Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh my God. Seriously, don't ask me how this came to me, because I don't even know what half of this stuff means.

So I'm on my kick lately with LinkedIn, and I come across this inquiry in one of my groups (fyi it's a consultants' group) and a member brought this interesting inquiry up about the future of Business Intelligence. 

So what happens but suddenly I find myself typing out this response. 

It was my guides of course, but I swear to God I've barely even heard of the term "anodyne" much less what it can do.   (Google "Anodyne techniques" and see what pops up) Turns out it is highly relevant to interfacing with biological processes:

Group Topic:
Business Intelligence gets "Sixth Sense". 

Question: What are your Sixth Sense ideas?

Check out:

Pranav Mistry of MIT has morphed the cellphone, projector, camera and a few other devices to create something that looks like it’s pulled from the pages of a science fiction book. Check out the videos on the link above.

What does it mean for BI: interactive reports projected on the walls of elevators as people continue their discussions after heading out from meeting rooms? Reports dynamically structured basis who is participating in the discussions?

What are your Sixth Sense ideas?

My answer (where it came from, heaven only knows):

Interesting query, considering I am a practicing psychic intuitive consultant who literally carries the "sixth sense"!

I would say this: the future of business technology remains to be seen, but the forging ahead of new technology will maintain steady growth in the fields of anodyne technology- fields of research into anodyne techniques and growth patterns will reveal certain factions of brain-to-computer nanotech that solidify the mind-body resolution of the scale ratio of skin-to-growth necessary to feed that arc. 

Yes, friends, nanotech is the next great frontier and don't be surprised if microchips start playing a role in all of this. Some would say it is the "New World Order" of things, but I prefer to call it "luck of the draw" as to who comes forth with the next great interface system for collaboration in this field of mind-body-spirit that it seems to be taking.

Next we'll take the heart and soul of this: For instance: keep buying up stocks that seem to be futile declarations of this sort or the other, we'll be seeing nanotechnology making a comeback in a big way. The next 6-8 years will be a boon for the future service industries as well related to frontier technology such as this. Integrated microchipping will instill a fear in others that it would be too invasive, but essentially the practice of microchipping is done externally already, and the GPS systems found in the cell phone or microphone of every semi-conductor are taking over the gain to be had in business software. Make sure you see fit to check out the number of other features and accommodations regarding chipping in the near future as it will foretell the nature of the beast as pertains to all things convenient and portable.

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  1. seems that Deepak is thinking way ahead into future possibilities/scenarios; however, the future isn't that far off.