Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does anyone reading this know about timeline differentials? Please enlighten me.

Today they spoke with me for an hour- they said it was necessary to slow down the "timeline differential" in me in order to best facilitate the learning curve I was on. Anyone care to speculate what that means? The conversation lasted for about an hour about what I was gearing up to do and so forth in the next 18 months or so (they do this once in a while as a kind of "tune up" session), but after they mentioned the timeline differential, I saw a field of triangles- holographic triangles- they were iridescent and had a golden yellow glow- just hundreds of triangles floating in front of my eyes. This lasted for about five seconds or so and then slowly faded away. Then the conversation continued on uninterrupted.

Welcome to my world!




  1. You should talk to Starfire Tor.


    She has a nice way of explaining the time stuff. You should try and contact her and ask.

  2. i googled timeline differentials and found something about it.

    "Time-line differentials
    Time lines are not just a wild idea but a real and present obstacle to manned missions beyond the boundaries of our own planet.

    Time lines correspond to energy differentials, in relation to an underlying force of energy affecting the form and function of all physical structure. This is not an easy concept to grasp, but it is essential to our astronauts if they are to survive the environmental impact of direct contact with and/or exposure to another planetary body."

    there's more if you go to
    there's a really big article called "Time Lines and Distortions"
    scroll down to the header "Time-line differentials"

  3. I'm blown away, thank you for this information- they've talked about differentials before and I guess the "downloaded" astral body side of me knows all about this stuff as I have talked with them and others about it, but consciously as myself I have no clue what this stuff is. They said it was a very necessary part of my experience and reference the differentials occasionally but for some reason this time I felt compelled to finally share it.

    Thanks again.

  4. Time differentials could be an indicator from where, or better yet when, these ETs come from. Maybe 'they' are us from the future communicating with our present for unclear reasons. It might also explain a bit why people in the abduction phenomenon have such a hard time remembering their experiences clearly. Maybe the time differential causes disturbences in space-time and as a consequence in human memory.
    Intriquing stuff. Guess you can always prod your contacts for further information, Anya.

  5. Oh yes, they told me they are from the future. ALL of them, lol. That's the one constant of all of this I seem to have, not a one of them seems to be anywhere near this time frame. Aya and others told me they were 300 years in the future at least two or three times.