Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What you're not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden ...

Mike McConnell is most likely connected directly to my story as well. And of course the Carlyle Group. Please understand this is the way the world works. Through your ignorance and complicity YOU have helped create this world we now live in. You have allowed officials to create things like "corporate personhood" and the national surveillance state that now creeps globally. 

You elected the officials into Congress and the Senate and Parliaments everywhere to LET. THIS. HAPPEN. When you realize your personal responsibility in all of this, only then can change happen. 

Stop growling at the computer or tv screen and realize the chain of events here how these things grow and grow and grow. Your government doesn't need you at this point other than as a resource they can use, exploit and throw away. That's it. They are not your Daddy or Mommy. 
But they are your Big Brother.


  1. MM was named by Dan Burisch as the former MJ1, the moral compass of Majestic. The Eagles Disobey website and all their operations are owned by the Carlyle Group. Dan B is the microbiologist who claims to have worked with a Zeta Reticulan ET, and was given orders by MM to 'tell the world' in 2005.

  2. Yes, I know about Dan, who now goes by the surname Crain, as well as Marci. They know about me as well. I don't believe they are working with the same people within and might be helping me, actually. (Said while sitting on a fence and not entirely sure but kinda sure.) As with any multi-national organization or intelligence front, there are people on the inside duking it out to see who comes out on top, the sociopaths and the "grey area"/good intentioned people. I wish they would give me information about the people who abducted me in my MILABs, however, and do their best to out these people and their practices. Pretty sure Los Alamos, Dulce base, and Montauk/Camp Hero is involved with my story. Obviously I have no way of proving if this underground facility under Harvard University exists, but Aaron McCollum told me he abducted me and took me there for remote viewing purposes as well. So that's at least four locations they could easily tell me about if they actually wanted to, there are all kinds of files they could obtain on me and give to me if they wanted to- something tells me there are people behind the scenes looking into this and wanting what is for the greater good, and not what some elites delusional thinking is in that regard. I hope it's them. I hope MM is the "moral compass" here steering things in another direction than Nazi sociopaths. God knows how many people the people who did this to me have done to others. If Aaron abducted me and about 200 other people (at last count), then that means there are other high level programs where others are being MILABed as I was which is insane. There could be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the globe this is happening to on a regular basis. This also has further wide ranging implications for the population at large. Consider me and others like me a canary in a coal mine.

  3. Pretty sure Lady Judge Barbara Thomas is involved with my story as well. (Los Alamos director as well as director of finance for Dulce facility.)