Sunday, April 28, 2013

What is and what should never be.

This was sent by an aware and thoroughly observant human being last night. 

He also referenced some codes I wrote about in an old blog post that also included the term 
"Elysium Fields". That seemed to make his ears prick up. I can't locate the specific post this was in reference to, but if anyone can find it for me, I will enclose the link here when it surfaces. 

(Update one hour later):

Thank you to the unnamed viewer who found this until I get permission to use your name for the rapid response! This is a link to something referencing another earlier post; am realizing now how utterly creepy the premise of this film is when you also consider the
 dystopian-class-warfare-and-martial-law-state surrounding the plot:

Still looking for that original reference of "Elysium Fields" which I do remember typing out in a post but still can't quite locate it yet.

Was also wondering about this one. Don't know why exactly yet:

This gave me chills. Please look at this:

Another connection, crazy brilliant in its research and in its knowledge of the esoteric and codes and predictive programming and how it all works together. It also references exactly my prediction of a radiological event in 2013 near a large body of water at a sporting arena/stadium in the US. 

I don't know where the financial district in LA is, but I'm willing to bet there's a neighborhood like that not far from this target:

The black magicians send us portents in signs and words and phrases and numbers, 
ladies and gentlemen.

 To see if we are paying attention. 

To see, dear readers,
 conjunction, junction, what's our function. 

I've spoken to some of these magii. They actually think they are doing us a favor. They actually think they're teaching us something necessary and vital and important for humanity's growth and knowledge accumulation and wisdom and that these architects serve a very important function in that facilitation of said knowledge. 

 Let's not give them that satisfaction, shall we?

But maybe homeless muttering schizophrenics receiving messages from outer space 
are onto something after all. 
Maybe they're hooked into something legit that we aren't. 

 And maybe it's time to look at words and numbers and phrases as something more than a vehicle to get from Point A to Point B. 

Maybe we need to light up the right brain and hunker down and do some detective work more often. 

At least know how the enemy works. Because this is most definitely how the enemies of humanity, 
the foot soldiers and handmaidens of the damned think and plot and work. 

Listen and look closely, ladies and gentlemen. 

You may never get this opportunity again.

Operation Ring of Fire / "Broken Arrow! Broken Arrow!" (re: my prediction of a radiological event on US soil in 2013)

Not trying to be fear mongering here. But I swear I had never heard of this operation before, nor had I any idea these articles existed prior to writing the last article yesterday:

Might want to compare notes here with what was said in my Bases 21 interview in January, 2013:

 (possibly a blending of two events- the Boston Marathon bombing and a nuclear attack on US soil)- one of the links in the above article mentions Nebraska, one of the places I mention as a likely hit site,  California, which I have mentioned here on this blog several times, and among many other potential sites that have been planned to be hit in a cluster of events, which is also what I have been saying.

If the real perpetrators of this plan ever carry through what they have planned and are caught and exposed, God help them. For there's no telling what a starving, cold, angry mob will do to them. 
 A particularly vivid example that is immediately brought to mind is what the Italians did to Mussolini and his mistress.

Don't think your underground bunkers will save you either, perps. There will be people dragged out by their hair as they scratch the earth with their fingernails trying to stop from being taken out and courts-martialed, but there will be a judgement day for these architects if this goes down.

Just some food for thought. 

These posts are coming faster than I can keep up with. 
I hope all these endless corroborations don't amount to what they could. 



Saturday, April 27, 2013

If a prediction falls in the woods

I wanted to add the following things I've been getting in the ether to just add to or perhaps flesh out some more. When I was getting my information about a potential radiological event, I wrote down many things, things that obviously might seem disjointed or connected depending on your data and frameworks.

 I also happened to write this the day before the Texas fertilizer plant explosion and apparently a radiological leak into the ground water in Fukushima, Japan. 

Both of these events I was not aware of until two or three days later when a friend pointed the current events out when I was talking about me feeling more events coming of an explosive and/or radiological nature. (I don't really watch the mainstream media at all anymore.) She excitedly sent me some news on the matter and it did seem oddly prescient what I was getting in relation to the events, but I still wasn't getting specific on the geographic locations. 

Obviously this probably doesn't count as a "legit" psychic prediction because I am writing it out after the fact, but I thought it was important to show my notes/automatic writing to give you an idea of what goes into what I do and how I do it.

Am being very guided right now to let the public into my office and show them how the sausage is made for some reason. If I had my druthers, I would not let you see this jumbled, unedited, thoroughly right-brained mess, but my guides are saying it would be good to let you know what's going on from within once in a while. 

Anyway, I wrote that I was picking up there would be a large explosion at what I thought was what looked like an area of Chicago on a hot summer day, 90 degrees+, in an area of commerce dominated by car lots, chop shops, autobody shops, auto supply stores, and the like. A run down, dirty, grease/oil-filled area with lots of gas stations around. 

Hot, dusty, dry weather was the name of the game, and that 15-25 people would be killed as a result of this explosion. This event I was getting was an accident and NOT a terrorist attack, however, I was also getting that there might be a suitcase bomb in the sewers under or near the Chicago river, so if this is a blended impression I am getting, please refer to this link for more on psychic cross-contamination:

It's also possible (unfortunately) that if there continue to be domestic terror incidents in the United States, that there very well could be a series of attacks occurring in different cities at the same time or orchestrated to unfold one after the other.

You are watching me evolve (or possibly be led down the primrose path?) in real time, so I have no idea where this "prediction of world events" thing might lead. I might fall flat on my face with this information. Wouldn't be the first time. But I get these pulls that feel meaningful and needful and nagging and worthy of paying attention and for some weird reason worthy of sharing, so there you go.

Other cities/geographic locales, dates, and sensorial impressions that seem to be revolving around these potential events (From notes taken 4/16/13):

Altamont, California

Boston Harbor

Chicago or the greater Chicagoland area



Car dealerships, car repairs, etc.

Guy trapped inside?! Burned alive

[Oil field , Explosion, June or July]


Sulphur smell
burning (smell)
floating up
(auto body shop?)
spark or flare of light at source (begins inside locker or work area?)
lit from within
oil/gasoline smell
dry, hot wind
was NOT false flag
"sky high"
w/in 90 days time
implosive then explosive (backdraft)
15-25 DEAD
lots of injuries too
towels over people's faces
May going into June
Memorial Day weekend
June 30th

Summer heat
Bright, sparkly day
car wash
water sparkling droplets in the sun
place where auto industry supportive businesses cluster

I then drew a horizontal spiral with the outward blast going in an easterly direction.

For the next event I picked up on, I was getting a nuclear power plant that was leaking radiation into the water supply. I saw a power plant near a river or stream as a clairvoyant image.

Pretty sure this image was literal and not metaphoric (sometimes I am given visual metaphors or allegorical examples to illustrate an idea or concept).

Again, when I wrote this out on April 16th, 2013,  I had not heard of the event in Fukushima that had apparently just led to a ground water leak, and I believe this happened either on the day of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion or not long after, which would have been within 24-48 hours of me writing my notes, allowing for time zone differences from where I was in New York and any radiological event in Japan.

 Regarding this groundwater radiation leak, I very much "saw" the inside of what looked like a very scientific environment, very sterile looking, white walls, heavy painted concrete, heavy plated safety glass, etc, but was getting this was in the United States and not in Japan.

Two doors inside
lights/lit (all around)
lit up from within core
ring of orange fire/light
white walls

(saw this ring of electric blue light that almost looked fluorescent around one of the reactors in both visions, in the suitcase bomb hidden in a sewer in what could be Chicago or other urban area near a body of water (possibly in a sewer near a ladder leading to the street), and in the vision of what looked like some kind of mini-reactor or regular size reactor in a lab or containment facility where this sort of thing would normally be housed. I have no idea what this blue light or color would be or what relation it is to the reactor.)

Areas with giant question marks around them (unclear yet which roles these areas play, if any):
New Hampshire
New Jersey

nuclear meltdown event

w/in 4-6 months

"old falling apart issues"

Event occurs in August or September but bad leaking begins in July

Open source radiation

Lots of skin problems, birth defects

There will be cancers, about 200-300 people getting

Immediate deaths: 1-2 people

For long-term exposure: More likely (people will experience) sores, eczema-like issues, pain, radiological exposure skin issues, eyes, things affecting body tissues

Grand Rapids, North Dakota or Iowa?

North Carolina?




Goes into water supply


"Raymount" (?) North Dakota

Corn fields

Rocky, then bumpy, then flat plains







Smell of wet corn husks or wet wheat stalks

temperature at time of event in area is in 40s or 50s

Terrorist strike on nuclear power plant??

Holding people hostage??


So there you have it. Pretty weird, huh? As always, psychic readings should not be taken as guaranteed or a substitute for safety, health, medical, or legal services and for legal purposes this is understood that what I am doing is for "entertainment purposes only" as sick a term in relation to these situations that might sound.
I don't make the laws. I'm just reciting them.

As always, good luck and God bless and I really hope if these events have come to pass already, they are done and finished and if they don't come to pass, we should all be better for it not happening.

We are stardust, we are golden

Important to remember in these times of worry. This song isn't about hippies or the Me Generation, or a rock festival. This is about what we need to remember and keep in perspective right now and for eternity, even when scary stuff happens or doesn't happen. You need to know it's going to be alright no matter what. Not in a "don't worry, be happy" new agey pablum way. It's still going to be alright no matter what. 

You have lived before and you will live again. 

Well, I came upon a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him Tell me where are you going?
This he told me

Said I'm going down to Yasgur's Farm,
Gonna join in a rock and roll band.
Got to get back to the land and set my soul free.

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Well, then can I walk beside you?
I have come to lose the smog,
And I feel myself a cog in somethin' turning.
But then maybe it's the time of man.
And I don't know who I am,
But life is for learning.

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

By the time we got to Woodstock,
We were half a million strong
And everywhere was a song and a celebration.
And I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes
Riding shotgun in the sky,
Turning into butterflies
Above our nation.

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are caught in the devils bargain, 
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cross Contaminations in the Future Shock Biz

This is also what happens when you mix cheese and corn together.

Making predictions sometimes looks like this ad from the 80s. No, it doesn't mean I wear a Walkman and strut down the street like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to get the information I get.
  I mean sometimes wires get crossed and what I thought was happening in one instance was actually happening in another instance I was picking up on and the two events somehow blend into one big affair or one gets confused for the other. So accurate information comes out, but removed from the proper context, it creates at times unintentionally hilarious results. 

One time I did a reading at a party for two men I had just met who were friends. 
As so often happens, once people find out what I do for a living, they want to see a demonstration. 
So, briefly giving in (and being a little tipsy), I described Man #1 in detail for a minute or two: about his life, his likes and dislikes, even what kind of food he liked to eat.
Then I did the same thing for Man #2, again very detailed. 

They looked at each other with expressions of stunned amazement while pointing to the other person at the same time and each saying something to the effect of "You described him (when you thought you were describing me)!" 

This is what can happen when "the vessel" has had a couple drinks.

I hope this gives you some insight into what is at times a difficult task to say the least and helps shed some light on my process and how the information given is sometimes about as easy to figure out as a pile of tangled string. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Just your friendly neighborhood bomb makers.

Ya think this guy was detained and taken from his home? D'ya think his 4th amendment rights were violated? Of course he's from Berkeley. All the best traitors hang their hats in Berkeley. Alejandro is from Berkeley. Hi, The Company! 
How's the trained gun lookout wife and kids?

This is not America


Police perform house to house raids ripping innocent families from their homes at gunpoint in Watertown, MA

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Radiological event in the next 30-120 days

Have fun taking potshots at me if I am wrong, but this is what I am getting. 

I will be very, very happy if I am wrong. 

Radiological event - 50-100 days, give or take

-Suitcase bomb, "Pearl", "dirty" (nuclear)

- Could be in lower Manhattan, New York City or a city or cities with lots of bridges crossing large bodies of water in its geography. For some reason San Fransisco comes to mind too.

- Planted at a Chase bank or financial institution?

- Water is involved

-Lower Manhattan financial district

- Domestic terrorist- not AlQueda but CIA

- Black ops manouver, mind controlled person planting it, has no memory of doing this

- There will be a patsy to "clean it all up nice and neat with a bow"

-The song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" is in my head around this event, don't know why-- either the patsy and/or black ops sleeper cell could be returning from military service.

 - Lower Manhattan decimated/blocked off/quarantined

- People WILL be taken to bases underground or above ground for testing if they are detained.

My strong advice for people in these areas or living below 14th street in NYC or any citizens living in or near any financial districts in US cities that have sizable bodies of water nearby is to:

- Always carry cash

-If there is a bomb, leave the area IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait around. Don't even try to get to your car if it is in the direction of the event. Get in a cab and get the hell away from there immediately.
 Do NOT try to get in a subway or on other forms of public transport. They may be stopped or blocked by the city's transit authority and you will be trapped and/or detained.

- Have a place where you can get a hold of important personal papers immediately and have a strongbox/safebox that you can quickly transport things if needed.

- I would not advise having a safe deposit box at this time. Might want to consider a home safe, if only to temporarily house things for the next two-three months.

-Take higher ground- stay away from large bodies of water or places surrounding financial districts near bodies of water

-Get ahold of surpluses of clean, filtered water, enough for two or three weeks/a month's worth of drinking/cooking

-Purchase iodine tablets hopefully manufactured in the EASTERN part of the United States or Europe. Hawaii was decimated with large volumes of radiation after Fukushima and any seaweed products or kelp or iodine derivatives have been weakened as a result. I think there are manufacturers of iodine tablets in Maine or other places on the east coast. California has trace amounts of radiation from Fukushima in the water supply now and in the food supply.

-Have a safe place to crash for a couple of weeks uptown or above the city that ISN'T lower Manhattan (or any lower/downtown/financial areas of any major cities in the USA if it isn't NYC- go NORTH, not south)

-Have canned goods available stashed in either the trunk of your car or if your home isn't blockaded/in a quarantined zone, have extra handy, enough for two or three weeks


These are the plans for the globalists and those plans are destruction, ladies and gentlemen.

I say this with a heavy heart and no small amount of anxiety. I don't take this lightly. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I don't enjoy revealing this information at all. At any rate, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Forewarned is forearmed.

 God bless you all.


UPDATE, APRIL 27TH, 2013: 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Future is Not What It Used To Be: A Meditation On Predictions


Suddenly I'm writing about predictions for future world events. I don't know why.
A big part of what I do deals in possibilities, potentialities and timelines, but for individuals, not whole swathes of people.

We do have a certain individual and collective amount of power over our futures. We just don't know it, most of the time. Nor do a lot of us believe we have any personal power over our futures, so much of it is left in the hands of those who do know how to create that part and a lot of those types are nasty people you wouldn't want to hang out with.

The big secret is that this power is not under the exclusive ownership of these nasty types, but they have suppressed that information and kept it to themselves for eons. And on top of that, they've told your scientific industrial complexes, your houses of worship, your academic institutions, and your media outlets that it doesn't exist for a reason: they don't want you to have that knowledge.

This is often referred to as "reality management".

So I guess part of the testament of prophetic vision is to bear witness and to responsibly become aware of setting intentions and connecting them to the power of thought, and to get people more aligned with a mutual outcome that is more beneficial for all who listen. This also comes with the understanding that thought and life are on a continuum as you are a multi-dimensional being and that your thoughts can have a life outside of the corporeal form. This then gets sticky as a subject to talk about, because then you get into the physics of quantum entanglement, the meaning of life, and the subject of life after death, which suddenly becomes more grey area than most atheists by a mile are comfortable discussing, but I digress.

By understanding what prophecy is and how it can guide people towards or away from certain outcomes or experiences, it can generate more agreeable outcomes and outcomes without the nasty types always having the fun and no one else getting any "fair chances".

Alterations and changes to the "future" (whatever that is, we are multi-dimensional and simultaneously living it while we are living in the present and the past all at once) happen on a moment by moment basis, but for some reason I'm suddenly getting the urge to write about predictions for the world in a cluster of events or-- who knows for how long I'll be doing this particular thing.

Usually I am much more comfortable one-on-one with people, talking with them about their past lives, talking about their relatives or friends who have passed but who are in the room with them right now, talking with accuracy about what has happened, is happening and will be happening in the *individual* sitter's life in the near and somewhat far future, but this whole "prophecy"(ugh, a word I am not comfy with) thing,  this thing about talking about mass potential events that have an impact not only on individuals, but on the world and history in general-- that part I am just suddenly getting acquainted with, and other psychics (some of whom I know a little bit) do a much better job of it than I do anyway.

Look, I'm just being honest, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and PROPHECY (cue sweeping movie soundtrack) for world events just seems a bit-- operatic for my skill set and personality.
I'm new to it. But here goes, I am being guided to talk about this, I'm being asked to step up to the plate in a bigger and grander way, so I will mention them more and more publicly as they come up.



Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston, unfortunately strikes eerie chord with some things I said in a post here and on Bases 21, both in January, 2013...

The following parallels are interesting: In the Bases 21 interview with Miles Johnston, I mention that there would be a potential radiological/bomb terrorist event soon (The interview was shot on January 30th, 2013)...domestically... and then in the January post I mention possibly at a sporting event/arena... it could be as soon as MArch or MAy (of this year). 
 Now the Boston MArathon is held in MAssachusetts, and while not at an arena in the American midwest as I had said it could potentially be, it was in fact a bombing at a sporting event in America in the spring of 2013. 
 Unfortunately am getting this is a CIA operation. And unfortunately, spring isn't over yet and with a heavy heart I am getting there may be more "terrorist" actions on domestic soil here in the US in the next 90-120 days.
Am also getting that if unfortunately this also turns out to be a dirty bomb (read: radiological), that the mainstream media will keep the "radiological" part heavily suppressed as will the government.
 I also find it interesting that merely a handful of hours before this horrible event, I felt a very strong need to post about Operation Gladio:
 I really don't like this gig sometimes.

"The Glorious Republic of Pentagonia" - Italian Court Judge says all Terrorist atrocities are caused by Bilderberg Secret Group Meetings

Watch the attached Infowars interview with Cottrell at the bottom of the article.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I am mentioned at the 13 minute mark in this James Gililland/ECETI interview with Mary Rodwell

James doing what he does.

Mary getting down with her bad self. 

Thank you, James for the mention! I have just gotten to recently know these two wonderful people and am so grateful and honored to know them. 

This interview discusses the all-out assault on consciousness by the Dow greys and others currently happening in 3D reality. 

It's full on and real, always take full responsibility for your words, thoughts, deeds and actions or else there's literally no help for you or protection. 
Not a warning, just a fact.

This is the real "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" that I have been talking about for a while now.

Here is a post I wrote from last August further detailing the onslaught:

And here is the Mary Rodwell/James Gilliland/ECETI Youtube interview, from April 9th, 2013:

Please do check out their sites and make a donation if you feel compelled, they are doing magnificent work:

James's site: 

Mary's site: 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Unfortunately, these children are going to have a host of health problems later in life, by the way. Ironic, non?
Oh well, that's "progress" for you!

The scientist who "created" these kids as well is also completely and entirely possessed by
Draco-reptilian Archonic energy. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention -- these children have been born without souls.
I am not detecting any soul growth, pattern, or implantation whatsoever in any of the thirty selected.
Added bonus of what happens when science plays God!
"Made in their own image" indeed.

It's funny

Sometimes I think Hollywood is hooked into my neural network. Now I think they really are. 

DARPA already has info widely publicized for popular consumption about the exoskeletal "super warrior" titanium (and moon material?) based hardware, but it appears that there's software embedded into Damon's head as well. 

Another fun fact is that a couple years ago I think it was, I received coded words, numbers and phrases to write out, and one of the words that kept coming up again and again was "Elysium". If it's a project, this is the predictive programming movie trailer for it.

The people in the military end of things really wanted me to keep quiet about sending Damon a message a year or so ago as well. I had no idea the name of this film was "Elysium" or that he was involved with it.

You see, I can remote influence people consciously, but that's another story altogether.
With great power comes great responsibility.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Words to live by, all fear is a construct

A Hopi Elder Speaks:
“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your communities
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.”

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said,
“This could be a good time!”

“There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

“Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

“The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Control Unit

I think it's funny that Dan worked on this type of program in 1989 and I was working on a very, very similar type of experiment (telekinesis instead of telepathy, but to me very similar, probably utilizes the same part of the brain) only 2 years later, and that I blurted out to the engineer working with me on it "Is this Alien?" with Sherman as well strongly suspecting that what he was working on in "school"was at the very least a co-joint project with aliens and humans.

I also think it's funny that he's the third person I know of to openly admit they were a part of
Project Preserve Destiny. (Stan Romanek and Dan Burisch are the others.)

So we've got two men groomed from youth who were influenced heavily to join advanced projects and/or the military who both know they were "tweaked" by ETs when their mothers had them still in the womb. Then you have a civilian like Stan who doesn't consciously awaken to the fact that he's a contactee until adulthood, all involved with Project Preserve Destiny.
 I was told right from the get go that I was a civilian telepath liaison and also didn't find out I was a contactee who was heavily "tweaked" until I was an adult as well. I was also told (telepathically) that I was being used for this in the event the electricity went out and there was no other way to communicate. I would like to start meeting people in these types of things.

Why are none of these people in mention in contact with me? Don't you think we should at the very least get together and compare notes, fellas? Don't let my association with Casbolt scare you if you're worried about being discredited by even so much as having a phone call with me.
I can't Harry Bosco these things implanted in my body and teeth. I'm certainly not confabulating the telekinesis experiment.