Monday, December 29, 2014

Marianne Faithfull - Sweetheart

Ha, didn't know today was Marianne's birthday, just got an urge to post this wonderful song. Apparently it is!
Happy Birthday, Marianne!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Update to post about prediction I made in November of this year

Update to my prediction on this blog post:

It seems AJ Cooper, the former teen host of the BET show Teen Summit died from mysterious chest pains/undefined/unknown heart ailment about three weeks after I had stated that a former child star would be killed in the next two weeks or so. Whether or not this was an illuminati hit due to his "rising star" in the DC Beltway political arena remains to be seen, but it would not be the first time competition/threats to the status quo were eliminated through surreptitious means in politics. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Large Group of Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet Participated in "Abuse Parties", Murder, Organized Pedophilia "Rent Boy" Rings

“He has outlined how organized the abuse was. How a car would be sent to collect him and he would be taken somewhere. The abuse he was subjected to was carried out by a man acting alone or a group of men or even what can only be described as parties… Today I want to appeal directly to those other young boys, now men, who were also subject to abuse at the hands of these men. I believe that there were other boys who were abused, or who were present whilst the abuse took place.”

Nick, and another survivor who has spoken to Exaro allege that policemen and senior security officials were among the abusers, giving the impression that they were acting with impunity.
A Scotland Yard inquiry has been established to investigate whether the Metropolitan Police was guilty of overlooking the crimes of powerful figures, or whether some kind of cover-up operation was in place.

For more similar/related: 

A dish best served cold.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Calexico - Fortune Teller

I was just standing, turning around
Thats when they caught me headin down
Keep on going dont look away
Thats what they tell me, thats what they say

Yeah, thats what they tell me, thats what they say
Youre a pretty thought I support
Yeah, Im just tryin to hold up as I go
And one day I swear Ill spread my wings
Im on my way to finer things

Im on my way to finer things
It wasnt just me playin those games
Still its my own fault just the same
I opened up, I let you in
Now these crystal feelings are wearing thin

I opened up, I let you in
Im walkin with the fortune teller
I can see my own way home
But I dont like this dark road anymore
And I dont want to be alone for long

Dont want to be alone for long
I dont want to be on this dark road alone

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

Yay, dentistry.

So I just went in for another checkup with my dentist and during the exam, I mentioned a blister on the gum line that formed several weeks prior and then disappeared next to a more famous tooth in my head here:

For more on that wonder of wonders, you can read about how a sonic emitter or transmitter was somehow attached to this thing on the back of the tooth with the unknown "filling", was activated and tortured me for a week solid this past June:

Having no prior dental issues up until this thing was discovered on the back of my tooth besides surgery for wisdom teeth removal when I was a teenager, I am new to the world of endodontics and the like. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the dentist told me that there was a significant amount of bone loss at the affected spot that dental x-rays did not pick up before, and that the tooth next to the transmittered-one had a barely detectable hairline fracture going up the middle and that he didn't know if the tooth was salvageable and that I might need a root canal.  

The dentist said that this level of inflammation was actually hidden and hard to detect, and if the blister hadn't appeared and I hadn't said anything, it would have continued along for years without me noticing and the actual pain had started. He said this level of infection indicated to him that it didn't start overnight and had been there for years. I looked up the whys and hows and whats of root canals for my own education today and couldn't help but notice that one of the reasons it would be needed is, surprise surprise, due to repeated dental procedures. My teeth were considered "perfect" prior to this, and I couldn't help but think that the apparent disruption to the one transmittered tooth could have been disruptive to the one next to it as well. 

Another thing this man said to me, and this I found quite shocking but not surprising, was that he looked at the thing attached to the back of my tooth in the most recent dental x-ray and said that the way it was in the placement of the tooth could ONLY have been applied at around age 5 or 6, that it would have occurred at the formation of the appearance of the onset of my adult teeth/loss of my baby teeth. 

Dental x-ray of mysterious transmitter/filling on back of my tooth (click to enlarge).

That kind of stunned me and made my head spin a bit because it would absolutely correspond with recovered memories I have talked about in interviews and on this blog about being in an underground base in what I believe to be Nelson, British Columbia in Canada in the summer or early fall of 1975- it could very easily have been 1976, either way I would have been about age 4 or 5. (Or if it was the late summer/early fall of 1976, I would have in fact been 6 years old.)

If it was the summer/early fall of 1976, it could very easily have been then as well, but for some reason I have always felt like/said it was 1975. At any rate, yes, my baby teeth would have been falling out at/around that time making way for my adult set and yes it would absolutely correspond on the timeline with me having memories of people strapping me to a chair and me not being able to move and them doing medical procedures to my head and drugging me/keeping me at this place for what seemed like weeks of my life if not hours or days.  It's entirely possible that the thing on my tooth could have been applied then. I have no memory consciously of that procedure still, but when the dentist says it would have had to have been applied to the tooth around age 5 or 6, it absolutely corresponds to the timeline. 

I asked him why it didn't show up on dental x-rays until 2003 if it had been there since I was 5 or 6 years old and he couldn't say, but that medically from his standpoint, there was no other way given the position of the "filling" that it could have been done in my life/could have been applied. 

When he said that, I remembered another dentist (from the literally ten others I've shown who have looked at the x-ray) had said the same thing and at the time I rejected this information because it wasn't showing up on x-rays prior to '03  and that didn't make any sense, but this time I had to pause at having had this mentioned a second time. I guess it was finally sinking in and I was starting to accept the possibility that what's happened to me has been happening pretty much my whole life and that this high strangeness was inherent long before I woke up and smelled the coffee in '07-'08.

I will continue to update this as new information comes to light.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Naked Eyes - Promises Promises

You never call when you say you will.

Tangibles, not promises, gentlemen. Sick of this.

Re: Me, "Katrina Folberg", Firestarters, MILABs, that thing in my tooth that was activated last June, seeing men in a base underneath NORAD, Lady Judge Barbara Thomas, etc:

The Tonopah Test Range[2] is owned by the United States Department of Energy and is managed by Sandia National Laboratories, a division of Lockheed-Martin, which operates the Tonopah Test Range under an Air Force permit with the National Nuclear Security Administration.[1] The range is part of the Great Basin Desert and lies mostly within the Cactus Flat valley, consisting of horst and graben geology.[1] It is flanked by the Cactus Range hills to the west and the Kawich Range to the east, which is home of Silverbow, one of the largest mining ghost towns in Nevada. The vegetation consists mostly of black sagebrush and creosote bush. It holds a sizable wild horse and burro population, closely monitored by the Bureau of Land Management. Common denizens of the TTR include the gray fox, pronghorn, coyote, and mule deer, along with the native birds sage thrasher, sage grouse, and sage sparrow.[1]


Friday, November 14, 2014

Once you've learned that, you will not fear death and you will be a true Samurai

“This body is not me; I am not caught in this body, I am life without boundaries, I have never been born and I have never died. Over there the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies All manifests from the basis of consciousness. Since beginningless time I have always been free. Birth and death are only a door through which we go in and out. Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek. So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye. Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before. We shall always be meeting again at the true source, Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life.”
― Thích Nhất Hạnh, No Death, No Fear

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stand By Me - Lollipop

This can't be good.

UPDATE: 11/13/14:

Sometimes I am drawn to a song, or a movie, or a celebrity, or art, or something, and I just get feelings about said song or movie or celebrity or art etc and I am fixated on the song etc. for days and it will have significant relevance later to the thing that I didn't want to happen and it happens.

 I really, really, really hope there's nothing to what I am getting about this, but it involves death/possible murder/pedophilia/Hollywood. Yuck.

I seriously don't want to give power to what I am specifically getting so I don't want to say it, but feel dread and am getting "the grip" and that is not good.
I dearly hope this doesn't happen and pray for everyone's well being.

If someone who used to be or is a child/young Hollywood actor/performer/musician
 "dies of an overdose" in the next two weeks or so, please note that this death specifically was an illuminati ritual murder and was not an accident. I could be off on the timing here but this is sick and involves ritual pedophilia/organized crime/child trafficking-pedo rings in Hollywood.

UPDATE: 12/23/14:

I don't know what this is, but I think the timing of a former BET network show Teen Summit host's AJ Cooper's passing (December 3rd, about a week off from my prediction timing) as well as the young age of this man is unfortunate and more than a little mysterious:

Not sayin', just sayin'. It seems he wanted to go into politics and may have been perceived as an encroaching threat to the powers that be, I dunno. In articles about him, he is repeatedly described as a "rising star" on the political/beltway circuit.  Not saying he didn't die of natural causes, this is just strange timing and fits the criteria I was talking about. I could be wrong, but had a nagging feeling that I should post this. If it's not an illuminati occult sacrifice, or just natural causes, hiring a CIA hit vis a vis undetectable methods could easily be a way to eliminate any of your political competition/threat if you wanted to.

It's still not clear what this man died of other than he had been "complaining of chest pains for a few days" prior to his death. The media doesn't say beyond that, which is very strange. The cause of death of course could be anything. But I also know that the CIA occult cabal really, really, REALLY loves things like heart attack guns (yes, they really exist and have been employed for decades, look it up) and giving people slow acting poisons and providing undetectable methods for all kinds of mysterious fatal ailments, especially ones surrounding anything involving the heart/heart attacks. Just sayin'...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's time

When you feel that your life is committed to the spirit you can no longer avoid confronting these weaknesses. Your strategy changes, you seek to move faster, wishing to confront head-on the things that bring down your awareness. You can no longer let them have their way. So you ask for a hotter fire, a fiercer confrontation. Even though this is often painful rather than pleasurable, it’s all right, for you are reaching toward that freedom which lies beyond pleasure and pain. When you want to burn away the grip of your ego on your awareness you’ll endure whatever is needed to clean up your life.
– Ram Dass, Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook

Monday, November 3, 2014

You Are Still Being Lied To

If ever there was a time that the Masons and Rosicrucians were even more irrelevant, that time is now. If ever there was less a time when organized religious dogma and other control systems were "needed", that time is now. I was once told I was one of the "144,000" whatever that means, by the walk-in gentleman who gave me some kind of encoded information through energy work. I didn't know what he meant, I'd only heard the term once before and was horrified to find it was some born again Christian reference. But now I know it means "Awakened" and that if you are, you too are of "the 144,000". Please stop with the dogma. Coded information is in the Bible, if people really knew that so much of it was simply to OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE and know of which Christ spoke, which is "The Kingdom of Heaven IS WITHIN", you'd be less likely to deride it. 

So many of you atheist fanboys of Henry Rollins don't know what you're missing. The time has come to surrender to "faith" and by "faith", that means that which is missing from your soul. To surrender is to succeed and to overcome. We need MORE of you atheist body building hard core Seekers, not less. We need more of you. We need an army of men who are awoken. Not just women. Not just the divine feminine within. We need MEN to be MEN again, and that means ENERGY MASTERS. That means discarding your affiliations with secret societies and "mystery" schools. The secrets are within. You don't need a pecking order to take someone "down".
You need to be you. 

Thank you,



Saturday, November 1, 2014

You are behaving like a self-loathing gay man

If you have psychic ability and mock it

If you have experiences and decide they "aren't real"

If you find the love of your life only to wind up having a child with another woman because you're embarrassed by the love of your life because you "can't take her anywhere" because of her job title.

Get back in the closet, coward. 

But whatever you do, stop telling me you love "me" if only for a threesome or a one-night stand or to "experiment".

I see too many of you doing this to yourselves whether metaphorically or literally. It's nauseating. You do this to comfort yourselves. To be "accepted" and "acceptable". 
To fear change, because change is scary, maaaaan. 

You do this because the metaphorical (or literal) woman who is "appropriate" is accepted by everyone. 

But don't you realize

that the next step in human evolution is this?

Is being a psychic being?

And that the "acceptable" woman in this metaphor is an anachronism?

A fad?

The wrong side of history?

Someone to be used as an excuse, a cover, to turn you away from yourself even further?

She might be an orchard,

An apple tree.

She might offer you shade

And nourishment

And protection from the elements

But she's still a woman

and you're still behaving like a self-loathing gay man trapped in the closet.

And this thing isn't gonna work.

No matter how many conventional, GMO, "sane" apples you eat.

TV show Supernatural reference. Hell to the Yeah, re: Kevin! I can relate!

Until you find someone who is just like you and who can walk in the sunshine and proudly stand by your side, you will be cringing in embarrassment each time you are in a social setting introducing the one you should be with.


Be who you are, not who you want to be. It'll never happen. You are YOU. You can't escape YOU.

Society's not going to change for you. Society only changes when we the people change. It's up to individuals, each and every single time to change society. It begins with individuals and their individual choices.
 Not society.


Thank you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Twin Flames & Soul Mates: Being in Love But Not Being Together

Almost a year ago today

What part of this don't you understand? 

You guys need to pick up the ball and step it up a notch. I don't see you clamoring for this information like you should. It's easy, stop caring what other people think. If you spend all your time trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel, you're never going to actually use it. 

Just DO IT and get it over with already. 

Open your third eyes responsibly now. 

It's time.

It's necessary to counterbalance the electromagnetic fields people like the Army, Air Force, Marines, and US Navy use with things like HAARP, beam weapons, Electromagnetic field disruptors and the like to disrupt the force fields of the earth's magnetic grid. 

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, people, opening your third eye counterbalances all of that. 

Do it or not, I don't care, but if you open your third eye, you are working for the forces of good to counteract some seriously sinister manipulations that effect the Earth's grid and ability to continue life on this planet in a harmonious way that counter balances the effects of EMF/beam weaponry everywhere. WHY do you think the US gov't and the military spends so many ungodly amounts of money on psychic development research and then spends just as much an equal amount telling you it isn't real and there's no basis for it? 

The first thing you have to realize about counterintelligence is people don't know what they're talking about and then they will tell you the real info that you didn't think they had. They have the real thing they think they have. A military person skilled in military intelligence and/or counter intel will tell you one thing and then thirty seconds later will deny it or says something like "You didn't hear it from me".  

Wake up and smell the coffee, I am so tired of picking up the string behind you from this quickly unraveling ball of twine that claims it has no idea what it's doing. 

It knows perfectly well and you do too. 
Enough of this stuff. 

Time to get to work and own yourself! 

Sedona, Arizona, November 1st, 2013.

Nature is the Mother, Father is the Sun. 
Openings to both are access grids to energy fields known to you unconsciously at this time that you are not fully taking advantage of. Opening of your third eye is the key pass to all that information. The first thing you need to do when your eye is open is to study yourself, observe your day to day infusions/interactions/integrations/what have you. Then study your past lives; all the lives that came before your current incarnation. Go all the way back to what you've allowed yourself at the present time to peer into. Then learn about righting wrongs and releasing past life karma that serves no need in the lesson plan today. Once you've cleared your karma, all is one. You will find things get a lot more peaceful and integrated when that happens.


M83 - "Wait"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Astrology Forecast for October 22, 2014

To consummate this relationship,

I'm willing to engage,

As both a student and a teacher,

That Love may have it's way.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Letter To Someone Who Is Waking Up

This is a response I gave to a person who contacted me recently who is having nearly identical experiences to mine, which is really saying something. I didn't think it was possible, but I guess if you cast the net out wide enough and long enough and wait, anything's possible. More on that later if he chooses to let me post some photos of the marks he's getting on his body as well/shares some of the experiences he's having too. I just thought I should share this with all of you, Energy Masters In Training (tm) ;-) 



Just stop listening to the fear-based know-nothing new agers and you'll do alright. Their only solution is "Oh, it's "bad", you had a "bad" experience, so STAY AWAY FROM IT". What do they fucking know? Nothing. It's not their experience, it's yours. You do with it what you want, but just make sure you ask for positive, loving, benevolent experiences to learn from instead of fearful, scary, unknown experiences. 

Ask for clarity. Get REALLY REALLY REALLY specific in your requests to the universe because the universe gives you exactly what you want and if you don't get excruciatingly specific, it will give you a version of what you asked for but it might have "dark" tones because you didn't ask specifically enough. 

Always ask for educational experiences you can learn from but ones that are not going to harm you- sometimes the universe will give you a "dark" experience only as a battle exercise. I presume you are a warrior, you came here to learn , you are a Jedi master in training, yes? Otherwise you wouldn't have these/seek these things out like you did. So learn from the "negative" and focus on the positive.

 Let fear guide you to knowledge. If fear paralyzes you and shuts you down, you aren't learning from the experience, so don't ask for anything that shuts you down and paralyzes you- both literally and figuratively. 

Many of these "negative" things are initiations from the ETs to help you learn, believe it or not. But once you figure that out, you don't need to let fear-based subconscious negative detractors play a part- they will keep coming back until you have mastered that part of yourself that you don't want to look at. 

A true energy master looks through the fear and sees the core reason behind the experience, which is to learn and gain knowledge and awareness of All That Is. There is no inherent "bad" or "good' there just is what we ask for to experience/gain knowledge about. If it is incomprehensible, then it is up to us to seek that experience out again or not- ask for it or no in that sense. Then, once you have figured out what that initiation is about, you will graduate to the next level, just as a person practicing martial arts would have graduated to a different colored belt or outfit. 

That's all that this is, initiations to create masters, I think. The military just muddies the waters by confusing things and adding their two cents into it to shut us down and prevent us from becoming the psychic miracles we all know and can be. They are all masons, all satanists who do this. They are professional water-muddiers. Please watch my interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery about "taking back the symbols" ( and please read my blog posts of recent about Khazakhstan for more (
-- either publicly or privately.

 This is the third rail they don't want us talking about. So they infiltrate the new age movement and spread lies about sacred awakening about "fear" and if it causes you fear it's automatically "bad"- this infantilizes people and they never grow up. If you only look at the light and never face your shadow, you never truly become emancipated and then you get the phenomenon of all the childish boy-men and girl-women we have walking around who think they are grownups because they have a job and get drunk on a saturday night and have a mortgage- the satanic cabal's goal is to keep you grounded in materialism and to fear spirit. 

For more on that I would encourage you strongly to check out Mark Passio's great lectures. I am no fan of Aleistar Crowley, and he kind of is a fanboy of Crowley's, but his heart is in the right place and he knows all about this black cabal because he used to be a satanist  and knows the agenda and is no longer a part of it. I know he knows because he talks about stuff they do that they've been trying to do to me and I dont know him nor have I ever met him personally and yet he knows they do what they've attempted (and failed) to do to me time and again. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Girl Talk About CIA Patsies, Mind Control, Alien DNA In Humans And More!

This is a get together on Skype with two of my friends, Julia Lentz and Sarabeth Stroller, we've all had some pretty strange things happen to us individually as well as together, including a phone call from Julia's dad in prison- who did not know we had literally just started taping the interview, initially to talk about his case- at the very beginning of the talk.

Now for those of you who know, this "coincidence" of key people literally phoning in and interrupting interviews of mine is starting to become pretty commonplace, please see the synchronistic phone call of John Urwin in my Bases 15 interview for more. 

Julia's dad was former military intelligence who was framed in the murder of his wife- a crime I believe he did not commit. Julia comes from (I think) a multi-generational military intelligence family and also has some other strange things going on in the family tree professions/affiliations that are typical of people I know who are MILABs and/or targeted individuals- this kind of family background is absolutely typical for that sort of thing. 

Her mother was working with an official who worked with the Clinton Administration at the time of her death. Julia and I feel strongly that her father was framed for the murder of her mother because her mother might have been too close to something or saw something she shouldn't have in the course of working on one of the projects she was assigned to. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened with people affiliated with the Clintons. Just sayin'... It's also probably easier to control the surviving spouse from a prison cell by framing them for your wife's murder as well.

Her family has been ruined as a result of this terrible incident and since then Julia has also had some very, very weird high strangeness happen to her that has intersected with me in several instances that we only just barely scratch the surface of in this interview. The events always seem to happen with a mind control or paranormal (or both) theme to the people in her life repeatedly and she seems to always be present when it happens. 

Sarabeth too is "a lifer" in terms of high strangeness that's happened to her, lots of synchronicity/telepathy/interesting timing also tends to happen with Sarabeth (and again, sometimes with me included as well, described in the interview and on the links provided below) and has a lot of strange concentric circle intel-and-ET/psychic/paranormal related things happen to her repeatedly as well. You are welcome to check out the litany of high strangeness and harassment that's occurred in my life in any of the interviews I've talked about extensively in the archived shows here on my Youtube channel in the "Interviews" section. (This interview is part of the playlist for other shows I've been on as well.) 

 These women are members of my social network and between the three of us, we keep running into the same types of characters who seem to know all of us and these same characters seem to seek all of us out again and again, even though we frequently live in several different time zones and are often not in the same city at the same time. I believe this is part of a phased genetics trial that is multi-generational and has to do with transhumanist/eugenics-based scientists (and possibly benevolent (?) neutral or even negative ETs) who may or may not give a crap about any of our well being or enrichment. But primarily, we are test subjects to them. 

Sarabeth (on the right) is my friend who had the same "hole punch" mark appear in real time on her ankle that also appeared on both scapular muscles of my shoulders, here is the blog post on that:

Sara also took these photos/hung out with me the day I "summoned" these UFOs/was guided to go to a spot on the West End Highway piers in Manhattan on a beautiful spring day in 2012:

Julia (on left) also "just happened" to be a roommate of the other friend who woke up the same day I did 950 miles away with the same triangle bruise I woke up with even though when this happened, she had at that point never met me or Sarabeth before and didn't know either of us. 

What are the odds.

This interview is rowdy, we talk over each other, we swear a lot. If that offends you or is annoying, spare me the criticism. Please don't whine to me about how hard it is to hear what we are saying. I had to get this out there. It's a raw file, unedited. I understand if it doesn't make any sense or is hard to understand, there might be follow up interviews to clarify some of the things we are describing, but I just felt this needed to be published and needed to get out there. 

Interview recorded 15 July, 2014.

This is Jerry "The Chimera" Kemp on the right; this is the man I saw on the D train who telepathically spoke with me and who also "just happened' to "randomly" come into Julia's life, become her financial advisor, and then proceeded to rip her off out of a not insignificant amount of money. He also "just happened" to come from a CIA/black ops background and "just happened" to show up one night at Julia's home whereupon one of Julia's roommates mentioned that Jerry also spoke with *her* telepathically as well. This roommate as I recall also happened to come from a very weird high ranking socialite family that had some shady connections to some kind of cult. (Research the CIA's keen interest in cults -- they know who everyone is in those things and don't hesitate to exploit that database to the fullest for mind control subjects. Being in a cult is basically license to say "Hi, I've turned my brain into a beanbag. Use me. Abuse me." The CIA loves that.)

Again, this all happened before I knew Julia or any of this incident on the train happened to me. Oh, and Jerry here "just happens" to be photographed with David Rockefeller and Illuminati slave Jermaine Jackson. Apparently/allegedly Kemp disappeared from Bloomington not long after ripping Julia off.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Telepathy, global consciousness and how we humans are connected

I take issue with the bit about "paranormal activity is reduced when this electromagnetic effect takes place" or something to that effect (paraphrasing) -- Oh really? Come to my world, the paranormal doesn't seem to care a fig what science thinks, it's going to happen regardless of how many Hzs there are on the earth's grid or not, and a couple of other things I can't remember that he said that kind of made me raise an eyebrow over, but basically, yeah- there is a frequency I operate at, and it's actually higher than the 7 Hz he's talking about. I get brain-fried when I've done too many readings or have connected to this frequency too much and I actually get a headache. There was another scientific test not mentioned in this video, but it was a legit scientific study done on "Normals" and then on psychics. The psychics in the study - people who claimed they do what I can and really can in fact do it do actually seem to have a higher Hz than others- usually psychics are operating at 8 Hz or more. Will try to find and post that data if I come across it, but I do remember seeing mainstream articles somewhere a while back about that very study.

I have spoken extensively about how excited the engineer was who asked me if my mother was left handed/I was left handed and then told me I was 100% right brained and just who they were looking for when I was paid to take part in a telekinesis experiment at Ohio University's Avionics Engineering Department (See my interviews for more, I think I detail it in the Bases 15 and 21 interviews).

"They" whomever "They" are who have been abducting me in MILABs and using me as a human guinea pig have known that the secret to all of this- telekinesis, telepathy, psi ability in general,  all of it- happens in the right hemisphere of the brain.

And they have ruthlessly exploited this fact ever since.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan!

So I posted this image of marks on my body:

that appeared on September 22nd of this year recently in this blog post:

I don't know if there's a correlation here, but this is definitely strange timing for talking about swastika-like shapes and just felt it necessary to post this. Note the date: two days after the marks appear on my body, news articles come out stating that there are ancient geoglyphs discovered in of all places, Kazakhstan, and are older than the world-famous Nasca Lines:

Here's a video for those of you who don't like reading:

It wouldn't be so fitting or timely in any other situation, except my story seems to strike an eerie chord in the last year or so with occult, paranormal, ancient/forbidden history and science happenings in of all places, Kazakhstan. I have also mentioned heavy activity on my blog from visitors from that part of the world prior to me having any knowledge of this area or its occultic/historic significance in these blog posts:

Now what's also kind of complimentary to this is a couple of days ago before I was aware of this news item about the geoglyphs, I had an urge to revisit an old interview from November, 2013 that I did with Peter Maxwell Slattery (see below), the focus being on "taking the symbols back" that the so-called Illumined ones have used to manipulate the human species and hold them back evolutionarily from their birthright which is to naturally and spontaneously become their own illumined, psychic selves with full and free awareness. 

I don't know why I get compulsions to do things sometimes, be drawn to certain people, places and things, but I do, and it's like a magnet, so I've learned to listen to it because it usually has particular significance not long after.  And I do mention the Swastika as an example at one point, although I might have gotten the specific meaning of the symbol slightly wrong, the essence of the meaning is there I think.

 Not sayin'. Just sayin'. 

I say that phrase a lot lately too and it kind of freaks me out. 


It just weirds me out a little bit sometimes, the confirmations/connections/what have you. But I also trust that it propels me in the right direction and gives me the information to spread to the Universe to in turn bring back some people places or things who in turn will give me more data to spread out to the Universe and so on and so on and so on... ad infinitum...

I just find this whole synchro-mystical stuff funny at this point. A little unnerving because of it's curious uncanniness, but mostly funny.

Holy Timing means I guess in its meaning to be out of time. To be free of time in order to understand it or use it fully.

 I am not making any sense probably, and maybe this is a stretch, but here it is, it's posted anyway.

I don't know what the compounded interest is with Kazakhstan and the fascination with all this, if it even adds up to something meaningful or a trail of bread crumbs to some great reveal that's been hidden in plain sight all along, maybe I can't see the forest for the trees yet, but anyway, enjoy waiting for the Great Leap Forward? 

I think? 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bittersweet Symphony: Signs of "Connected Consciousness" Detected on Global Scale

"Solid evidence that consciousness is global and mutual could have a salutary effect by prompting reconsideration of the assumption dominating our era: that matter rules. But what if mind rules? That's the big question implied by the research; and a widespread consideration of it could prove liberating.
Toward that end and with the noosphere vision in mind, now may be the time, Nelson suggests, for a shift from biological evolution to conscious evolution – the intentional enhancement of individual, group, and global consciousness. "To make a real difference," he says, "what we'd need are perhaps 100 million people, out of the seven billion on the planet, all becoming deeply persuaded and able to work on a kind of conscious evolution strategy."
A realistic optimist, Nelson also offers a more modest proposal. "What we can all do," he says, "is learn to live in the world in a positive, accepting fashion, in which case the world will roll out toward its future, taking us along on a probably more pleasant ride." 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bat For Lashes - Lilies

Did I believe what I did see?
Did I believe what came to me?

Appeared a figure of a man
Waving upon the hill
To the window I ran
And saw what he had sent
Children of a private world
To be conceived in milk
Hundred marching to my door
All bringing dreams to drink

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Marks

Most recent:

You can see faint figures in the background if you look (click on images to enlarge). I see faces. But maybe that's just me. Interdimensional entities that look like characters out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting, highly caricatured, bizarre. Floating heads.

Marks on forearm, also 9/22/14:

This one below was also on the 22nd of September as the images above; I thought they looked like an owl and some kind of sideways 4 or maybe some kind of swastika type/cross with bent spokes shape? 
I don't know. 

I woke up on the 26th of September of this year with two odd triangle shaped puncture marks under my arm/at the beginning of the side of my right breast but they were placed at an odd angle and so I don't have good photos of it.
They're definitely unambiguous puncture marks, though.

The following are from June of this year. I like to save up the feeling of being a side-show freak only for once a business quarter or so as I don't like posting these images, but someone in England desperately wanted to see them, hint hint, I know who you are, so here they are.
 I hope they satisfy your clinical curiosity and I really do appreciate your keen concern, but this is still humiliating for me. I don't like posting them. I sincerely hope this helps with your query, however.

I call this one "Alligator head". From 6/30/14:

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Initiations, Sacrifice, Surrender, and Lessons Learned About Love for Expansion of the Soul

Inanna's initiation into the Underworld as played by Lana Del Rey in her video for "Born to Die"

"We are born to love, we live to love, and we will die to love still more." - St. Joseph Cafasso

Issues of the ego death in order to be born anew into love are big this week. 

Here's Tom Lescher's astrological take on it:

I feel it. 

Hoo-boy, do I ever!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Woah. Heavy, Man.

The Multidimensional Labyrinth: 
More a maze of connections that add on depth and awareness and experience
 rather than a series of disjointed discoveries.

Am currently and willingly experiencing a crisis of realities here. It's hard to speak of multidimensionality in existence and not be affected by it personally. It's one thing to speak of it, and I do, and another to experience it entirely on a 24-7-365 basis. 

The current crisis (or advanced ability, take your pick), and it speaks loudly for me now, is the fact that I can "see" people in higher self, I am aware of who they are in that state, and the relations we have together, what separates us, what brings us together, our past life history, who we REALLY are as opposed to this meat suit we have chosen to walk around in as one role (as opposed to many roles), and what that means in terms of confrontation, affinity, ability, tasks, etc. 

In laymen's terms, I am being driven by the insanity of multidimensionality right now and even though it's grand, and at times tricky, it's more falling apart to come together than just falling. 

To strive to walk the line and go between worlds and try to show people with words and energy and frequency is tough. You run the risk of running your mouth off, starting fights, causing mayhem, because you really know that this flesh suit is just a show, an act, a 3D Vaudeville Grand Guignol we have chosen as infinite beings to live in a temporal space in a certain reality, and in a place that, I am able to in real time see- yes, see with my inner and outer eyes- the way things "really" are. And while they may not be analogous to the onion and the layers, they are ASPECTS of reality. They build on us. They add to our experience. They multiply meaning and hopefully create ganglia that branch out for more experiences and hopefully more meaning.

That is all.  You get to choose how you wish to look at it. If you choose, that's called growth. If you don't, you have chosen to be stifled/stymied/controlled/conformed/contained. Nothing wrong with that. It's all about soul growth and what your human form can use in the container and how much you want the container to contain. 

So much information can be overwhelming at times, as I can attest. You get to choose how to use the container, how it looks, what you can do with it, you get to change the size of the container as well with how much data it will hold inside it as well. If you want to upgrade, you get downloads from the Universe, and the universe will give you an upgrade. Simple as that. 

There are players, there are games. There are game pieces. That doesn't mean the board is the sum total of reality, however. Getting caught up in chess pieces is missing the point (and missing the fun of spontaneity as well, I might add). It sucks the life out of life to always have a stratagem, always be keenly observing, when you realize that we are BE-INGs too! 

Do I sound like I took one too many hits of acid at the Free Rock Festival and am now sitting in the chill out tent? 

Well, so be it! This stuff is tough to describe, man! You just have to decide for yourself if it's a rabbit hole you want to go down, because eventually if you do (and I know you will, come kicking or screaming, it's one of the things your heart most wants if you are visiting this site whether you consciously realize it or not), you will fall down it and retrieve something in the depth of the ocean or you won't,  but if you don't, that's your choice. 

Life's what we make it, but life is also what we CHOOSE to become aware of. Take it or leave it. 
We have infinite choice, we have infinite freedom within the realms of systems equalizing, and that is the system within ourselves. 

And systems are completely Cray-Cray at the moment. The Veil is lifting for those of us who are open. To those who aren't, I wish you well. 
And I wish you well on your journey if you are just starting out. 
When you start this journey, what you think is chaos is the maddening, still, open eye at the center of the storm. You are actually looking into potential and potential stares right back at you, and if you can't handle it, you will experience discombobulation. There's no other way to say it. It's unpleasant at times. Confusing. Free will is a choice. It's destiny. It's not supposed to be a warm blanket always.

Those who think they can read it in a book can't. 
They have to experience the frequency and join in the dance themselves. 
They have to open up to frequency and step in.

I know, Neil. It's hard to grok. I'm trying to grasp it myself as well. 

However, if you are feeling stuck and reeeaaaallllllyyyyy want to step in by means of reading it in a book (ahem!), might I suggest taking a look at this channeled information. 
And I know,  99% of channeled material is crap. 
And that's coming from someone who used to channel. (Briefly).  

But I learned a valuable lesson in that the choice was made long ago to pursue this tunnel or not. Most people can't channel very well, but when they do, they are red hot. 

This is a series of written transmissions from who knows where, call it Higher Self, call it The Collective Unconscious, call it Late For Dinner, I don't care. 

But it made sense to me and there were a number of sychronicities even in the form of whole sentences in some of this writing
 that corresponded exactly, precisely to my current dilemma/crisis/opportunity/breakthrough/what have you. 

I make my bouncing boards living human beings because they breathe and they are men and women who are sentient and who live and I like that. 

If the written word is your hang, though, this written info is pretty interesting (and I think comes from a pretty benevolent place). I have no idea who the author is, I've never heard of this channel before, I'm obviously not a strong endorser of channeling and I am not being endorsed by this site at all, they don't know me and I don't them, but whomever they are hooked into's words resonate with me strongly, so I take it. 

And as a clever aside (because I am just so clever and all), it struck me as funny that while we are on the topic of creating bridges between two worlds, the literal translation of my birth name
Anya Briggs means "Graceful Bridge". 

And that is in fact what I do. I am a bridge between two worlds. Or twenty. 
Or however many it takes to get you to look at this stuff and take it seriously. 


Have fun with that!