Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just got a phone message from a reporter at the local Fox News affiliate here in New York who was doing a story on "psychics who live in the Yankee Stadium area" who was trying to get an interview with me to see who would win the World Series.

Doesn't he know I am not necessarily that kind of psychic and that I HATE predictions? Hate 'em. Time is a stream, not a hard and fast rule.

ANYHOO, I didn't have time to get into it with him about the Law of One or the Unified Field Theory or the fact that if I was correct I would forever more be inundated by bookies and "gentlemen callers" masquerading as a date when in fact they were trying to get sports scores.

The beings said I could do this, but that if I was right, I would forever more be inundated with phone calls from sports addicts, and that it would "clog" the path I was currently on.

FYI, they said "Posada gains in the third and Jeter wins it in the ninth" whatever that means. They said "it's Posada's game" meaning I guess the Yankees win the last game, which isn't such a surprise, right? I mean they are the Frankenstein team to end all- whatever. "The best team money can buy" is the phrase around these parts. Well, the parts of NY with Mets fans at least, ha.

I personally feel like a circus freak doing stuff like the above mentioned, but what do you guys think? Should I call this reporter guy? Obviously he's on deadline so if you respond after today, no matter. But do you all think I am serving my mission best by predicting sports scores? Hmmmm....

Love and Light,



  1. Well, you could try to predict scores and if it turns out you're right, tell no one. ;-)

  2. Yeah, but where's the fun in that?


    It's not me telling the scores, it's the utter lack of comprehension these sports fans have about why I am given these gifts. I've made extremely accurate predictions about sports scores before, I had a sudden "knowing" about the 2008 Superbowl and I even said there would be a "hail Mary" pass made in the last quarter and it happened, I got the right point spread and everything and I totally kept it to myself.

    The point is these people into sports to the exclusion of all else see it only as a mechanism for material gain, nothing more. It's such a shame. *sigh*



  3. Uuugh - I have such a deep distaste for organized sports and how they've become so intertwined with such berzerk amounts of money. I think it's a weird symptom of something wrong with our society that SO much money, energy (and identity) is connected with gigantic sports.

    Mike C!

  4. Ditto. Ok, so apparently Posada hit a game-changing single in the third inning, and I guess Jeter did something at the top of the ninth to change the game, and oh yeah, big surprise, they won, but okay, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China for me?

    People are acting like idiots outside my apartment, banging pots and pans and jumping up and down like apes. Literally. *sigh*

  5. Girlfriend you need to work on your marketing! You know you could use the extra cash, right? I mean how much would people pay to have their business broadcast on primetime to all NYC? The next time a reporter calls you I think you should put on your best "psychic" face and do a little dance for them. I mean this is showbusiness! There's nothing wrong with paying the bills and there's nothing noble about being poor. Being poor makes one a stressed out person-- and we don't need more stressed out people.

    And yea sports fans act like baffoons but that's what silly humans do. Take a break now and then from saving the world and have some fun! That's part of the experience. Let's not forget the importance of The Holy Fool.

    Keep up the good work.