Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Was The Senate Stenographer Mind Controlled?

More likely this was the work of a black magician with surface-to-brain interface "God" tech rather than anything having to do with "God". 

Why? To make anyone who says that the Masons and secret societies really are the ones running things look "crazy". This also serves a dual purpose- the Masons always have to announce their plans while at the same time hide them in plain sight. 

You know, for those whom they deem having "eyes to see and ears to hear". 
Blah, blah, blah. The usual.

 Just like how the media paints every false flag operation as being the work of a "lone nut" gunman and "random" insanity. 

Well, yeah. It's the work of madmen alright. 
Just not the ones you're thinking of. 

This might have just been a test to see if the programming was working right. 
It was. 

Poor woman. 


  1. Hey Anya :-) Thought you might be interested in this link. Someone had found a diary on an airplane and it read like something from one of your experiences....

  2. Yeahhhhhh... this is probably planted on purpose (if it even was planted- methinks the poster probably works for the military/CIA and creatively writes/drops disinfo on sites like this all the time- you do know that ATS is completely infiltrated by the CIA, right? I mean heavily. This is most likely made up by some guy with one or more of the following experience: CSI/medical/military/intelligence/law enforcement. He either fancies himself a literary giant or someone who bases what women talk like based on the cop sister character on the tv show Dexter or something. I sincerely doubt this is real, and if it is, it's fake "real". It's most likely a writer's construct planted as disinformation. No one in an above top secret program would leave a diary in the pocket of an airplane seat. I don't care how much this person wanted to be found out or wanted to get out, no one would make a mistake like that in a program like that. Unless it was fake and/or they were suicidal or something. My guess is this person is with the CIA or has some kind of background in intelligence and throws enough X-files sounding terms around to get enough people to take the bait. My opinion is subject to change on this, but my very first reaction and as I kept reading was "This is complete horse crap". Thanks for posting, however.

  3. Sorry, I meant GLP. But ATS is also in the exact same boat with the intel agencies as Godlike. I mean *exact*.

  4. Thanks much for your opinion. Thats why I thought I would ask you what your thoughts were on this. I know those sites are full of "crawlers". I knew I could count on you for a bit of truth pulse about this....thanks again :-)

  5. No prob, Nes. And thank you for asking. This is interesting, reads like a Hollywood plot, I'd definitely watch it in whatever format it was in, however! I suspect that this might be one of those "leaks that aren't leaks but leaking nonetheless into the public consciousness to tell you what really goes on but isn't by a longshot being talked about" types of things. Maybe not this dramatic, at least. But I like the mundane mixed in with the surreal. Nice touch. Whomever did this is a very good writer, at least!