Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More secret space program info

Had another "falling off my chair" moment: at about 2:40 of this video, it states that the ***Orion*** Project (again, their continuing obsession with this star system) was created to send nuclear warheads into space. Now I can't obviously prove that this would be materiel for nuclear *power* as well, but my contacts in Solar Warden told me that in order to have this "experiment of hope" happen, the ETs had to agree to letting the system be powered by nuclear since it was primarily being funded by the Bilderberg group and their defense interests, believe it or not. That's what I was told, obviously I have no way of verifying it.

It is a very uneasy alliance according to my star being contacts, they realize how volatile and frankly stupid it is to use nuclear power to go into deep space travel, time portals/worm holes and the like, but they agreed to it because- and again, I have no way of proving this- it was "divinely decreed" and that it was "time" to finally allow us to be truly galactic citizens in spite of the minority's lack of sensitivity or insight into the profundity and danger of that decision.

Regardless of the reckless decision, someone on high apparently seems to think we are ready and that they obviously made provisions to see that something was overriding the system so they wouldn't accidentally blow themselves up and cause an intergalactic nuclear holocaust in the process.

Nonetheless, the presence of this patch indicating that nuclear warheads are being sent- into space- God knows where- is intriguing to say the least. It's definitely in line with what my contacts in Solar Warden told me, I really had no idea this "Orion Project" even existed until just now. The top secret patches reveal all kinds of interesting secret space program symbols and especially symbols that I recognized immediately as being relevant geographically to the beings who are contacting me, namely beings from the Orion star system, the Annunaki in Nibiru, and others. I don't know why, but those patches look really familiar to me... And then of course at 3:22 there's a curious looking, as the poster describes it "dimensional gate"... hmmm... very curious... Oh, I remember where I saw these patches- they come from a book called "I Could Tell You, But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me" about real black ops patches. Highly recommended book. How the author got ahold of them, I have no idea. But they look real.


  1. Hey, joke, but I think that I had seen a couple of spacecraft drifting across the sky earlier this evening. Cheers.

  2. Cool! you should check

    Satellite tracking sites online first to make sure they aren't that- there are thousands of satellites visible to the naked eye at any time- if all of the sites say there was nothing in the sky when you saw what you saw, you pretty much could have seen spacecraft!