Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brief interview with Adrian Hicks that includes picture of woman ET he saw "walking the high street".

This is very much how Aya and Ra'I'El's bodies and faces looked like. Not the clothing though. They were both wearing fitted suits that looked like cat burglar or deep sea diving outfits. But their arms were doing the same sort of wavy thing and they sort of had this snake-like sideways walk that is very hard to describe.


  1. Fascinating stuff, but there are "folks" out there that blend into the crowd much more easily.

  2. Yes of course, but those kinds of "folks" aren't garnering the attention of councillors! :-) I think sometimes these beings do this on purpose since they probably are coming from the future, and know this kind of obvious display will goad people on- perhaps they even knew Mr. HIck would respond in said fashion- he then went on several years later to make a speech imploring the elected officials of the US and the UK to learn about the reality of the situation and understand that the unelected officials in Majestic and others have been calling the shots for decades without the Legislative, Executive or Judicial branch aware of it at all. Except Bill Richardson of New Mexico, apparently. That man knows stuff. Listen about his role in Project Pegasus on Andrew Basiago's interviews.