Monday, November 16, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmm.

I mean really. Do they REALLY expect us to just blindly take it anymore and not notice? This timeline is getting very interesting:

Exhibit A:
Water on the moon announced officially at rush hour on a Friday afternoon.

Exhibit B:
A week and a half before Obama is supposed to disclose something really, really big about something or other regarding the ET engagement with the human race, and three days after they officially find water on the moon, he goes to visit the Prime Minister of Japan and his wife, whom the press cannot get enough of because she claims she was abducted by aliens and went to Venus on a spaceship- Reuters, every news outlet covered this. Front page stuff.

Note the press and the home office went ape doo-doo when he did a full formal, traditional Japanese bow for the Emperor and his wife in front of the press. I believe that was sending a VERY clear message to the Powers That Be that he was bowing to the Japanese way of doing things- maybe even their incredibly enthusiastic and open attitude towards disclosure. It was, shall we say, a very "symbolic" bow of ways and means to come.

Exhibit C:
Now this conspicuous heap of junk aka the Space Shuttle Atlantis is getting ready to be "replaced by a capsule-style spacecraft called ***Orion*** that can travel "to the moon and other places in the solar system". Don't even get me started on the fact that the shuttle was called Atlantis and this new thingy is named after where supposedly portions of the Annunaki come from. Not to mention that NASA is an occultist's wet dream. (Do the research- the place consists of nothing but Freemasons, Nazis, and Magicians in the Alistair Crowley tradition.)

Indeed, Watson. The game is afoot!

Not to mention I keep getting downloaded and visited out the wazoo and the beings keep saying "The game is afoot" over and over again! They just did it to me again today.


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  1. It all just seems to get "curious-er and curious-er..."