Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some connections

           Anya Briggs
May 14
It's coming. I can feel it
maybe not in a month, but it'll happen
some- event horizon thing
some incontrovertible thing
some turning point
some paradigm changer
its happening

So... They discovered this on the 12th of May for Twitter, but on the 14th of May made the official announcement on the show -- I swear I hadn't heard of any of this at that time. 

But please note the date that I made the comments on Facebook (see above.)

(I am mentioned on this show at 2:23:00 mark... I'm sure that's just a "coincidence")

Remember: Aaron talks about undersea bases. 
He also most likely abducted me in at least one MILAB, maybe more. 
Neither he nor I know for sure, but he and I don't deny it either. Signs from my direct, personal experience however are definitely pointing to a big, fat YES on the old Magic 8 Ball, though.
 (I've talked about this ad nauseum on my interviews, listen to those for more.)
Again: what are the odds.

The below link are images pieced together attempting to make sense of a recovered memory I have of being in a white submersible with an unidentified young man, James Rink and Max Spiers.
In it, we have all arrived at an undersea base or city that is covered in big glass domes. For some reason I want to say this is under the Caribbean. I still don't know what this is about, could very well be a virtual reality simulation being run in my head for all I know. But it is not a hallucination. 
In it, a white octopus swims up to the window and Max points it out to me. I look and it slowly morphs into a hideous, fang-toothed, white faced alien with a head not unlike an octopus.
(This could be a screen memory being dissolved, the octopus of course being the screen for the alien. This guy is-- really-- hard to look at.)
He is wearing a dark green body suit that looks like it could have very small "scales" on it (for some reason I know the "scales" have photoelectric cells on them to power the ship he was just on- symbiotic technology) and he is physically underwater without any breathing apparatus I can see docking the submersible to one of the smaller "glass" (or whatever material it is looking like glass) domes of this undersea base/city.  
The memory ends. 

Then this whole thing:

Or was it this Del Rey?

I have no idea why I wrote this next one. Just one of those things, I guess:

Please note, again, without knowing a thing about Jimmy Church & Co's. discovery what I wrote in the search engine terms. Among many oddities, one of the phrases I intuited to include in it was the term OPEN SOURCE. Hmmmm.... What's an example of an "open source"?

(Source: Google Earth)

Speaking of search engine terms, I knew what it meant, but because it kept popping up, I looked up "Event Horizon" as a search engine term. Turns out it's an actually not bad sci-fi thriller from the 90s that I watched right after I saw the search engine result pop up with Laurence Fishburne in the Captain Kirk role of the film's plot that could be described as a sort of "responding-to-a-distress-signal-meets-Alien-meets Tarkovsky's Solaris-meets-Stargate".

Everybody succumbs to space madness and the ship "eats" them in their fear and paranoia from the temporal distortion/hallucinatory state the wormhole creates. Except it's not entirely clear if they are actual hallucinations or not.

It's worth a look, it's on Netflix! 

Anyway, the "Event Horizon" in the movie is the name of the space ship the search and rescue party comes to find, but also is the turning point for failed wormhole travel into the unknown.
The results are pretty messy. 

My boys told me something like this event really happened and they sent me on a search and rescue remote view, which kind of pisses me off, actually, and I told them as much. 
I am not to be used for cats stuck in trees and "have you seen my missing puppy" missions. 

Anyway, what I came up with was that the ship ate the people on board. 


You read that right. 
The ship ate them.

That is all, Prime Directive! 

Signing off, 

Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

UPDATE: Thursday, May 29th, 2014:

The following information was partially received telepathically and partially intuitively by me 
at 4:57 pm ET:

I think this all has to do with ancient underwater ET bases that have been taken over almost entirely by the secret government/secret space program/the CIA and wormhole tech that's being kept hidden along with everything else. The sky above the area where this place is is an entry point/galaxy point/wormhole trajectory that's been used for thousands of years and the US govt is coming clean about this through limited means, limited exposure. They are "slow-dripping" disclosure the hard way because they don't want to give up what they have but their hand has been forced by outside forces who want this coverup to end. I don't know who these outside forces are but they are a combination of people from all over the world (and the galaxy) who want humans to be self-determined and to inform their own future by whatever means further solidifies humans existence on Planet Earth and their ability to safely and responsibly travel the stars. 

The Popsicle Index - Catherine Austin Fitts

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ep.64 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Bill Birnes Dan Fogler Don Peyote LI...

Dan explains a little about some third-eye expansions and activations I did for him on the set of Don Peyote in 2010 at around the 2:32:00 mark.  

Interesting first hour w/Bill Birnes covering the Malibu undersea base info as well. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Force is strong in this one.

I do crystal placement too, it's an intuitive thing that the crystals tell me as well, this kid is not making this up or being "guided" by his mother- takes one to know one! 

Listen, the way things are going, kids have to be awakened right out of the box. The environment as it currently stands is not supportive of any free thinking-- or free energy, for that matter-- whatsoever. 

Take a moment to understand that crystal energy is supported by science, it's not hokey pokey, otherwise, why use crystals in precision instrument technology? (
Why not use Jello or your knee cartilidge instead? There's a reason for everything and everything in it's place.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts - The UFO Economy

The USA is a corporation not beholden to you developing technologies beyond your wildest dreams and you do not have clearance to access it. The Government is just the place holder/steward to private corporate interests, this is a MUST SEE to know where your tax dollars are going... 


The reality of the "Human Potential Movement" hahahaha! 
Better watch out what you ask for. 
I can relate. ;-)

Funny that Scarlett's been placed in not one, not two, but three "superhuman", "more human than human" roles in the last year or so. First The Avengers as "Black Widow" (those of you in intel agencies reading this who are most likely her programmers are aware of what that means), then as the uber-creepy alien in Under The Skin, and now this.

It all happens in threes! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

MK ULTRA ★ Mind Control Techniques Project MKULTRA Documentary - CIA Sci...

Why the Scientology/CIA/mind control connection is important in understanding the intelligence agency's role in subversion and infiltration of the human potential movement (aka "The New Age") and how it influenced and infiltrated other potentially paradigm-changing movements that in turn were then splintered/divided and conquered/stalled/diminished in focus and effectiveness.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

You're already cute, but you instantly just got about 100,000 times hotter. 

Yeah, yeah, supposedly they're all working together behind the scenes, blah, blah, I know. But still. The truth is still the truth. It's sick and dysfunctional to hide this very important fact. 
Maybe there's a human being inside this man after all. I think there is. 
And even though he's a politician, a broken clock is still right twice a day.

He wasn't joking when he did this interview about six months ago:

And he wasn't joking about the reference to "Men In Black" either- he wasn't referring to the Hollywood film, but rather a Russian-tv documentary of the same name that seriously investigated the subject. 

And I can't help but wonder of the timing of these new statements with a major UFO sighting that just happened hovering next to the International Space Station (ISS):

For those of you who don't know, the ISS is co-owned by Russia and the United States, with several other countries like Japan and Canada (countries also keenly interested in disclosure) 
also in co-ownership.

Perhaps because of things like this, 
Medvedev is really and truly finally ready to put the hammer (and sickle?) down. 
(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Punch Drunk

My friend, 2013, "hole punch" on ankle

Me, left scapular muscle "hole punch"

From 2003, "punch", from below article, anonymous

So! Apparently this "hole punch" phenomenon is pretty common. Maybe not as common as the "scoop" mark phenomenon, but really it seems to be splitting hairs to try and figure out the ratios of occurrence in the population for that one. 

Last night I actually was feeling very "punchy" as it was near my bedtime and somehow stumbled across this site right before I fell asleep. Interesting how stuff finds you when you aren't really trying.

This is one of the few places I have found online that talks about this particular type of mark I and my friend have received: 

Scoop marks seem to get a lot more press, but unlike the odd scoop marks, this "punch biopsy" seems to actually be a legit medical procedure:

 but happening to lots of people under highly illegitimate situations.

A procedure happening to lots of people that doctors don't want to publicly talk about. 

What else is new? 

Imagine what would happen if all the scientists and doctors in the world could actually talk about what they are too scared to talk about publicly! 

Then maybe we'd have something. Until then, rule by silence/fear seems to rule in the "professional" class. Gotta keep your kid's college fund intact and then oh there's that 2nd mortgage and a yacht and a sixth vacation of the year to work towards and all that. 

We wouldn't want messy evidence to spoil your party, professional workers of the world.


The Latest, Certainly Not the Greatest

This is so fun. 
   So now it's scoop marks on my ribcage. 
This happened on April 19th, 2014:

(2nd image adjusted for contrast version of first.)

If you look closely to the left in the above top photo, you can definitely see some kind of transparent outline of some kind of humanoid creatures in the top photo. I didn't see anyone in the room with me when I took the image, but it seems like there are many transparent faces (?) of all kinds of creatures. I have other photos like this where a very elongated face with a pointy chin appears on my forehead and others, but they are not so easy to publish/view because you really have to squint/look and they tend to disappear if I adjust them for contrast. Let's just say that pictures of me for the last few years tend to have photo bombers of the unusual kind showing up in them.
This is the original image on the top, not retouched at all. 

Then on April 21st, 2014 these marks showed up on my arms:

Then at the beginning of May, 2014, this scoop mark appeared one morning on my left thumb.
 It faded/disappeared within a day:

Then this injection mark/scratch/weird mark appeared on my hairline within a day or two of the scoop mark on my thumb fading. It definitely felt like a puncture of some kind, as if a needle had stuck it. It wasn't a scratch I gave myself or a blemish. 

I also got the first case of edema I've ever had in my feet within a day or two of the scoop mark appearing on my thumb. My feet swelled up like balloons for two or three days and still are somewhat puffy, but have gone down to about half of what they were about five or six days ago, but it was hard to walk. They were comically swollen, literally looking like grotesque balloon versions of feet. Don't know if that was connected to any of this or not, but I could barely get my shoes on for three or four days there. (No photos available.)

I guess it would be pointless to ask you, John/Jane Q. Public what any of this is. 

But... if any of you know what any of this is, please tell me. I would be ever so curious to know.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is Nigella Lawson A Goddess? Russell Brand The Trews Ep28

"Imprinting" on the public of a "goddess" who has "fallen" sounds more occult ritual than you are willing at present to admit, Russell! Call it what it is- you never ask WHY the ritual is taking place in the first place. Why does it repeatedly happen again and again and again in the media? Why are so many "Gods" and "Goddesses" offered up in continual ritual "sacrifice" then? If not literally, then metaphorically? Either way sounds like a magickal working whether or not you choose to actually use the term. 
But good for you for pointing out the Lion and the (chained) Unicorn and the media's job in all that. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What's Up With The Black Budget?

It has never been easier to go down the rabbit hole and find out as an American the lies that have been perpetrated against our people in the name of "national security", the coverup of the ET reality, etc- but most people in the US lack the curiosity and the ability to ask vital questions to see this. 

Most Americans don't know what they should know. Most are incredibly naive and do not have an awareness of history, most have never even heard Eisenhower's parting speech that asked them to beware the buildup of the military industrial complex-- most don't even know that most private corporations in bed with the military are basically de facto extensions of the government, but because of corporate personhood status are not subject to freedom of information requests and auditing. 

Most Americans don't even know that 4 trillion dollars went missing from the federal budget from 1998-2002. Most Americans are not aware that the vast majority of those lost funds were siphoned into the secret space program (where much of the technology was taken and reverse engineered from crashed craft.) Most Americans actually think their tax dollars go where they say they are going, even though the money isn't going there, and most Americans are not aware that over 47% of every tax dollar they make goes straight into the military industrial complex. 

The media, owned by corporations beholden to these same interests, have no interest whatsoever in exposing this fact, nor is the academic or scientific industrial complex either for fear of losing funding. Most Americans are not aware that other reverse engineered technologies in the fields of nano tech and others are being developed to be used AGAINST the American people in the event of martial law or other civil unrest as a result of the inevitable bankruptcy of the United States due to unlimited funding siphoned from said Americans own tax dollars going into nothing more than the Breakaway Civilization that has been quietly building underground bases and UFOs and other hyperliminal exotic propulsion systems that can go to the ALREADY COLONIZED Mars in under six hours. 

Most people don't know that the place is already rigged and the elites like Donald Rumsfeld and others have been signing away on the dotted line the freedoms of each and every single American citizen for years in service to the "Great Plan" these globalist motherfuckers have had in mind for centuries that is about to come to fruition- they want to leave the planet and leave us all behind in destruction.

 I think this "Great Plan" will fail, but it requires awareness on the part of the majority of Americans, and 3 to 5 million awake or so is not going to be enough to topple the secret government that has built itself stealthily over decades with technology far surpassing the mainstream. 

It is going to take at least a third of the population to wake up and smell the coffee- 100 million people. Maybe 20 million can do it, but then you have to deal with the military and the Yanks inside there who are crazy enough to want to topple America- those people on the inside are Nazi Satanists, holdovers from Operation Paperclip- they are nut jobs and messianic delusionals who don't care about you or anyone else other than themselves. 

There is a pocket of America who are increasingly connecting the dots, I would say about 3 million or so and growing, who know full well what the military industrial complex is doing. I think a tipping point can be reached once a sincere public dialogue can take place about all of this (for more, research Catherine Austin Fitts incendiary article "What's Up With The Black Budget?" ) 

Once consensus can be reached/ hits about 20 or 30 million aware of this phenomenon, watch out. But until then, wake up your friends and family and send them this incendiary article Fitts wrote and discuss it to your heart's content:

Friday, May 2, 2014

"Ecclesiastical Discipline"

The terms "desert compound" or "have iron bars put on the windows" are never good signs either.

For more on the CoS mind control/L Ron's connection to my fave "Sea Org", The Office of Naval Intelligence/Satanism here:

and more weird, completely dysfunctional, anti-humanity info here about L. Ron and the CoS: