Monday, April 19, 2021

Sanjay Gupta defends Wuhan lab leak theory, further strengthens claim

This is looking more and more with each passing day like I was right in my prediction that this was an accident and it was not intentional or malicious, what I saw was a desperate person with gambling debts who worked in the disposal unit for biohazardous material and was probably sanctioned to do something with still live bats and instead of getting rid of them decided to sell them because he was desperate for money. It’s not to politicize anything, aside from the fact that this person probably never saw the film 28 Days Later, the dude probably just needed some cold hard cash. 

While the news is not stating that, and no one is aware of this necessarily (I mean maybe they are behind the scenes I don’t know), that’s what I keep getting time and time and time again clairvoyantly.

 I’m so glad Trump is no longer an office. Did I mention that Trump is no longer an office? Trump is no longer the president. If you’re reading this and you’re getting offended by that, it’s time to check your head. Trump is not president anymore! You’re welcome.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Saagar Enjeti: Lab-Leak Hypothesis Could Reveal EPIC Screwup Of US, Fauc...

This continues the thread of what I said about my prediction that the virus started off of the back of a truck from someone who is trying to sell bats from a lab for money. 
What I saw was because of a gambling debt. A person who works in science who works in a lab was selling this off the back of a truck. Not a higher up but someone who obviously had access to biohazardous materials and really needed money fast .
But that was just my take. 
What I was seeing clairvoyantly may have been a visual metaphor? 
As this seems to be more about follow the money on a larger scale? 
But also like I said this seems like an oversight of someone who was able to, due to his position, and yes it feels like a male,  get the hazardous material out into the general populace

But I want to make myself perfectly clear: that should not be construed as an excuse for bigotry and hate. 
This is about pure and a combo of either simple human oversight, arrogance, desperation and greed
 (as usual) and probably is a cover-up. 
It’s been stated continually that it’s extremely rare for these types of things to be released into the general public but when you mix one thing with another… In this case money with a deadly virus... 
This is what you’re going to get. 
Whether it was one person who needed money to pay debts fast or an accident or an oversight or bumbling idiocy or human error,  it doesn’t matter, I’ve always suspected this was quite possibly more likely the way it actually went down. 
Because it’s a human and humans tend to be the ones who do this kind of stuff.

Please do not succumb to the lowest common denominator conspiracies. But I agree with Brett Weinstein on this:
Science is fallible just like everyone and everything else. Scientists are not gods. 
The cult of scientism is not the answer, just like anything else is never The One (tm) answer. 
Please stop anti-Asian hate wherever you see it, witness it or hear it. 
Speak up and/or intervene whenever safely possible.
Please support your local Asian communities and businesses. 
Thank you 🙏 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

This megachurch pastor is dangerous

Whoever this guy is who runs his channel is funny, I highly recommend for a little giggle checking him out.

But this video is very on point and it points out what I was saying earlier this year about how I saw literal demons inside of this pastor.  Watch his face, especially when he says how Jesus is his brother or his friend or whatever it is that he says. It is absolutely not true it is the exact opposite. He took a vow to Satan, not to God . Perhaps literally . He’s a sociopath . 
He has at least two demons inside of him.

 Another megachurch pastor I picked up on who was a part of (for lack of a better term, a dark brotherhood that I used to call the illuminati before I “illuminated” myself and understood what the term meant), but for lack of a better term let’s just call it a dark brotherhood of “oath keepers” at least 10 years ago was Joel Osteen. He does not care about his followers at all. 

Anyway, this guy Copeland is a complete sociopath. 
Note how he also blames the victim, and commits on air the most egregious forms of spiritual abuse possible where he confounds spiritual information with science , says that fear is a “sin”, all while taking little old ladies savings accounts. 

Oh and he’s also worth $760 million. I forgot to mention that. He’s worth $760 million. 

He is no friend to Jesus. He is no friend to your grandma. 
Thankfully I’m encouraged by this young generation seeing right through these bald-faced lies that these spirit dealers are preaching. 

I think one good thing about Televangelism is how easy it is to counter those claims with facts and logic. Yes people who are already vulnerable and entrenched in these sorts of things will believe what they want to believe if they don’t want to leave, but there is hope. 

This generation sees right through this. I hope they don’t transfer their replacement addictions/codependence to Instagram influencers and red Pill demagoguery, however.

 Be encouraged, though: Even though those types also get a lot of media time, this metastasized cancer is dying, eating itself. 

As with all things on the American conservative far right, it is a metastasized tumor that is consuming its host body rapidly. 

People get freaked out about how people like Trump got into office but the people who voted Trump in are only 22% of the American electorate. Try to keep that in mind. Pundits keep Chicken Little-ing about how Biden and the Democrats are going to get primaried etc., etc. But the GOP is falling apart. The far right is falling apart. There is no center to them anymore. If there ever was. 

This is the natural progression of a derogatory form of abuse that targets the lowest common denominator in peoples’ souls and exploits them. 

That easy pain, that easy pundit, they are dying on the vine. They inevitably eat themselves.