Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just got permission to reveal the name of the Black Ops guy.

It's Aaron McCollum. You need to watch his Project Camelot video as well as any/all interviews he does, what he says reveals a lot. I am only one part of his saga, and indeed, that is what it is. I love this guy, he's amazing in so many ways, and I commend him for his sincerity, courage, and bravery.

Thank you, Aaron!

Just after I put up the last post

I saw a pattern on my computer screen and when I looked in the mirror near my computer, it was superimposed on my face- a series of slightly wavy lines in a "ridged" pattern-- then I received a message from the beings saying "It is to facilitate better communication with experiencers and contactees"-- obviously some kind of thing was activated when I posted the last post. They said it will be easier to find people like me now.

This ridge pattern has appeared many times before in front of my eyes/on my face, it is a kind of upgrade.

This probably isn't going to surprise anyone who is following this story, but

I am definitively, 100% a MILAB. And also a contactee. My black ops guy was able to corroborate what happened to me, he's told me how to separate the wheat from the chaff re: what was his work and what was the ETs work and was able to do a conference Skype session with another MILAB survivor.

Apparently he was, incredibly enough, the person who injected us both with a very high grade version of Rohypnol (aka "The date rape drug") and took me to an underground facility. I am having ***all kinds*** of memories triggered when I speak with him (that was one of them) and as well with speaking with the other MILAB survivor. It has been intense but also gratifying in all aspects of closure that I have been seeking for some time.

Both myself and the other survivor (and when I say survivor, I mean it- I am always feeling like I dodged a bullet and now I know why) are in the process of de-programming ourselves while at the same time helping de-programming Mr. Black Ops with our abilities and it has been a journey of peace and love. I have no ill will towards this man, in fact the exact opposite. He was the delivery guy, no more no less, and he is just as much a survivor of this as we are. The fact that he is doing everything he can to make amends is only endearing me more to this man.

I will fill you in more as I can, I still haven't had time yet to ask permission from this guy to print his name, but I will say this, he is definitely able to corroborate what I am saying and definitely will speak with me sitting by his side publicly to talk about this on tape to corroborate what has happened to me and the others we are in touch with at a later date.

Love and Light,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I will be a guest reader/speaker in New York City at an event on April 27th, mark the dates, New York!

The NY Energy Circle's Meetup Group is having me be a guest speaker and reader, it's only 15 bucks! Check out the details here.

This is a great opportunity to see me live if you haven't yet had a chance to receive a reading from me as there is a short reading included with the entrance fee.

A winged Reptilian and a moon-faced small ET showed up in my bedroom two nights ago

Yes, for real and for true, lol-- I felt no fear, but there was something going on I am not 100% privvy to, so it was indeed odd. They asked me this question they were "blocking" that apparently all the time they are asking me and every time I've answered "I am not interested", so they asked it again, and I was all "What part of NOT INTERESTED don't you understand? You've asked me this time after time and each time I've said NOT INTERESTED?! Don't you get it? My answer, once again, is NOT INTERESTED with a heaping spoonful of NOT INTERESTED and a dollop of NOT INTERESTED, guys! Go away! I am sick of this questioning. It's redundant! Are you trying to render me redundant here, fellas? What gives?" 

The reptile seemed to smile humorously at my response, it was almost like he knew (playfully) that it would annoy me. In fact, I recall the reptilian as not being frightening in the least, incredibly enough, since he was a WINGED REPTILIAN standing in the doorway of my bedroom, lol, complete with his little 4 foot tall moon faced friend in attendance. The moon faced fellow looked exactly like the one in the window that Stan Romanek filmed. It was weird. 

What was annoying as well is that there was some kind of (I really don't know how to describe this without it being rude), but there was some kind of electric BUZZ going on "down there" "on my person" at points in the conversation, lol- and you would think I would have fun with that, har, har, but instead, it felt invasive and obtrusive and that it was not supposed to be there. It was like an electrical current was actually going through my whole body at points, to the point where I felt my fingertips tingling. I've also had some kind of electrostimulation in my right big toe lately on several occasions, where it would also burn the outer part of my big toe, and for some reason I knew it had to do with reproductive issues. It is always kind of unnerving. 

Now I don't know if the timing of this visit was triggered by this, but the night before this happened, I had an intense Skype session with a black ops whistleblower type, and that is all I will say about that for fear of giving too much about him away, but I can promise you this, this guy is the real deal and only with his permission will I reveal his identity. (He has done interviews and is "out" about it now, but I still am on the side of caution here.)

The day after the reptilian incident (and 2 days after Mr. Black Ops and myself chatted via Skype) this gentleman told me one of his friends had been taken and was still missing and there was some kind of heat coming down on the guy I was in touch with for some Black Ops related matter and since then we have not been able to talk.

We both went into the conversation knowing full well that the NSA monitors Skype talks, and even at one point I was told by the beings that "we weren't supposed to meet", but at the same time, I felt very protected and he was more than happy to speak with me. I hope sometime soon I can reveal his identity but for now don't want to further jeopardize his security. He told me he "sleeps with one eye open" and I believe it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A being came into my room last night and holographically showed me a tortoise?!

He was tall, in a robe, with big bug like eyes, but it's hard to say what he looked like-- he told me it was "time" and I demanded to know who he was and he said "It's not important" and then I struggled to get off the bed and argued with him that if he couldn't tell me who he was, I wasn't going to participate, and he said more insistantly "YOU SAID YOU WOULD LIE BACK DOWN, I NEED TO GIVE YOU MORE INFORMATION NOW" and then I felt this gentle push on my chest from an invisible hand and I was lying on the bed again. I felt no fear, and suddenly I realized somehow he "was who he said he was" and was not an agent.

 He then activated some kind of hologram and a kind of invisible screen popped up and showed me all these geometric shapes floating in front of my eyes, this time it was triangles and I think squares. Then the shapes faded (or morphed? I couldn't tell) into this giant transparent tortoise, and I was fascinated with its shell, and as I stared at the shell, the angle of the tortoise changed from a horizontal view to the top of its shell looking down on it, and each facet of the shell began to light up each segment -- I somehow knew each section of the shell was "information".

Then the tortoise turned into flowers: giant, undulating calla lilly types; then suddenly neat rows of spring flowers against a low-lying picket fence, kind of like snow drops or lilly of the valley or blue bells- the small springtime ones that cluster and grow with big, generous flared leaves at their base.

Then, it all swirled together and he and the images were gone and I fell asleep immediately and had some WEIRD vivid dreams.

In one of them,  I had a mother with two mixed race children (my half siblings)and she was kind of crazy-- driving too fast on this winding highway overlooking what looked like a lush, green, tree-filled sound in the Pacific Northwest-- the two brothers were sitting next to her in the front seat and I was sitting in the back. It kind of reminded me of when I briefly lived in Seattle in the early 90s, and I remember telling her to slow down with the driving but she wouldn't stop speeding.

Then the dream switched and I suddenly started eating Ziploc plastic bags!!! About 8 or 10 of them! They were the half gallon kind with a bumpy "zipper" appendage attached.  I could feel them in my digestive tract, moving slowly as I swallowed each one  -- I particularly remember the bumpy hard plastic "zipper" parts of the bags bumping up and pressing against my right side of my large intestine.

Then I was at some kind of hotel where a sales group was giving an annual awards show and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot had entered his name in some kind of raffle and they called his name and he for some reason had this really hard time getting up to the podium to accept his prize, lol.

I remember urging him to hurry or they would go on to the next person and then I woke up.

He never reached the podium.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mary Rodwell on Star children/"New humans"/ support network for experiencers and contactees

This woman is brave and brilliant, thank her for all she does by purchasing her books/lectures/what have you.  She also talks about the war on consciousness currently going on behind the scenes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just had another lovely communication with the beings about the planetary grid.

I just had an urge to look out my bedroom window, and even though it wasn't visible, my eye was directed towards a spot in the sky that seemed to be like heat waves radiating off tarmac on a hot day-- my eye was drawn to that spot in the sky and suddenly it seemed to radiate from the center of the spot and a very friendly non-earth being began cheerfully telling me via telepathy that "they" had lifted the vibrational frequency of earth's grid recently to facilitate and make much easier collaborations amongst earth's humans. 

They told me "Love, hate, desire-- it is all gearing people towards more collaborations"- Definitely this has been an extraordinary week for me and collaborations with others, no doubt about it.  

Thank you, dear ones!