Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh. Wow. Wowy wow.

Ok, so I mentioned the trigger words yesterday. For some reason I was compelled to watch a video XChronicles on Youtube made about Dr. Jonathan Reed, "The most controversial man in exopolitics". If you are not familiar with the sad but truly astonishing tale of this incredibly brave man, you must familiarize yourself with his story. Many dismiss him as a hoaxter, I simply cannot because he has had contact with the same Rigel reptilians I have, except I called them the "chalk whites" for a long time before I knew who they were (they didn't tell me where they were from until months later.)

Many discredit this man, many of those people are paid CIA/NSA employees hired to discredit him, and shame on the researcher or film maker who dismisses his evidence out of hand. His story is well known in most other parts of the world, but once again the media suppression on his particular case in the United States is appalling. I think in part this is due to the manufactured controversy that unfortunately precedes him and it has done an excellent job of throwing off/scaring away journalists who would otherwise want to pursue the story.

XChronicles actually is an acquaintance of mine to be perfectly transparent about this, and he doesn't know I am promoting this video either, fyi. But he has asked to interview me and has told me Dr. Reed knows about me as well. Neither of them have asked me to post this as I haven't even told them about this, but I will be sending it their way now!

So as par for the course, the trigger word gets weird: I am watching this video and Mr. Raith says one of my trigger words: Mariposa. I was making some tea while this was happening and I stopped dead in my tracks and said "Omigod" about 57 times. Check out what "Mariposa" is. (Around 2:40 on the video.)

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