Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just taped an interview for a TV show/pilot this past Friday

It's called "The Tiho Show" and I was extremely honored and excited to be the show's very first guest in the US! I just want to assure you that I am not hiding under the bed in terms of trying to get the word out, ha- (Thank you, Jaxx ;-))

For those of you who don't know, The Tiho Show aired over 100 episodes in the host's native Montenegro, and now that he is in the States, he created the pilot US episode to shop around to producers.

I don't know when the air date is, but it will also be airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network locally in New York City, and he will be showing it to at least one really big cheese deal producer (helped produce at least one blockbuster) when he goes out to LA next week to shop it around.

Tiho is kind of a big deal in Montenegro, he's this amazing whirling dervish who reminds me a lot like Roberto Begnini, and he often stops in the middle of something and says "I am the best artist IN THE WORLD" and continues on, it's very funny-

The show format would often revolve around UFO/ET/contactee experiences (further proof the rest of the world is interested in the topic, it's only the US that lags behind-far, far behind- in education and serious discussion on the subject) as Tiho is also an experiencer and paints these incredible paintings about what he is shown/has seen/chooses to re-create a la Salvador Dali.

(FYI, Dali also dabbled in time travel, dimensions, and the like. There's info about Dali and his secret society involvements in France having to do with the aforementioned topics that are truly remarkable. I think Ian Punnet on Coast to Coast AM has a great interview with a woman writer who became a sort of by-proxy member of the same secret society that Dali was in in the 50s talking about the remarkable things that happened/she was told/witnessed.)

Tiho really is an incredibly talented artist, not the least of which is because he actually paints what I see, and in one instance, he even painted a picture of Aya, my Pleiadian guide, which just about made me fall on the floor the first time I saw that.

How I met Tiho was my friend Charity serendipitously was contacted by him online with a media art project she was working on and when she saw his work, she said to me "I know someone who might want to meet you..." The first meeting with Tiho this summer turned into a three hour channel, natch.

I'm going to try and post the two images, as one is one of the time portals I create, and one is of Aya- forgive my technical incompetency if I can't get them posted right away.

Here's Tiho's web address so you can see for yourself the multi-dimensional qualities of his work- I also have seen the ectoplasmic "spider web" or "swiss cheese" material he envelops his studies with as well in my journeys with inter-dimensional travel, it's kind of remarkable.

What I channel verbally, he seems to channel visually, and he's actually been told by several scientists independently that his paintings not only have a "healing" quality, but that the scientists have said that they also seem to visually depict really advanced physics theories as concepts on canvas - he's quite a remarkable person.

Tiho's site:

Oh, and one more thing, this kind of blew my mind - before the taping, I was nervously seated waiting for the interview to start, feeling quite self-conscious and awkward, thinking "once the toothpaste is out of the tube, you can't put it back in again" as this was my very first TV appearance, and I guess to calm my nerves, the beings started to do a very funny reading for the couple seated next to me.

They were a very formal but kind and receptive couple, it was all about what kinds of food they liked, he liked roasts- pot roasts, pork roasts, etc. etc, and she was very good at cooking native Montenegran dishes. I also told the woman she REALLY liked artichoke dip with parmesan cheese, and that she was at some event recently where they were serving it as an appetizer and she really lit up like a candle when I said that, and then we did the taping, and afterward, the couple came up to me and the man shook my hand and said "I am an Ambassador from the Montenegran Consulate. On behalf of the people of Montenegro, you are welcome to visit the embassy any time."

You could have knocked me over with a feather, lol - they were lovely, and is it any wonder the woman would be at an event where appetizers would be served? I bet all dignitaries eat is appetizers, lol

Love and Light,


PS- People were lovely at the taping, and afterward I was swamped with people telling me they were having all kinds of paranormal experiences now and what should they do about it. I am pretty sure most of the audience had no idea what the subject matter for the taping was before hand as well, which is even more interesting!

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