Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rauni Kilde hits it out of the ballpark again.

This Rauni Kilde interview is yet again freaking me out (see an older post on this blog of another interview with the Bases producer on my blog) with the corroborations she is stating about how the NWO targets single women for microwave attacks/mind control experimentation (check), how Kissinger is really the one running the show (*Cough*astral projection into my living room twice demanding I join his side, one of those times was five hours before my microwave attack*cough*), how they mark homes of people who are "expendable" who are whistle blowers with a giant "X" marks the spot in chemtrails (happens over my home, like, constantly- I guess you could probably say the entire South Bronx is "expendable" according to the NWO's viewpoint), how academics are 50 years behind the times when it comes to "non-lethal weaponry" data, and it goes on and on- I feel like this woman is watching my vids and reading my experiences, it's incredible- and yet, she was the former Chief Medical Officer of Finland. She's saying a lot of stuff that rings so very, very true about "non-lethal" (complete oxymoron) weaponry such as microwave tech/mind control/microchips. Incredible.



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