Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hands down one of the best interviews I've ever had the pleasure to participate in

This is boffo-Four female experiencers/researchers and MILABs  together talking about subjects related to the paranormal connection to the military industrial complex.

We covered the satanic as well as psychic and ET connection to the MILAB experience, as well as me speaking publicly for the first time about some intense covert ops memories I have never before talked or written about publicly. 

Joe Montaldo told Gia, the host of this show, that it was one of the highest ratings in the history of his radio network, thank you all who participated with me, this covers the Extraterrestrial/psychic/Illuminati/satanic connections to the MILAB experience.

Please support MILABS. Please write your congressmen and women and lawmakers and ask them why black budgets are unaudited and blank checked, ask them about the "sinister shadow government" the senator from Hawaii spoke of back in the 80s that has never been substantially discussed in a media friendly format since. 

Ask and ask and ask. Give a damn, if you do. Just because we who have been made slaves to this system and have been asked to commit heinous acts against our free will in the name of the Illuminati talk about it doesn't mean we alone can solve the legislative issues surrounding this. You the people need to care as well. You who have nothing to do with this. Please release this topic from the conspiracy ghetto it is currently in. Help bring it mainstream or else nothing will ever be done about it. 

Panel: Anya Briggs, Melinda Leslie, Eve Lorgen, November Hanson

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I will be on a panel discussion with Melinda Leslie (MILAB researcher) and Eve Lorgen (MILAB therapist, researcher) on Dawn of Shades on Tuesday, November 30th! Also: High Strangeness happens to radio host after she interviews me

 This is sure to be a fascinating discussion about a topic that is just starting to be discussed on a substantive level publicly and is not to be missed. Eve and Melinda are at the forefront of what is happening in MILAB research and the alien connection to it, and I am sure we will have much to discuss. 

Show website:

Make sure you check out the broadcast, the live version is going to be free while the archive will not be, so plan accordingly!

As an aside, I feel compelled to mention a strange pattern has been happening lately that I have not talked about publicly yet.

On November 9th, I was recently a guest on Gia's show Dawn of Shades 

 and apparently as has happened with other people who come in contact with me lately, it apparently kicked up some psychic dust. Often after I speak with a client or friend or an interviewer, strange psychic things happen to them and they for some reason feel I am connected somehow. I am not sure if I am somehow activating something in that person, or if something is happening externally as a result of coming in contact with me, but this has exponentially ratcheted up in the last year or so, and always with a comment attached saying something to the effect of "and it happened right after I spoke with you". 

I am glad that every single person who has told me this has chosen to see it as a place of self-empowerment and discovery and wonder rather than shutting down and letting fear take over. 

And if anyone asks, I really don't know what is happening either, could anyone help us figure it out? 

Here is a link to Gia's experience in that regard:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFO Sightings over Manhattan local MSM coverage October 13th 2010

UFO Fleets over New York? Or "Silver stationary balloons at 5000 feet" ? You decide!

Actually, they look kind of yellow from the look of it.

Anyway, there's a lot of people online freaking out thinking October 13th was supposed to be a staged UFO invasion or mass sighting designed to further some nefarious NWO plans courtesy of an "advanced" holographic program called Project Bluebeam.

I think this sighting in NYC today was NOT Project Bluebeam, but rather disinfo created by the Powers That Be to make you *think* it was going to be Bluebeam just in case these craft decided to show up as a kind of attempt at damage control, but that in fact the beings inside these craft (maybe) already had notified the authorities in advance that this was going to happen long ago, that it was pre-destined. 

The Powers That Be, even with a metaphorical gun to the head, will never admit publicly that a non-terrestrial intelligence has been engaging with us since time immemorial, even at the risk of staging a false-false flag and a threat of alarm or widespread panic for the general populace. 

Or perhaps that's precisely the point.

I think these visitors also were going to disable some nuclear warheads or something to do with nuclear power if any skullduggery happened to the sighting courtesy of NORAD or the DOD or some such. In fact, I think some kind of small panic did in fact happen earlier yesterday morning at Indian Point Nuclear facility, which is not far from NYC at all.


UFO in Chelsea- New York??? October 13, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Paradigm Shifter: my guest blog stint on Seismologik is up now


Check it out, the site is pretty neat. It's kind of like if Ariana Huffington decided to open a food co-op at the end of the world as we know it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bassett Highgate Briefing Part 1.mpg

Update on the restaurant/black ops incident in February.

Please read this post first if you haven't already:

Ok, so first off, I should mention that the name of the restaurant my friend and I went to is interesting and I am sure it is significant and not random at all as well: 10 Downing. 

As in, the home of the British Prime Minister. 

Not Illuminati at all!

Secondly: I went into that restaurant yesterday as a sort of experiment- I asked a waitress if she knew Alejandro the bartender who served us on that incredibly unusual night, and she paused for a minute to think and then said, "Oh, he hasn't worked here for at least 6 months, maybe more". 6 months ago was mid-February, right around the time of the incident. I got the impression that he didn't work there for long at all. Now, it could be that he just only worked there for a short time and it just didn't work out (I doubt it, he was an excellent bartender at least), OR, he was only *supposed* to work there for a very short time on purpose. My spidey sense says the latter.

Thirdly: ever since that event, my friend who was with me in the restaurant has changed. Her personality has become more and more nasty towards me and yet also spacey and clueless about certain subjects when I bring them up. I can even see her programming activated at times depending on the situation and subject matter we would be talking about. Her increasingly out of touch behavior also correlated with me doing a series of readings for her over the past six months or so that revealed that not only was she Monarch mind controlled/MK-ULTRA but that our friendship was not random and in fact highly orchestrated and monitored, and *also* that she was being utilized at a very high level for espionage and black mail. 

There was one incident I intuited in this process of revealing her Monarch status where I "saw" her clairvoyantly with a gentleman whom I now recognize as Russian President Medvedev being seduced by her in a hotel room for espionage and possibly blackmail purposes. 

Oh yes, it goes there. 

And yes, I realize how over the top and ridiculous this looks on the page. I don't care. Believe whatever you want. I am not saying definitively if any of this happened. It could be a screen memory. But if it is a screen memory, for what purpose? To "discredit" me? I have no credentials. I am an art school chick who is psychic and claims she talks to aliens, something consensus reality has a hard enough time dealing with to begin with. What's a few more outrageous claims between a few friends?

Anyway, the readings also revealed a warehouse in Queens usually kept for stylists seeking clothing for awards shows and high-profile events such as the Oscars for VIPs like heads of state and their spouses, actresses, models, and the like to rent out haute couture. These places are also frequently used for getting clothes for fashion shoots in magazines, costume design for films, etc.

I "saw" my friend having passwords and codes as well as account numbers for use of the warehouse as well as a safe deposit box in a bank filled with passports assuming other identities as well as other forged documents and God knows what else (I also uncovered that she is trained in hand-to-hand combat and is an expert with knives). She does not consciously know where this deposit box is, but when brought into alter knows exactly where it is. Whenever she is called into action, she goes to the deposit box and gets what she needs. 

Interestingly enough, she's also been fixated on the idea of privacy the whole time I've known her. She initially was obsessed with the concept to the point of saying she was "nothing" and the reason she wasn't bent out of shape about her Monarch programming (she had the strangest response when I told her, she was totally calm, even though she said it "totally resonated and explained many strange things about her childhood", etc) was because "nothing matters anyway". As in, she thought cosmically or in a Zen sort of way that that was somehow a GOOD thing to believe. 
I guess it was a fundamental misread of her adopted religion of Buddhism, but I found it to be an appalling sentiment and ultimately a part of the reason our friendship was a total broken deal as well.

Supposedly she goes to this warehouse in Queens, NY when she needs to be an escort at a certain event and gives a few trigger words to the people manning the store and they become hypnotized. She has carte blanche of whatever outfit she needs and the people working there are more than willing to help her. The women in the warehouse have no memory of assisting my friend with the clothes, but apparently everyone is very nice to each other while it happens. She repeats the process in reverse when she comes to return the clothes. 

My friend has also met several movie stars/famous people lately and each time they all said "You look familiar to me somehow. Have we met?" Well, according to what I saw, yes, she has met them- in an altered state and under completely different circumstances. At the very least she has been at these big glitzy events and yet somehow knows that when she is at them to avoid cameras at all costs.

I am no longer friends with this person as it became clear to me that the whole basis of our friendship was so she could "keep tabs on me" for her handlers. She has been completely compromised and is so mind controlled that whenever I bring up Monarch, she becomes testy, a beligerant drunk (when we do have drinks), arrogant and mean. So bye-bye to that. Which is probably what the Powers That Be ultimately wanted (more divide and conquer, anyone?), but I don't have the volume of time it is going to take to de-program this person (a whole team is necessary for this woman), and she apparently thinks there's absolutely nothing wrong with her whatsoever, everything is great and I am fine according to her and she really doesn't see what the big deal is nor does she have any desire to pursue it, etc, she just wants to go on exactly the way she is, so there you go. 

I understand not wanting to give power to something negative by focusing on it, but her mindset is dysfunctional. Is it okay to be friends with an alcoholic or a drug addict and act like everything is fine no matter how in denial they are of the destructive capabilities of their condition? How about feeling trusting and safe with that person? Would you lend the keys to your car to them? And further more, could you trust them? 



I have had corroborating confirmation, but without supporting documentation, from James Casbolt directly about my being in a female black ops psychic program as well as a breeding program. He has been lovely as has his fiancee Haley Meijer and I wish them all the best. He claims Aaron McCollum was with him in at least one operation that had to do (possibly) with me at least in part. 

I will refrain from going more into detail for now about this as obviously we don't have everything at our disposal, documentation-wise. But for now, just say I am not incorrect in my assumptions about what I was being used for in black ops as it has now been corroborated by more than one person, and this time, it's coming from someone living on a different continent than I do.

Lastly: Why on earth am I talking publicly about this? Because this is related to a larger problem: that of the rise of the military industrial complex and the ruthless toll it has taken on many people's lives. Some estimates from my research claim it could be as high as 1 to 2% of the population at any given time leading this horrible double life. 

The worst kind of slavery is the kind where the slave actually thinks they are free.

If you are reading this and you care about my story or anyone mentioned here, please write your legislators and demand transparency on defense budgets, demand accountability, demand hearings. 

If you care about my story or anyone mentioned here, ask your local and national media to cover it as a news item, unbiased and free from the influence of the Powers That Be's censors. 

Get loud and speak out about it. Education is the only solution for those who are not already mind controlled robots. If you consider the trillions of dollars thrown at defense budgets and the history of the military Illuminati-controlled industrial complexes and the downright Luciferian agendas they have installed into the system (permawar economies, the surveillance state, MK-ULTRA and the 149 umbrella programs that it is comprised of still active today, the secret space program-- shall I go on?), ask yourself if you can no longer deny the secret agenda presented by them (and that some would say are no longer even trying to hide as days go by).

I have no solution or suggestion for what to do with those who are already compromised like my friend, but I pray that one day she and others like herself will see the light and come clean with themselves about the nature of their situation and others like theirs and speak out about it en masse as well instead of hiding in private.

One person speaking out about this sounds like a tin-foil hat lunatic. 2% of the population speaking out about eerily similar things happening to them regarding mind control is not "random" nor is it "attention seeking" nor is it the rantings of a "lunatic". 

It is undeniable. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Please assist the Bentwaters 81st Security Police at Rendalsham Forest - they need 10,000 members in their group for Facebook

James Penniston August 16 at 1:43pm Reply
Hello to all of the supporters of our face book page! First and foremost we would like to thank-you for dedication and ongoing support! Without all of you, Rendlesham would stay in the dark and there would be no progress towards disclosure.

As you are well aware, the pace is stepping up as we near the 30th year anniversary date in December. It is our intention, to be able to get information out as soon as it comes available. More than ever, we see that a lot of this information is perishable, with a very short shelf life, and we see a need to be able to notify our supporters in the most expedisous means possible.

The most recent example was the opportunity to rebut the BBC and it’s bias article that came out last week. Sometimes radio shows requests come in a couple of hours prior to the show airing. We don’t want you to miss a thing! That means our face book social network is the best avenue to do that most effectively. Without all of you, we would not be successful in our ongoing efforts for full disclosure. To aid us in getting information out on face book, we will send out group messages to ensure your notification of such events.

With that said, we have very important need to increase the membership numbers. As you well know the disclosure efforts success are because of our base of 2600 members. We need to increase this within the next few weeks to 10,000 members. We are asking you to send requests to all of your face book friends to become members of this site. Besides keeping everyone informed ,we need these numbers to get the attention of Congressmen and Senators, which will lead to an official re-opening of the case. Please help us in achieving this goal.

John and I thank-you, along with all the former members of the 81st Security Police Squadron.
Let’s make this happen!!

Facebook group:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HUGE opportunity fell in my lap today- got asked to be a host for a national radio show!

Just got approached to be a host for a national radio program but I would have to pony up 1/2 the production fees to do it- it's actually a very reasonable $40 to $45 a week if you are a sponsor, any takers? Contact me at: and I will send you info about the channel and how targeted your audience will be- it's 100% psychic programming. if you are an entrepreneur interested in getting a sponsor plug on the first psychic radio channel on iTunes with over 40,000 followers on Twitter alone, let me know! 

Or if you just want to donate to the cause to ensure that the words keep spilling out my mouth in a way that lets people learn and grow in a most remarkably accelerated way, then by all means, feel free to do so by clicking on the shiny, irresistible, highly clickable yellow button up top. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Submit your question now to be in a free channeled E-book I am writing!

Now my guides have gone and done it: they have requested that I make a free E-book filled with questions you the viewers have about the cosmos, time, space, whatever you want. Please no personal questions, just ones as pertains to time, space, "elemental brotherhood of man", emotions, power structures, questions about the so-called "Elite", wars, HAARP, etc. Please limit them to only one or two questions per person.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last time I am saying this. PS: I love you and the journey you are on.

Hey, New Agers! It is time to stop acting like the secret government doesn't exist (excuse me "has no reality for you") and accept that many people have been subjected to military abductions, mind control experiments, and the like. 

Hey, anti-NWO and conspiracy theorist types! It is time to start trusting, stop being so paranoid, and understand that you are a magnificent being of light who has lived before and you will live again. So what can the NWO do to you, really?

 I feel like I am going through my parents divorce all over again: Which side should I choose?

 The reality of my story is YES it is light and YES it is dark. That's the *reality* of the situation. 

Don't tell me what the definition of unity is. Unity is many things: for me it is listening and sharing and healing through sharing and listening and showing respect for people's opinions, not just getting together in a field somewhere and sharing a big group hug. Unity has many expressions. 

If I have to talk about being a military abductee, I will. It is a form of healing. If I have to talk about love and light, I will as well. Information is just that. It cannot intrinsically harm you. 

What, are we children here? Because I feel like many of you are behaving as such. GROW UP! Dark as well as light exists! Not just one or the other! We are all incredible manifestors, start acting like one and believe that you can share the dream of unity and oneness in a panoply of ways. Stop being so orthodox within that definition, because what you are doing is creating duality yet again. 

Go dancing with your shadow self. Get over your phobias. Buy your inner angel a drink. Entertain angels unaware. Make friends, not enemies with the "other side" and see what happens. I guarantee you won't get your head bitten off. I've lived to see both sides and I am fine. You are stronger than you realize, children. 

Love and Light,


Friday, June 11, 2010

For what it's worth, my thoughts on A'Shayana Deane's new interview on Project Camelot

I don't mean to speak ill of lightworkers and people with good intentions... but I am deeply concerned by some statements made in the recent Project Camelot interview by A'Shayana Deane.

Within the first five minutes, she states that "channeling is dangerous" and then proceeds to take 10 minutes of exposition just to make the first statement. If you are really connected to Source and really listening to truth and heart-based "mechanics", you are not in mind like that. It is not an astrophysics theorem. If you are speaking truth, you simply speak it, the terminology of "ascension mechanics" does not require so much labyrinthian set up to explain. You just say it.

I am deeply concerned that this woman is in fact being contacted, but not by the kinds of "love and light, service to others" ETs she claims from a group she refers to as the "Galactic Alliance". It is normally not my place to be so bold in speaking publicly about another person "in the field" so to speak, but when someone says "channeling is dangerous" my feelers/antennae go up immediately. My feelers are saying "this woman is fear based and being manipulated" at the core- and not only that, she goes on to say that the Wingmakers material is subversive and dangerous for the following reasons (response on Kerry Cassidy's blog from James himself):


The identity of the WingMakers is not how I have portrayed them, but rather they are a fallen race of ETs with a dark agenda. 

2) That the WingMakers art and music activate a DNA response from those who view or listen to the material that brings about a negative merkaba. 

3) That the WingMakers caused the recent earthquakes in Chile, killing innocent lives.

I would use caution when being given information by anyone in esoterica who says "you are wrong and I am right, and I have been the one to 'set the record straight' and tell you what it really is." That is cult-mind at work, ladies and gentlemen. 

No one has all the information, nor is esoteric information verifiable on any kind of scientific methodology as pertains to "ascension mechanics".

She gets out charts, presents words and terms that frankly don't resonate and sound completely made-up, and in turn to James's response on the blog, she reacts defensively and acts like he was the one in the wrong for defending his writings (which, admittedly for the sake of complete personal disclosure, are in complete service-to-others mode, if you ask me.) 

James' work rings true for me, this woman's does not. In full truth, I have not given the interview the full attention it deserves, and I need to review it further, but if you cannot explain or express in plain language ascension mechanics, you have no business delving so deeply. It does not require made up terms, or any kind of claim of "expert" or "specialty" status, and certainly would not involve warning people off of the work of a man who has served tirelessly and with great humility for the good of humanity by empowering them in awakening with such love and compassion. 

All that is required in explaining or expressing ascension mechanics is the pure intention of LOVE and heart. The rest will follow.

I do not trust this woman as far as I could throw her, but I leave it up to you to decide for yourself. My opinion may change as I absorb more of her information, but my first impression of A'shayana Deane is not a good one, ladies and gentlemen. Just some food for thought. 

Love and Light,


(link to Kerry's blog with letters from both James and A'shayana:

ADDENUM: For those of you who have not had a chance to read the comments on this post, A'shayana Deane is 100% definitively Anna Hayes the contactee. The sudden need for an identity change is very suspicious to me- people are emailing me as well saying that suddenly most if not all of the Anna Hayes videos on Youtube are no longer posted on the site. Alter egos don't bode well with me, it smacks too much of dissociative identity disorder. It may be one thing for a rock star to do that for "creative license",  but when it is a member of the esoteric community, I am always suspicious. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself what the meaning of this is.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chi balls, astral agents, bilocation, and more!

Lately the newest neat little trick I've learned about is bilocation... also am now getting downloaded (from other awakened starseeded humans now, *not* just ETs!) and have the ability to create chi balls, throw negative astral agents out on their kiester, etc.

You can ALL do this, people. It ain't that hard. On the quantum field, once you have paid attention to something, it is there, manifested, in your face, this absolute gift from the universe, *begging* you to take advantage of it and to learn from it.

  Don't run and hide, it's so much fun and so empowering, you have no idea. 

The Powers That Be want you to be so scared of yourself you s**t your pants every time you ponder the magnificence that is your multi-dimensional self.  It's been designed this way for too long. 
But the reality is, it is also your birthright as a human being born on Planet Earth to learn about these abilities and to grow from them and from others good works as well.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Aaron McCollum will be speaking on his involvement with MILABS on this show on Thursday night

Please listen to this important interview. Aaron will be speaking exclusively about MILABS. 
The first hour is broadcast live and then the second hour will be posted as archived the day after the show. Live broadcast May 14th, 12 AM Eastern Time Zone HERE.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New interview with Dolores Cannon, past life and experiencer regressionist - Convoluted Universe

Budd Hopkins and other regressionists who spread the fear fear fear frequency and tell all their clients they've been raped by aliens could learn a thing or two from this woman.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just want to say that I am protesting the ads popping up on this site

I in no way, shape, or form am endorsing Scientology. JMHO, but it's a cult. Just because they believe in a 6 trillion year old alien called Xenu and believe that millions of ETs called "thetans" inhabit the body, I don't actually share their viewpoint. There's crazy and then there's CRAY-ZEE.

Same for Landmark Forum in advance if they want to rip my ad space a new one. They do a fancified vsn. of what we old-timers who remember the 70s used to call EST, which is basically you stand in a room and 40 people scream at you until you confess that you really don't like yourself very much and then they charge you 400 dollars for the privilege of being ripped apart in order to be "re-built". 

Then you take a program of "study" that costs a whole shitload more of Benjamins and then after you've completed some kinda "levels" of "accomplishment", you are required to have mandatory volunteer hours at their call centers to recruit other cult members, ahem, members. 

Then, when you finally have suckered someone on your call list to come in for onea these ***4 hour*** yell-fests, they will then follow up with you for months afterward if you didn't take the bait like I did once and berate you and make you feel guilty for NOT handing over 400 clams for the privilege of being yelled at. 

Total mind-control. 

Thank you!

PS- Here's an update on EST/Landmark Forum- seems I was more than a little in line with this write up of what it was about:


Oh my.

Little did I know that someone had already catalogued who I saw appear in my bedroom doorway the other night.

CLICK HERE for link to

 Turns out they tend to show up with little moon-faced ETs by their side at times! Apparently the type of reptilian who visited me was very high ranking on the social strata. 

If I had known that, I would have made tea. 

He must have thought I was a saucy lil' vixen because it seems he would have eaten me for lunch otherwise. Or not! We really can't say now, can we? I actually liked the guy, believe it or not. Let's not jump to conclusions just because he looked like Beelzebub. I often think that I know I would have been burned at the stake many times over just 4 centuries ago because of what I do for a living. 

I have also been told that in addition to being genetically comprised of many types of star nations such as Lyran, Pleiadian, Sirian, and Andromedan, I am also Draconian. And I bet many of you who hate reptilians blindly are comprised of some of that too. I have been told that many of the beings visit those who tend to have genetic components of their race, and indeed I have been visited by all of the above.  I don't know where the heck the Arcturians are in all of this or why they love me so much, so they might be the very talkative and playful exception to the rule. 

Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just got permission to reveal the name of the Black Ops guy.

It's Aaron McCollum. You need to watch his Project Camelot video as well as any/all interviews he does, what he says reveals a lot. I am only one part of his saga, and indeed, that is what it is. I love this guy, he's amazing in so many ways, and I commend him for his sincerity, courage, and bravery.

Thank you, Aaron!

Just after I put up the last post

I saw a pattern on my computer screen and when I looked in the mirror near my computer, it was superimposed on my face- a series of slightly wavy lines in a "ridged" pattern-- then I received a message from the beings saying "It is to facilitate better communication with experiencers and contactees"-- obviously some kind of thing was activated when I posted the last post. They said it will be easier to find people like me now.

This ridge pattern has appeared many times before in front of my eyes/on my face, it is a kind of upgrade.

This probably isn't going to surprise anyone who is following this story, but

I am definitively, 100% a MILAB. And also a contactee. My black ops guy was able to corroborate what happened to me, he's told me how to separate the wheat from the chaff re: what was his work and what was the ETs work and was able to do a conference Skype session with another MILAB survivor.

Apparently he was, incredibly enough, the person who injected us both with a very high grade version of Rohypnol (aka "The date rape drug") and took me to an underground facility. I am having ***all kinds*** of memories triggered when I speak with him (that was one of them) and as well with speaking with the other MILAB survivor. It has been intense but also gratifying in all aspects of closure that I have been seeking for some time.

Both myself and the other survivor (and when I say survivor, I mean it- I am always feeling like I dodged a bullet and now I know why) are in the process of de-programming ourselves while at the same time helping de-programming Mr. Black Ops with our abilities and it has been a journey of peace and love. I have no ill will towards this man, in fact the exact opposite. He was the delivery guy, no more no less, and he is just as much a survivor of this as we are. The fact that he is doing everything he can to make amends is only endearing me more to this man.

I will fill you in more as I can, I still haven't had time yet to ask permission from this guy to print his name, but I will say this, he is definitely able to corroborate what I am saying and definitely will speak with me sitting by his side publicly to talk about this on tape to corroborate what has happened to me and the others we are in touch with at a later date.

Love and Light,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I will be a guest reader/speaker in New York City at an event on April 27th, mark the dates, New York!

The NY Energy Circle's Meetup Group is having me be a guest speaker and reader, it's only 15 bucks! Check out the details here.

This is a great opportunity to see me live if you haven't yet had a chance to receive a reading from me as there is a short reading included with the entrance fee.

A winged Reptilian and a moon-faced small ET showed up in my bedroom two nights ago

Yes, for real and for true, lol-- I felt no fear, but there was something going on I am not 100% privvy to, so it was indeed odd. They asked me this question they were "blocking" that apparently all the time they are asking me and every time I've answered "I am not interested", so they asked it again, and I was all "What part of NOT INTERESTED don't you understand? You've asked me this time after time and each time I've said NOT INTERESTED?! Don't you get it? My answer, once again, is NOT INTERESTED with a heaping spoonful of NOT INTERESTED and a dollop of NOT INTERESTED, guys! Go away! I am sick of this questioning. It's redundant! Are you trying to render me redundant here, fellas? What gives?" 

The reptile seemed to smile humorously at my response, it was almost like he knew (playfully) that it would annoy me. In fact, I recall the reptilian as not being frightening in the least, incredibly enough, since he was a WINGED REPTILIAN standing in the doorway of my bedroom, lol, complete with his little 4 foot tall moon faced friend in attendance. The moon faced fellow looked exactly like the one in the window that Stan Romanek filmed. It was weird. 

What was annoying as well is that there was some kind of (I really don't know how to describe this without it being rude), but there was some kind of electric BUZZ going on "down there" "on my person" at points in the conversation, lol- and you would think I would have fun with that, har, har, but instead, it felt invasive and obtrusive and that it was not supposed to be there. It was like an electrical current was actually going through my whole body at points, to the point where I felt my fingertips tingling. I've also had some kind of electrostimulation in my right big toe lately on several occasions, where it would also burn the outer part of my big toe, and for some reason I knew it had to do with reproductive issues. It is always kind of unnerving. 

Now I don't know if the timing of this visit was triggered by this, but the night before this happened, I had an intense Skype session with a black ops whistleblower type, and that is all I will say about that for fear of giving too much about him away, but I can promise you this, this guy is the real deal and only with his permission will I reveal his identity. (He has done interviews and is "out" about it now, but I still am on the side of caution here.)

The day after the reptilian incident (and 2 days after Mr. Black Ops and myself chatted via Skype) this gentleman told me one of his friends had been taken and was still missing and there was some kind of heat coming down on the guy I was in touch with for some Black Ops related matter and since then we have not been able to talk.

We both went into the conversation knowing full well that the NSA monitors Skype talks, and even at one point I was told by the beings that "we weren't supposed to meet", but at the same time, I felt very protected and he was more than happy to speak with me. I hope sometime soon I can reveal his identity but for now don't want to further jeopardize his security. He told me he "sleeps with one eye open" and I believe it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A being came into my room last night and holographically showed me a tortoise?!

He was tall, in a robe, with big bug like eyes, but it's hard to say what he looked like-- he told me it was "time" and I demanded to know who he was and he said "It's not important" and then I struggled to get off the bed and argued with him that if he couldn't tell me who he was, I wasn't going to participate, and he said more insistantly "YOU SAID YOU WOULD LIE BACK DOWN, I NEED TO GIVE YOU MORE INFORMATION NOW" and then I felt this gentle push on my chest from an invisible hand and I was lying on the bed again. I felt no fear, and suddenly I realized somehow he "was who he said he was" and was not an agent.

 He then activated some kind of hologram and a kind of invisible screen popped up and showed me all these geometric shapes floating in front of my eyes, this time it was triangles and I think squares. Then the shapes faded (or morphed? I couldn't tell) into this giant transparent tortoise, and I was fascinated with its shell, and as I stared at the shell, the angle of the tortoise changed from a horizontal view to the top of its shell looking down on it, and each facet of the shell began to light up each segment -- I somehow knew each section of the shell was "information".

Then the tortoise turned into flowers: giant, undulating calla lilly types; then suddenly neat rows of spring flowers against a low-lying picket fence, kind of like snow drops or lilly of the valley or blue bells- the small springtime ones that cluster and grow with big, generous flared leaves at their base.

Then, it all swirled together and he and the images were gone and I fell asleep immediately and had some WEIRD vivid dreams.

In one of them,  I had a mother with two mixed race children (my half siblings)and she was kind of crazy-- driving too fast on this winding highway overlooking what looked like a lush, green, tree-filled sound in the Pacific Northwest-- the two brothers were sitting next to her in the front seat and I was sitting in the back. It kind of reminded me of when I briefly lived in Seattle in the early 90s, and I remember telling her to slow down with the driving but she wouldn't stop speeding.

Then the dream switched and I suddenly started eating Ziploc plastic bags!!! About 8 or 10 of them! They were the half gallon kind with a bumpy "zipper" appendage attached.  I could feel them in my digestive tract, moving slowly as I swallowed each one  -- I particularly remember the bumpy hard plastic "zipper" parts of the bags bumping up and pressing against my right side of my large intestine.

Then I was at some kind of hotel where a sales group was giving an annual awards show and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot had entered his name in some kind of raffle and they called his name and he for some reason had this really hard time getting up to the podium to accept his prize, lol.

I remember urging him to hurry or they would go on to the next person and then I woke up.

He never reached the podium.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mary Rodwell on Star children/"New humans"/ support network for experiencers and contactees

This woman is brave and brilliant, thank her for all she does by purchasing her books/lectures/what have you.  She also talks about the war on consciousness currently going on behind the scenes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just had another lovely communication with the beings about the planetary grid.

I just had an urge to look out my bedroom window, and even though it wasn't visible, my eye was directed towards a spot in the sky that seemed to be like heat waves radiating off tarmac on a hot day-- my eye was drawn to that spot in the sky and suddenly it seemed to radiate from the center of the spot and a very friendly non-earth being began cheerfully telling me via telepathy that "they" had lifted the vibrational frequency of earth's grid recently to facilitate and make much easier collaborations amongst earth's humans. 

They told me "Love, hate, desire-- it is all gearing people towards more collaborations"- Definitely this has been an extraordinary week for me and collaborations with others, no doubt about it.  

Thank you, dear ones!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Had bizarre sensation of some kind of cog on a wheel turning *inside my brain* two nights ago

It felt mechanical is the only term I can use. As if there is literally a mechanical device implanted in my head! It was somehow resetting itself or rewinding or repositioning- something a machine would do- it was not organic. It even "felt" metallic, if that makes any sense. It almost felt like a tape cassette rewinding, but *in my head*. 

Dear God, what is happening to me? Seriously. I'm turning into a Cronenberg film.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A star being grey explained time travel to me last night

Last night I was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, and "they" came in and started zapping my eyes again with some light which became very rapid fire, like strobes, and then I got downloaded (as usual) and then they asked me if I was ready to do something for them (didn't consciously know what, they were "blocking" the conversation, but yet I could answer somehow) and I said, no, quite frankly, I'm not ready for that, and all of a sudden I saw a grid appear out of nowhere in thin air- it was transparent and filled the whole room, but it was also invisible somehow (?) - I could still see it, and each point on the grid was shown to me as a unit of time. This explained how the beings, agents, whomever-- could time travel. 
"Very easily" they said- it was like a lit up game of "Simon" and each place I looked would light up as a unit of time with a relief of a "dot" light image in the center of the grid. "Now you are here in time" the being said. "And now" as another grid lit up while the last one went dark "you are here, experiencing this moment in time, yes?" To which I responded "I guess".  It was very simple, and yet complicated. I wish I had the terminology. 

Over the last several days I've also woken up with strange marks on my body again- the first was a small "cut" about a half an inch angled diagonally at the point where my forehead meets my hairline, right at about the left-center of my head. The second was a *very* strangely shaped "flower" type of bruise on my left abdomen. I also woke up today to go to a check up at the doctor's office, and I felt like something had been placed in my left bicep. It felt like a long straight thin object had literally been placed inside my arm. It was about the shape and size of a piece of dry spaghetti. I moved my arm several times, and the feeling was gone.

"They", whomever they are, are doing *all kinds* of stuff to me lately, and I just wish I could get some answers. It's a very strange, liminal state I abide in. 

For the first time two nights ago, I was also given "trigger" words to write down. I don't know if I should post them or not. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

UPDATE: I will be reading at the New Life Expo in NYC March 27th and 28th!

Exciting new News: I will be a featured reader at the next New Life Expo in New York City for Best American Psychics, come by the booth and say hello and get a special show rate reading! FYI, Best American Psychics really is one of the most popular booths at the show; make sure you get there early to book me in advance as spots do get filled up fast!


Best American Psychics Booth #221
Hotel New Yorker, NYC, NY
03/26/10 - 03/28/10
(I will be there Saturday the 27th from 10AM to 12PM
and Sunday the 28th 11AM to 1PM)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love this.

My friends so have my back. Gotta love it. They were so sly about it too, lol-
Please subscribe and follow every word they say, lol

Felipe's Youtube channel: felipesparx29

Leija's Youtube Channel: LeijaTurunen

Monday, February 22, 2010

Me on the Tiho show!

This is about the most crazy, European, Fellini-esque interview I think I will ever do. This is the interview I shot in late October of last year and is just now getting to me via my friend on Youtube. I particularly like the part where I am talking about something serious, and he decides in the editing process to juxtapose the frame of me talking with an image of him dressed like an 18th century Italian royal guard. I later found out he was using this particular episode to shop around to producers, one of whom is Branko Lustig, one of the producers for Schindler's List! I had no idea that was the case at all, and interestingly enough, I brought up Speilberg's name in a "coincidence" that was pretty funny-- Tiho told me Spielberg and Lustig are pretty tight and live about six blocks away from each other, I wonder if the director himself saw this as well??? Who knows. But if either of you gentlemen are reading this by some crazy offchance that you would, option the rights to my story already! I'm gettin' tired of hustlin' this tale around... ;-)

I am sad that I didn't really get to talk about what I really wanted to discuss, which was the secret space program, but judging by the format of the show, one of the producers said "let's not blow people's minds *too* much, shall we?" (Tiho already had the questions he wanted to ask me.)

Tiho is great, this is the guy who gave me two images of the beings I see, namely Aya my Pleiadian guide, as well as having painted images of 
time portals I create. The fact that he channeled through painting what I see and experience is phenomenally strange and not a coincidence I think.

Another whistleblower re: Secret Space Program steps forward, this time it's Eisenhower's Great Granddaughter

I am going to be the first to say that this interview goes on about 40 minutes longer than it needs to and she gets a leeeeetle too caught up in the "Mother Gaia Awakening of the Divine Feminine" thing a bit more than I am comfortable with. And by a "little bit" I mean about 40 minutes longer than it should.

I am not here to debate the accuracy by which this woman states her opinion, for that is just conjecture, but I would nonetheless implore those interested in my story to listen to what I think is the most intriguing part of this interview (her being approached and recruited to be part of a Mars Colony of a limited "elite" group of people being sent to Mars to repopulate in the event of Earth's natural destruction or an NWO planned HAARP-based "natural" destruction). 

I actually wish she had gone on more about her encounters with the "Agent X" who told her this as well as the psychic attacks she's had almost nonstop as well as the people in her life being manipulated by mind control to do things not of their character (has happened to me as well, many times) so that she found it nearly impossible to be in a relationship (in one case, her lover was actually a plant for the secret government). 

Now the interesting corroboration I can provide in all of this besides me being contacted by Solar Warden and Space Command is that I was also told that if the power grid goes down, part of the reason they need me as a telepath is so that I can communicate with others remotely. True story. I have no idea if that was intel feeding me a line or not, but that's the message I was given. 

Anyway, more info about Laura's experience HERE
(Useful background/highlighted info if you don't want to wade through the Divine Feminine stuff)

And the actual interview itself HERE

Oh, and skeptics who think this is all a pile of poo? We are asking for investigations into this as well. Our lives have been disrupted in ways you can't even imagine. Transparency is something I am keenly interested in. I want to be on Larry King Live someday with a black op official or the person helming this thing sitting right next to me on the air saying "Yup. We did it to her". I know that's probably not realistic, but I fantasize about that happening at least ten times a day. We want the proof and corroboration as much as you do.