Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Just saw this absolutely earth-shattering movie last night. WOW, is all I can say.

I don't talk about this very much, but what happened to the girl in the movie happened to me on a much, much smaller scale when I was 20 and living in a haunted house in Ohio. It remains to this day one of the singular most terrifying experiences of my life, and I can testify that whatever this disembodied spirit was was definitely trying to harm me as well, and did the same thing to me in my bed that happens to her in the beginning. (A spirit, or what they call a demon, sits on top of her and tries to choke her- in my case they sat on top of me and tried to suffocate me by pressing down on my chest while something under the bed was slowly pressing upwards so that I would literally have the life squeezed out of me as if I were trapped in a giant wine or olive press of some kind.)

I literally was being attacked, and I don't know WHAT possessed me (if you'll pardon the pun), but something in me called out to Jesus, I think I said something like "Jesus Christ, please help me!" and suddenly an invisible hand very quickly helped me sit up in bed- I literally felt some kind of invisible hand help me sit up, and I felt warm and protected and no longer fearful, and I started yelling at this thing to get out of my house and swearing at it and telling it it had bothered us enough (the haunting went on for about 9 months straight) and this being made out of intense blue-white light who looked like a Depression-era farmer jumped up in my face and turned into some kind of ghoul, and then flew out the window in the direction of a cemetery that was right down the street from my home. We never had another negative incident in the home after that.

There's way more to the story than that, but that is the gist of it. I am not one to be religious, and I wasn't even seriously calling out to Jesus specifically, it was simply a call for help, but I definitely received it. I have met Jesus before. Really. He's great, and I love him so much. I've also met Mary, The Angel Gabriel, and Arcangel Michael. Buddha, Sufic masters of the 13th century, Ra, Abraham, and even King Arthur once came through when I was beginning as a channel. All of these masters, as well as the many others I have spoken with all are here to teach specific lessons, as well as universal ones.

That is why I am not fully prepared, or here to say Jesus specifically is "the savior". Especially since in my very first written channel, they used the quote "The kingdom of heaven is within, dear children".

There are so many Ascended Masters, and they all essentially are speaking the same message through different facets of interpretation, which is the knowledge of and experience of love through the prism of experiential framework.

Plus, to say Jesus is the one true savior kind of contradicts the whole message the beings tell me about continually, which is that we are here to save **ourselves**. Jesus is very real, though, as are demons and/or negative spirits. I just don't fancy to claim I know who they are and why they are communicating with who they are communicating with.

I also found it interesting that in the movie, they refer to Emily as a "hypersensitive" and that these kinds of spirits are very attracted to these types of people. My mother told me when I was a teenager that I was a "sensitive" person- meaning, in the clinical sense, not as a kind of derogatory term, ha- and it was so true- strong lights, loud sounds, even certain types of fabric I wear make me want to go out of my skin- crowded rooms have to have A LOT of love going on to not give me a panic attack or feel like the walls are caving in, and then of course lest we forget, there's also that whole "I see dead people" thing. ;-)



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