Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My testimony at the recent Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics, May 18th, 2011

Interestingly enough, there were very high profile members on this panel and yet there was a virtual media blackout on the topic. Perhaps you the members of the public might want to ask members of the media why this is not a topic for discussion. Because even though Muhammed Ali's wife, The Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, and the Director for the Division of Retrovirology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research/also the Director of the US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) deemed it important enough to show up, you could have heard crickets chirping from the media pit. 

HERE is my testimony, I speak first in this particular edit of the public comments section.

If you haven't already seen my dental x-rays with the filling of unknown origin that I have no memory of having placed on my tooth, you can see them HERE.

Also, I was completely disheartened to go to only to find that they think people like me (psychics) are discreditors and disinfo agents and that ALL psi ability is either false, a fraud, or the result of implants. Supposedly I am not worthy of being a part of such an elite group of misfits (sarcasm). And yet, I was the only person to speak publicly that day who could provide concrete evidence and proof that something was actually happening to me without my knowledge, consent, or otherwise express permission. 

Just know I always and ever am speaking as an individual. I don't speak for any group or guru or misfit. I just speak for myself. Even though I talk to ETs and sometimes relay messages from them, I have outer body experiences, and I see dead people doesn't mean I am crazy (in fact, I know I'm not), nor does it mean I deserve to be treated less than because I have a set of profound experiences that consensus reality says isn't real.