Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Am being given phrases and words now that seem to be a code for something/activation sequence for something

This is the newest thing they do to me. It's been going on for about six or seven weeks now. I'll be sitting at the window, looking out the window, there will be a being usually standing in the doorway talking to me while we are both seeing shadowy blobs over the stadium, or lights covered in some kind of dark (cloaking) shadow, sometimes I'll make a portal, or there will be another pulsing thing just hovering over the old stadium and now they'll say something I can't hear, but somehow I can tell what they are saying and I reply "well why would I want to do that?" And then my head (gently) hits the sink and I get downloaded. Last night was another one of those times. The being who was with me last night (actually there were two) was very friendly and tall and DID look reptilian, but I felt no fear- he was smiling if you can believe it. The other one, not as warm, didn't like him as much as the smiling fellow, but not regressive - just had less to say)

They say a bunch of words and for some reason I repeat them, sometimes there are phrases too.

Last night I was downloaded and it was so funny- they had a series of phrases and words that I was saying as some kind of code/activation sequence for *something*, what I have no idea (well, I have some kind of idea, but I don't want to say it too soon for fear I will stop the natural process by which it should unfold).

And two of the phrases they (whomever 'they' is) kept repeating in between "trigger words" they ask me to repeat now (for my continual DNA upgrades? For downloads? To be a Manchurian Candidate? To participate in a Spelling Bee? I have no idea- the words change almost daily and usually I can only remember one or two) were from Sherlock Holmes:

"Elementary, my dear Watson"


"The game is afoot"

Again, ????

I don't try to figure it out, I am just the stenographer...


  1. Anya,

    You are, in a way, confirming something I feel I already know deep down.

    This activation from an outside source is the stuff of scary movies (and you even name one in your text) and it could be easily dismissed by anyone who isn't intimate with these experiences. I've talked about this before, and it "feels"real, but what is at it's core remains a mystery. Activating for what?

    Thank you for your bravery to try and make some sense out of something so mysterious - and for doing it in such a public way.

    This information is important.

    Mike C!

  2. Thank you, Mike! Your words and support are truly appreciated.

    I know, I feel like speaking like Inspector Cleuseau when I say this, but it truly is "zee grayt mih-stairee"...

  3. Recently - I wrote about cereal being poured into my head. (a dorky metaphor) and it felt like ultra-dimmensional downloading. What was being put in my head? I don't know, all I can do is hope that it's helpful.

    I think about the implications that someday I might be "triggered" and I'll loose my identity, and I succumb to "their" will. I worry that I'll turn into a blank faced automaton and tell crowds of people: "Remain calm - Get in line - get on the ship - the little gray beings are our saviors." Alas, this scenario doesn't appeal to me.

    My preferred option is to instantly acquire Christ-Consciousness

  4. Ooooh! When I sent my note above (just now) the advertisement below the comment box stated:


    (I love stuff like this)

  5. hahahahaha

    THAT my friend is what they call "synchronicity"- or web bot marketing, take yer pick.


    I think you've been hanging out with Budd Hopkins too much, friend. Step into the sunshine and try to be optimistic! I think this is a very exciting time to be alive...



  6. Wow - that is totally interesting. I also "hear/pick" up unique dialogs (words of which are recognizable as English) when I'm in a light stage of sleep, or the time between after having dreamt heavily and just prior to waking up. I don't really wonder nor do I consciously think about the 'hows' or 'whys' of the info that my brain and heart have absorbed. Occasionally, I'll jot notes down in a journal. Just this morning I probably got a download, but like you and Mike have not really know what it is. We're just "rolling with the mystery." o(^_^)o