming them as well. 

Right now, in fact. 

Both of these "friends" are black satanic witches for the illuminati and one is an ex-boyfriend who could hypnotize me in black magician alter and would do so even as I begged him to stop. Of course he wouldn't stop.

 He also knew trigger moves with his hands that were terrible, visceral triggers for me.

 In addition to this, he was one of the most harassing people I've ever had the displeasure to know- he verbally abused me almost continuously and was physically abusive as well. Someone called this person a "roach" online and mentioned that they believed me about him but were wondering how "if I was so psychic" could I not know this about him.

To the writer of that comment: psychic ability has very little to do with the concept of programmed mind control. They are two separate and distinct things. Further more, he weaseled his way into my life being the grifter he is, and when he continually tried to and achieved his goal of hypnotizing me, I knew I was being hypnotized and yet felt helpless to stop it. It wasn't like I wasn't aware of what was going on. Intellectually I knew this was unsavory. But being able to do something about it at the time was a different story. Since then I've learned a few things I didn't know about psychic protection and the ability to not let those triggers get to me anymore (or at least as much) so the programming has broken down somewhat. But in 2010 it was another story entirely. This man took great advantage of my vulnerability and preyed on it. He is a predator.

The final straw was when after all of this, I had suspected and then found out he'd been cheating on me from the get go.

 I finally kicked him out while he was having a friend visit and he promptly OD'ed on painkillers as he is an opiate addict as well.

To the kitten living with this "man's" (I use the term loosely) black witch girlfriend right now: you have a child in this man's presence, your child is not safe with your witch roommate nor with this man.
This man is a danger to himself and to others. Repeatedly he has proven this. Ask his "legally entrenched" family member - his sister will be honest with you but his mother is one of his handlers and his father is a paid informant for the CIA as well as Hollywood producer, so don't rely on them at all for honesty. Anyway, his sister confirmed for me that not only does this man have a domestic violence record, he also spent time in LA County Jail for cocaine possession.

Consider yourself fair warned. Try to find a safe place to stay where none of these people can bother you and good luck with everything. They are not your friends. 

I also know another MK Kitten who used to work not that long ago directly under Diane Sawyer, an MK handler.  

Diane wrote her letter of recommendation for this kitty's next broadcast journalism job. The kitten said she had so much respect for Diane and all her accomplishments. The kitten of course had a photographic memory and was completely dissociative and on drugs more than some of the time. 

The kitten's dad worked for the NSA, I think as an economic hit man. 

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