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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth [Hidden Human History Deeper Explained +PDF...

WARNING: Lots of  (very funny, actually) swearing from host of show in commentary and asides, probably don't want to play at work. But then again, if you are listening to a reading of the The Emerald Tablets of Thoth at work, you probably have a kick-ass boss already, which in that case they probably don't care anyway. But I digress.

I knew there was a reason I didn't like Thoth. 
He thought he was the OG when in fact he was filled with hubris. 
This is also why the elites don't die and are so obsessed with the occult. 
Don't believe for a minute that David Rockefeller is the actual age that he says he is… 

I would highly recommend a first or second or other review of the film "The Hunger", directed by Tony Scott.

Fascinating reveal that depicts a very Masonic view of the concept of "vampirism" aka everlasting life, whether literal or metaphorical that absolutely mirrors aspects of the Emerald Tablets and antediluvian history.

Catherine DeNeuve's character Miriam in the film is one of the ancient immortals, who looks like us (no fangs) but must partake of human blood nonetheless (read: DNA/life force/soul energy) to live. 
 It's even mentioned that her blood is "alien" at several points, and in the reading of the Emerald Tablets, the immortals are even referred to as "The Children of the Night" just like Bela Lugosi says in one of his many vampire flicks. 

Miriam also sports an Ankh (the Egyptian symbol of everlasting life) mini dagger that is disguised as a necklace that she uses to strike, bleed out, and kill/feed on her victims.

Funny that I had a sudden urge to watch that movie again about four or five days ago ;-) 

I swear I've never listened to this show before or read anything about Thoth, even though people have been asking me about him for years. This is satisfying many issues I have had with the arrogant late-stage Atlanteans and explains much about the psychopathy of today's elite cabal and their endless obsession with ancient Egypt. 

This also satisfies many questions I have had lately about reincarnation and why the energy of the planet is revealing so much information to me in the last several days about past lives. It also satisfies perhaps the urge I have been drawn towards for the last several weeks to open "the crystal palace within" (read: activate people's pineal glands/open their third eye for psychic development/awakening) by finally wanting to teach a psychic development workshop. It posits a curious genetic phenomenon in Africa that could point to the veracity of these tablets as well regarding the Amazigh tribe of Morocco, who are genetically native caucasians with blue and green eyes who say that their ancestors came from Atlantis: (
It also confirms what I have been independently saying, purely by information given to me from my guides and no book or other format, that the downfall of Atlantis happened because of man's arrogance- that he had become fascinated with the dark side and never tempered or balanced it wholly with the light. (Corroborated/mentioned in the 5th or 6th tablet reading.) I can absolutely see from these tablets where much of Aleister Crowley's occult information comes from as well as the Masons. Creepsville. The content therein is absolutely rife with ways that could be horribly corrupted and used against people and it seems the Emerald Tablets have in fact been the basis for many a control system to lord over people with in the form of cults, religion, certain philosophies/ideologies, etc. 

(As for past lives, is it any surprise that long ago in my awakening I was told by my guides that I was a member of this very same ancient Priest class in mention in Egypt who handled these very tablets, and that while I was talented and had a knack for treating/healing people of all kinds- paupers and Royals alike, there was much jealousy and an adept literally stabbed me in the back and I died? ;-)
I resonated with this lifetime strongly when my guides made me aware of it because ever since that lifetime I have had a strong visceral reaction/totally irrational fear about Egypt and that I did not like that place/it was covered in evil for me. 

By realizing this crucial information now however, today just hearing a few minutes of this information about the Emerald Tablets incredibly enough somehow has solved many psychic wounds both literally and metaphorically, as if some kind of puzzle piece has suddenly fit into my psyche, and the fear has been replaced by this strange and wistful sadness and loss of what could have been if my life hadn't been cut short. I was told that I really was a rising star in that lifetime, which also interestingly addresses much of the ambivalence I have about being in the public eye right now as well! 

But it also goes favorably toward mending it/healing it/rectifying it. 
I suspect that as with relieving my clients of their karmic wounds through past life interference by helping them to become aware of them, my impression of Egypt will now be mellowed and transmuted more favorably in the days and weeks ahead. I may not totally ever get over being haunted by that death in that lifetime, but it will profoundly remind me that life is on a spectrum and that fear/trauma doesn't come from nowhere and that the layers and origins of trauma sometimes go far deeper and farther than most people can imagine.)

This reading of the Tablets is worth a listen. If it resonates with you, you may find yourself riveted by it. If they can teach Beowulf to teenagers in English class, they can most certainly teach this. Even if none of this is real (I doubt it, but whatever) it's nothing if not an epic saga of ancient history and twice as interesting. It definitely begs the question as to why this information was hither to only fairly recently been conspicuously limited to only the most obscure of esoteric outposts/adepts. It's not like most people have the Emerald Tablets of Thoth lying around their homes. Just sayin'.

Here's a video with my friend Sean interviewing John Urwin, the soldier specially trained who supposedly was sent to recover what he was led to believe were some kind of instructions a la the Emerald Tablets (similar most likely Atlantean tech) that opened stargates in a covert/black operation in the Syrian/Lebanese/Israeli border in the 1950s. It certainly is intriguing. I am getting that John is not a confabulist, and I believe him when he says that one of the people who trained him was not Earth human as we understand it

(Here's his background story below if you haven't yet seen it yet- like with me, there's several kinds of interference in his interviews usually. Not saying we are connected in any way shape or form other than through Sean and Miles, the progenitor of the Bases series, but it is interesting how we both have encountered serious and very deliberate-seeming technical interruptions in each of our attempts to get our respective stories out- also interesting how John didn't know that I was being interviewed by Miles and he called in the middle of Miles filming Bases 15 with me. Miles said that John calling him was an exceedingly rare occurrence, and he felt that it was even stranger still/more synchronistic due to the fact that he called while Miles was interviewing me.) 

And if you want to see the actual interruption on film, here it is at about the 8 minute mark:

I think I need to lay down, my head is spinning! 

UPDATE, 3 MARCH, 2014:

This seems like a hilarious synchronicity for a hilarious video. I swear I hadn't seen this until just now, even though it was posted on Youtube on February 25th, 2014 - right next to or the exact same evening I watched/got the urge to watch the film The Hunger. Wonder of wonders...The Universe definitely has a sense of humor… ;-)

Are you taking the chocolate?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Didn't you see the last post? Why haven't you opened your third eye responsibly yet? ;-)

Interesting video. Corresponds pretty much with what I've been guided to do lately. 

Why have I posted this:

and this:

and this: 

and talked about this:

It's not for my health, darlings. You may think I am the village idiot standing there with no pants on, and you may be right, the joke might be on me after all, but I see it as not happening that way. 

In fact, I see the exact opposite happening, actually. People are actually paying attention, or starting to at any rate. Veils are being removed left and right. It is up to you to see through this propaganda and lies routine that's being force-fed to every person on the planet within shouting distance of a microwave oven that this stuff isn't real. 

It's up to you to decide if you want to be a responsible member of the Universe or not. It makes no difference to me whether or not your third eye is open but it is important that you try it- again, with full conscious intent that you won't use it for negative or evil purposes, but to educate, elucidate, congregate, share what you know and have been shown, learn discernment, learn about the true value of what the third eye is there for, not to create power and control over another, not to lord something over them, but to engage with positive transformation and transmutation from one frequency to the next.

We are all energy, whether you like it or not, duckies. Best to make use of it while the sun still shines. And best to make sure that you are not being used as an unwitting marionette doll/feeding trough for someone else's, be it black magician, follower of Satan, left-hand path dealer, ET, demon, energy vampire, malignant narcissist, or attached spirit's meal time scenarios.

Contact me at: if you need rates, etc for a session, I can usually hasten the process dramatically, or don't if you don't want to. 

It's your path. You decide. You create sovereignty by your awareness of the concept and decision to choose it or not. You deny yourself freedom or you wake up, it's as simple as that. You decide if it's karmically viable to be a decent human being or if you want to explore duality a little bit more. I don't care as long as you don't step on my toes while you do it. But learn. Learn here or learn elsewhere, I don't care. 

Just make sure you do it responsibly and with the full heart and free will of someone who teaches you love and goals that create said full heart if you are currently lacking one; one that allows you to sleep well at night and be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be able to smile. 



Open your third eye (responsibly!) now.

I'm looking through a hole in the sky 
I'm seeing nowhere through the eyes of a lie 
I'm getting closer to the end of the line 
I'm living easy where the sun doesn't shine 

I'm living in a room without any view 
I'm living free because the rent's never due 
The synonyms of all the things that I've said 
Are just the riddles that are built in my head 

Hole in the sky, gateway to Heaven Window in time, through it I fly 

I'm seeing the stars that disappear in the sun 
The shooting's easy if you've got the right gun 
And even though I'm sitting waiting for miles I don't believe there's any future in cars 

Hole in the sky, gateway to Heaven 
Window in time, through it I fly 

I've watched the dogs of war enjoying their feast 
I've seen the western world go down in the east 
The food of love became the greed of our time 
But now we're living on the profits of crime

Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness (Album Version)

Friday, February 21, 2014

This Is More Than Likely Reverse-Engineered Technology.

Laser-pulse data delivery systems are advanced beam mechanics used by ETs and I have seen these beam pulses before in my night sky watches. You see two ships who send laser pulses to one another delivering large volumes of data in a single go through this beam technology - I liken it to sending a  file to a friend in an email or IM to download. 

Obviously, their technology is more powerful and advanced than ours, but this seems suspiciously like what I have seen in the night sky with my experiences with ships, etc. 
Of course I could have been viewing secret space program ships doing this, but again, not surprisingly, this tech has been kept from the mainstream probably for years if not decades longer than officials would lead you to believe. 

So apparently they want to include this on the development of the Mars mission, unsurprisingly. The origins of this tech were probably reverse engineered and stolen from crashed craft ONI/the Navy or segments of the US Army shot down, or the NRO had taken to Los Alamos to study and make prototypes of based on the information from the tech taken. 

Again, your tax dollars at work, blah, blah, blah...

I can't believe I've never posted this one before

But I woke up this morning and my guides were singing this song in my ear,  ha ha! So if they start singing it, I start posting it, lol. Enjoy the cheese fest!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Romantic trouble or past life interference? You decide.

With romantic torpor and attraction as pertains to past lives, consider that the attraction/misery or happiness may not be about love and sex as much as it has to do with memory and forgiveness. 

It's true, it happens.

Sometimes what you think is love and sexual attraction is actually you being drawn to a past life issue with that very special someone that needs to work itself out/be resolved in the romance format to ask for forgiveness/get to know that certain someone under auspicious, rather than "pitted against" or destructive situations from another lifetime. It is natures way of saying "See? I'm not that person anymore, and you aren't either. Let's stop playing this blame game and see it for what it is, which is genetic memory stifled and bursting at the seams to get out and explore itself further." It is a chance to make amends and repair damage done and learn and grow.
Please don't misunderstand me, it's always about love. But it may not be the kinds of love you are thinking of.  Some romances are challenges because of this, others blissful as a result. 

We find one another because we have a beacon, an inner honing mechanism that works itself out beautifully or tragically depending on how often the two (or three or four or many) parties deny or accept the nature of their situations. 

Denial of affection received in a "dysfunctional" relationship means it's hard to accept the other person and yet you are inexplicably drawn to them nonetheless.  
Conflict usually means manifestation or repression of vice, "sin" etc in a person's past life that hasn't been worked out yet. Addictions are manifestations in a lot of ways of unresolved conflicts, whether past or present. It is amazing to me how many people are seeing psychologists when they should be examining past lives where they or another might have wronged; it's amazing to me how much past life frequency there is now popping to the surface.

It's time to forgive ourselves and others for past lives right now. The frequency that should be let in is one of forgiveness to move to the next level of understanding. It doesn't mean you forget the "sin", you simply become aware of the totality of the situation by uncovering a past life or lifetimes that occurred where the seed/trauma was planted and you can then move on often/nearly always quite easily once that happenstance is acknowledged.  I have seen this letting go/forgiveness once the lifetime in question was uncovered work personally and professionally and be radically successful many times over lately. It's solved a lot of problems for people I know and have worked with.

How can you solve a problem if you only have limited information about it at your disposal?
Therapy can help, but often it doesn't cover the deeply rooted spiritual conundrum that edifies and informs our spiritual placement in our bodies, in our minds, in our souls- that's past lives talking, not psychoanalysis at work. 

But whatever works and truly heals is a good thing, I'm not disparaging of most therapeutic models. 
I just see it as usually limited returns past a certain point. It can explain and re-direct, but it doesn't examine the core root causes of certain unexplainable things for which there is a large question mark hanging over the proceedings.

The most nimble of therapists cannot address the core cause of trauma issues without delving deep into the psyche and that means often going as far back as many lifetimes to explore, acknowledge, address, and heal. 

There is something to the DNA and it's not "junk" theories or science. 
There is something connected that cannot be elucidated by traditional psychoanalytic models. 
It's connected directly to the person's soul.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Devo - Freedom Of Choice (Video)

Rest in Peace Bob Casale. 

Love these guys. 

Great Canadian TV/radio interview here with Bob and his brother Gerald from 2010:


What's Missing Hear? Or, Recalibrate Hz Frequency for better peace of mind, understanding, breakthroughs, DNA repair

Apparently the world is being tuned artificially/wrong. 
There's a theory suggesting that it's on purpose to make people agitated, anti-social, distracted, frantic and manic. 

If you tune your frequency/listen to 432 Hz (the natural frequency of the universe), supposedly it provides many health benefits, not the least of which is that it repairs DNA. 

Here's a link to the article below suggesting that people/orgs like Joseph Goebbels and
 The Rockefeller Foundation are responsible for creating this order out of chaos by instituting the international Hz standard to be 440Hz, which apparently is inherently a chaotic frequency that can damage health in many ways. 

(Once again the Rockefellers come up in reference to negative mind control and DNA/genetics manipulation, what a surprise.)

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Tony Topping Show Anya Briggs Walking With Mind Control

From June, 2013. Focus is multi-platform ways people can be mind controlled; solutions/protection

Warning in advance, sorry I sound like I am shouting, I know how mellifluous my voice is already ;-) , but there's something about the audio here that sounds extra tinny, loud and hard, turning the volume down helps when listening! 

Past Lives Calling, Please Pick Up

Pollice Verso, 1872, Jean-Léon Gérôme (Phoenix Art Museum)

For RG in Malaysia:
Victors received laurels, monetary payment, plus donations from the crowd. They could also win their freedom. At the end of service a gladiator won a rudis. He could then become a gladiator trainer or a freelance bodyguard -- like the men who followed Clodius Pulcher, the good-looking trouble-maker who plagued Cicero's life.

For everyone: 
Consider that when you are drawn to a stranger for some inexplicable reason, that person might have been calling you/calling out to the universe to solve something before you even realized it. Karma usually plays a role in this. Past lives calling? Answer: usually.

Best Sufi Meditation Music... Vol. I موسيقى صوفية

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can't sleep. (Re: Sochi Olympics)

As I type this, it's around 5 am Eastern US time. By the time this post is published, the official start to the Olympics will already be happening in about 5 1/2 hours.

As this is about to be the starting day today, I am sorry to say I am still not feeling very good about the first week of the Winter Olympics in Russia (re:  Cannot shake this feeling. In spite of the news bluster about security concerns at the event, security is very good, but not THAT good.

 I feel like individual participants and their coaches and/or some dignitaries have hired armed guards independently just in case, and of course the news is saying terror threats have ratcheted up, but there is some kind of skirmish around three or four people, possibly Americans caught up in the middle of this as victims, people walking on the grounds outside the Olympic village or arena where the public can walk outside of the arena games regarding a bomb going off, a bomb threat or explosives worn/ unfortunately are near a suicide bomber if a bomb goes off.

This is either an attempt or actual attack that if it occurs, none of the athletes are harmed, but one or two western civilians might be if this happens, possibly also one of the coaches or someone connected to coaching somehow (I pray it doesn't happen but I just don't have a good feeling about this). Possibly three people getting injured/killed including or in addition to the bomber if there is one wearing a vest/explosives. Two of the injured/dead could be US citizens or possibly Canadian- if not, they are Western.

 The explosives look like a package of hot dogs, 6 or 7 links packed neatly side by side, either worn on a belt somehow or vertically held in a lock box or tight metal box of some kind that prevents exposure to heat of some kind- it's like a cold storage thing to keep it from igniting until such time as the bomber needs to. Very cylindrical and rounded and each is about 5 or 6 inches in length, they are all neatly stuck next to each other. They look like tubes and are like a grey green/olive color, the texture is soft like putty, but smooth. Highly explosive/volatile material, am getting even body heat could set one off. Maybe even contact with air could set it off. I don't know what kinds of explosives these are.

Within the first week of the games it goes off or the plot is thwarted but someone or a couple of people, possibly on site security guards, find(s) the bombs/equipment/person wearing the vest bomb, etc. on the grounds or literally just outside the grounds where the games take place and they alert the bomb squad/police. On or near the main gates to get into the Olympic park is where I am getting either this thwarted attempt or actual bomb going off happens.

At the entry gates with tons of people streaming through at the beginning of the day, either morning when some event's just about to begin, or late afternoon/sunset when some event has just ended and people are leaving- I'm more prone to think it's morning.

Feeling like this could happen easily in the next 24-36 to 48 or so hours of me typing this even. If there is something, it will be timed for the public entering and exiting times- or, if it's a suicide bomb, it could be the bomber walks a bit more inward/inside the Olympic park area and either attempts to set off or actually does set off explosives/bombs in an area where lots of people are strolling right outside the main arena- a red brick or dark cobblestone curvy/gently winding walking path on the way to the arena/near it.

 If it's a suicide bomber, it could be a caucasian woman with pale skin of thin to average build, chestnut brown or possibly reddish shoulder length straight or slightly wavy thin hair (very wavy/curly if they have reddish hair) and average height (5'4"-5'6") or a thin, smaller man with pale skin and brown hair, or a thin teenage boy with medium or darker brown short hair that is shorter on the sides and fuller on top if it is an actual suicide bomber/the person(s) who place the bomb.

I am getting this is something to do with Chechnya for some reason.
(The origins of the bombings/people doing the bombings.)

As with every dark prediction, I really hope this doesn't happen/is thwarted. Prayers….



7 FEBRUARY 2014 10:20 AM ET:

So almost  exactly 30 hours to the minute after I posted this original post there was a thwarted bomb threat by a suspected terrorist on a commercial flight that landed safely in Turkey: 

The thwarted hijacker claimed there was a bomb on board and wanted the plane taken to Sochi. Not exactly "right outside" the gates of the stadium, but then again, I am reading now in the news after the fact that the terror threat for the Olympics wasn't just high, but "extremely" high, and of course there could have been thwarted or prolonged or delayed plans I was picking up on as well that either didn't bear fruit or changed paths. Such is the prediction game/business. I would like to say "I still consider this a hit", but would that be in poor taste considering the context? With a shudder, I must say that I am glad we got through the first week without anything happening but as I write this, the Olympics are still in full swing. 

Praying all is well and everyone gets back home safe and sound. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Soul Snatcher Caught On Film

I was guided to write the following information. Do with it what you will, accept this or not, I don't care. But it's to your own detriment if you decide this isn't a real phenomenon. It is.

Okay, I realize this is provocative and probably not what people want to hear about because it is dark and scary, but here goes: there are such things as inter dimensional soul snatchers. You probably won't hear about this from the "love and light" crowd because they don't want to talk about this topic for fear of bringing in the "fear vibrational frequency" but personally I think this is poppycock as there is something you can do about this if you are psychically aware. 

I see not talking about this subject as doing a disservice to the public and actually creates more fear and superstition and leaves more people, not less, in a vulnerable and disempowered state thus causing more problems, not less. 

The "fear vibrational frequency" that so many in the new age community are so scared of confronting as an idea is as silly as being scared of a broken leg- by most love and lighter's logic, if you broke your leg, don't look at it, don't go to a doctor to put a cast on it, don't do anything that would "provoke" the broken leg- it's utter and complete nonsense as a belief system and completely dysfunctional. 

What love n' lighters are telling you essentially is, gloss over the topic, don't think of it, and when God forbid something like this actually happens to you, well, you did it to yourself and you "attracted" that evil entity! Just like a bear was attracted to your scent- you did it to yourself if the bear decides to eat you. That's the most heartless and despicable belief system I can think of, but welcome to the New Age way of thought. (And people tell me the CIA and disinfo agents and Satanists haven't infiltrated it. Okay, whatever. Good luck with that, people.) 

Ok, so here goes: I need the most people possible to successfully and responsibly open their third eyes to make sure THIS kind of stuff never happens again. This is a soul snatcher. In this case this is something or someone or an ancient soul who hasn't grown, who, like straight out of a fairy tale, comes in and takes your soul when you aren't ready/are unaware/left completely open with no psychic protection to save you/protect you. 

Only clairvoyants and other seers usually see these things- these ancient inter-dimensionals often get mistaken for aliens- and some say they are one and the same thing. I dunno, but what it is is bad and draws in a negative energy to the person- this person in bed who later died I am getting, did nothing wrong to provoke this but was a bit of a disbeliever in things like this, thus preventing them from ever "seeing" unseen forces with their third eye themself, thus preventing them from ever having a form of protection from this sort of thing- inter dimensional soul takers use the dead body's soul energy to feed on as life source for them to continue their addiction to gathering souls. What these soul eaters are doing is just like any addiction a person would have to food or anything else. 

They entrap these people - they literally hijack them- and in doing so prevent these poor departed souls from ever fully entering the light unless exorcisms on the dead souls are used. I have successfully done this in at least one situation I can consciously remember- in this case Satanic ritual was the thing initially used to trap the souls of the dead at a former military artillery range over decades that was later subsumed by civilian or for-hire by the occult cabal Satanic sects in the area and was used for elements of the occult within the local and regional mafia to dump bodies. 
I swear to you on all I hold dear this was connected to UFOs as well in the area and military research on the occult too. 

Unfortunately this goes very deep- this creature standing on the body of the soon to be departed however is a free roaming agent, not affiliated with any "demon summoning" rituals or the like, it just was. 

These beings have never grown, never known love, never known light ironically, so they become voracious eaters of human souls because it's the closest they've ever come to being human themselves. They usually had only one or two human incarnations before going "dark" as they say and joining the conundrum by becoming one of the darkest forces on earth as part of an energetic contract with the soul eater force itself. 

If this sounds like complete lunacy, so be it. But this is the ancient force of the universe doing its work because we collectively have manifested constructs to understand duality principles. These things don't work if we cut them off at the pass and they starve/incarnate into something else if they can't get what they want. 

They are thieves. If we have a built in "security system" and a group of people around us when we are dying to protect us psychically with prayer, etc and/or other forms of conscious protection (i.e. have a seer nearby who can see these things enter if they do and know what to do about it when it happens) less and less of these soul grabbers will have work to do/ a food source and thus we will aide and help cleanse the spirit of the planet by acknowledging these ancient entities exist. 

The Illuminati, the Masons, etc., DON'T want you to know about this unless it is through oaths of silence under death to keep quiet about it and hoard the information themselves so they never let you John and Jane Q. Public grow and they centralize power so they can know all about it and keep it all to themselves/use it in rituals themselves to "cleanse" the earth of this-- but not for benevolent reasons. 

They want to "cleanse" the earth through MIND CONTROL-  NOT through Holy and Divine means. That is why I am saying that Masonry is Satanism (one of the basic beliefs of Satanists who have chosen the left hand path is mind control and psychic control over others so you can be "God") and there is a direct connection through the lodges that this is what it is to protect and defend sacred information that should be our birthright through generations and not through a secret society who lords information over you as an adept/accolyte/initiate to gain power and control instead. 

It is unholy and ritual is not necessary to gain power and information about the esoteric if you are truly enlightened. When the Illuminati say they are "illuminated" they really are not, they are charlatans PERPETUATING this phenomenon by remaining silent about it to the public AND by insisting that the only way to find out about this ancient system of energies is by joining their group. Nonsense. Nothing could be further from the truth, it's all lies and their "releasing" of energies is for power and control only of a nefarious nature. 

In general, Masons are not to be trusted. They are either duped themselves or actively duping you. DO NOT trust their will to solve anything, no matter how good their intentions. At best, most of them are misguided, and they are all liars, and professional ones at that. That's what the definition of a magician is (Masonic esoterica is a form of magick). Their whole bag is deceit and consolidation of power for control purposes. The ultimate end game for Masonry is concentration of power through duplicitous and ulterior motives.

Anyway, whether or not this image is real (I think it is), this is what these demons look like more or less with slight variations from time to time, but essentially, yes, these soul stealers/eaters do look like this. You CAN fight these things off. Unfortunately, and no one seems to have mentioned this yet, it looks like it's got someone in its arms -probably/most likely the soul of the soon to be departed or someone whom they just snatched. I think he may be ready to get/already got to the person in the bed and it's not surprising that this person died a few hours later (again, if this picture is real, I think it is). The body is very vulnerable to manipulation when the soul is missing. Life force energy is part of the soul and it's very easy to entrap people when outside forces can manipulate soul dynamics. 

I am usually against teaching classes for psychic development because so many people want to use that ability for self-serving purposes and that's wrong, but this is a serious issue and I believe I can teach something to ward off spirits for the time of death if it warrants it- it's just there's so many people who cannot see and who do not have discernment that it's hard to separate the ones who really can fight this stuff off and the ones who do it just for vanity and are not really seeing this stuff with their third eye. 

You have to separate the wheat from the chaff and usually these beings are NOT announcing themselves and showing up on a nurse's monitor. You have to be aware of the subtle energies in order to be a grown up about this and too many people aren't. I think I am formulating a class now in my head and hopefully in the future I might (I can't believe I am saying this, but whatever) be guided to actually teach a class first on becoming aware of subtle energies and then guiding people responsibly about how to use them. From God's lips to your ear I am typing this, I hope I can do the job right! Stay tuned.

 PS- all is not lost- you can recover the lost spirit of the person taken and guide them to the light. The universe allows you all the do-overs and 2nd chances you want, and that even includes reconstituting chewed up soul and revivifying it to send to the light. Matter can never be created or destroyed, it just changes form. The soul eater construct is really just that as well and with matter and form all can be transmuted. All soul eaters can repent as well and transmogrify into angelic form too- you might want to call these things fallen angels if you prefer the term, because often that's what they are.



Sunday, February 2, 2014

ESP Proven Real (Duh):

DHS Employee Declared "Domestic Terrorist" For Doing Her Job

Wonder why this case got a full media blackout and the Edward Snowden case coverage is rabid.

Looks like my January 20th prediction that the Seahawks win the Superbowl is coming true. And that the Broncos not only would lose, but that they would get "creamed".

Seahawks to look out for. My prediction. Denver gets creamed. Not biased of course (used to live in Seattle, ♥) but… getting they cream Denver. Situation subject to change of course. Regardless, this is a sign from God that all is well in the world for the Weed Bowl ha ha