Monday, October 28, 2013

So... I hope this isn't an example of predictive programming.

Here's a still from the trailer for the show not trying to spread fear porn and not-so-subliminal feelings of helplessness everywhere.

R. James Woolsey, you devil dog, you! Were you riding a pre-planned wave of publicity for the Nat Geo show American Blackout or were you just pulling stuff out of your hat for a big magic(k) trick? 

Or both?

"Keep 'em feared up" is the neocon good old boys' mantra, of course. I'm sure you all went out and celebrated its premiere and got wasted, and around about your 12th jello shot, y'all got it tramp stamped tattooed on your lower backs. Like all classy girls do.

For some context to all that hard partying, you might want to fuel up here with some learnin':

More about me being fitted to be a telepath liaison (also in case of catastrophic loss of power, this connects to his utter love of reverse engineered tech despite his later protestations which were BS protestations, he really is interested in it) here:

and finally, here, for why, like, he would be, like, so tuddally obsessed with me and stuff, you know?:

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