Friday, May 31, 2013


What was I just saying? Ahem! What have I been saying for almost a year now? 
OK, so don't get too caught up in labels - demons, aliens, negative entities, djinn, inter-dimensional unwanteds, satanic ritual abuse, voodoo, black magician magick: It's all pretty much the same. 
Freeloaders who want to hijack your soul and take it for a joyride. That's the bottom line.

How many times do I have to say "Own yourself!"


Puscifer - The Humbling River with Lyrics

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Era of Private Space Travel is Just Beginning - New York Magazine article

"This is not a rendering. It is a launching pad in the New Mexico desert for rocket planes that will send you into space for $200,000. It opens later this year."

I am concerned that this "sudden" influx of PR for space tourism has a darker side to it than is being published. As mentioned here: and here: at least one, possibly more of these guys who own this type of company is not driving the car.  

I am afraid that your worst sci-fi horror movie fantasies are about to come true. As in films and television shows like V, Alien, Species, The Host, Predator, They Live, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, etc., etc., the genre relies on the idea of stealth takeover rather than overt. Invasion from within is the name of the game in these things. 

I wonder if all these years this has been part of a predictive program ( as well. 

I don't think we can blame Project Bluebeam and a "false" "staged" alien invasion what with the onslaught of space tourism to come and then the inevitable? Where a billionaire in a space flight films a UFO or (God forbid) one of these vehicles is "shot down" by an "alien craft"? Which then prompts a (staged) unveiling? A massive event? Where someone prominent whom the media latches onto and who admits with verifiable proof to the ET engagement with the human species right before the majority of humanity is led off to concentration camps for re-education and God knows what else? 

The timing of the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure combined with the fact that many of the speakers and the organizer himself Stephen Bassett attended the Elon Musk mind control free-for-all last fall, combined with this space tourism/co-joint PR blitz about Mars colonization that seems to be occurring is quite frankly FREAKING ME OUT.

Now, the invasion is already here and has been here for decades. The people in power are not running the show. The people in power aren't even human, so the idea that this "false flag ET invasion" as mentioned by Werner von Braun to Carol Rosin on his death bed seems a bit naive now to say the least. But this buildup to-- something-- seems staged and orchestrated, and whenever that happens, I get nervous. And a buildup of insanity and people not owning themselves as well seems to be creating some kind of collaborative relationship here:

You are already being invaded. You are already being assaulted on multiple levels. At what point do you stand up and announce your sovereignty? At what point do you fight? It doesn't stop until you put your foot down, ladies and gentlemen. I hope to see a rise in people in the exorcism industry: not just priests, but healers, skeptics, scientists, all working together to try and solve this plight. I see people awakening en masse if we can collectively speak to each other in languages we can understand and if not, be able to translate that language across multiple platforms so everybody finally can see what's going on with a cold, clear, calm eye and finally, once and for all, get on the same page of empowerment.  

This is a warning: You have to own yourself. If you don't, you will die.  Sure, if you are "owned" by one of these things, your heart might still beat for another 30 or 40 years or so, but you will be dead inside. Own yourself. That involves releasing negative programs you have about yourself and re-structuring your DNA so that you don't let this sort of parasitic organism try to take you over again. You need to realize, respect, and remove the programs you have been mind controlled with all your life. Everyone has them. They might not be as dramatic as the ones that have been placed in me and others like me, but they are just as insidious and real and dangerous and lurking. Look around you. See all the people on auto-pilot plugged into something electronic so they don't have to have a real interaction with someone. Ownership of yourself is so important. It's the only thing that matters right now for any real progress and freedom and ending of enslavement to happen. 

It involves making those around you potentially uncomfortable. It involves not following the party line. It involves standing up for your convictions and saying you aren't going to accept the terms given to you. It involves being a stick-in-the-mud and risking appearing "difficult" and "unfashionable". 

So many of you aren't willing to do that. So many of you are lemmings, ladies and gentlemen. I am sorry, but it's true. So many of you think you have so much at stake and to lose if you do that, but what you fail to recognize is that nothing is more important than your soul. Nothing. Nada. Nichts. 

Remember that, even if you don't believe it or recognize it now. When the time comes, you will see what that means. If you have decided it's too late, guess what: it is. 

Stand up and fight for your rights, for your sovereignty.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

SpaceX, PayPal Founder Elon Musk Possible Anonymous Real Host of "Top Secret" Bilderberg-style UFO Researcher Summit In November, 2012/Rapid Increase In News Articles About Mars Colonization

Elon Musk is (update: possibly) the billionaire who really hosted the secret Bilderberg-style UFO conference in 
Bucks County, Pa. last November.

More on that here:

In addition to being completely owned by the Dow Grey aliens, he's also got his pound of flesh at the  ready with some shadowy illumined black sedan types as well. 

This man doesn't act alone- he works in concert with curious people in curious positions of power. They want to build a New World Order on the Moon, and are totally weird.

For all I know, he probably wanted the "top secret event"
 leaked this way. 

But Elon, the lights are on and no one is home. 
Your soul went for cheap if it was only a billion and change. 

Anyway, this is what he has planned:

Suddenly, Mars is a hot topic in the press. I wonder why. Other Mars missions have not garnered so many "spontaneous" public announcements from so many seemingly independent organizations before about their intentions to colonize. Maybe I'm just late to the party or something, but that's the way it seems to me. An intensification of these announcements at the very least seems to be happening.

In addition to Mr. Musk's announcement, there's this article:

And another organization that conveniently enough is a non-profit probably almost entirely privately funded by a billionaire (whenever that happens, it's a pretty safe bet that there's an Illuminati/Masonic/eugenics/transhumanist agenda behind it):

They fund and host this:

And of course, most of the people involved with this org have ties to NASA (Or as I like to call them "Nazis Assimilated So they could Assume power"), the academic/scientific industrial complex, the military, and other Masonic/occult orgs that invariably have ties to the Cult of Saturn, which is satanic.

Mars, by the way, plays a heavy role in the Cult of Saturn and is very important to them, so I would not be surprised if the timing of this also has a carefully unveiled PR campaign around it that has its own astrological chart for the best dates and times to unveil this information en masse.

Keep in mind, it's not that these interests and organizations haven't been here for a while, it's the timing and volume of announcements made in letting the general public know they exist and what their intentions are is what is interesting to me.

Here's another one:

Three of the four people chosen to be colonists on this one-way trip to Mars will have a nasty surprise waiting in store for them within the first two to three years of landing as they will most likely be torn limb from limb and eaten alive by Mars creatures who call the surface of the Red Planet their home. 
But that's progress for you.

Interesting that in the Cult of Saturn, Mars is symbolized as Osiris, the god of the afterlife, underworld, and the dead, and is often depicted as having green skin.

Gives new meaning to the term "Little green men from Mars" and may shed some light on the real intentions of these early "missions". In paganism, traditionally a sacrifice must be made to give thanks. 

Below the surface, Martians will probably want nothing to do with most, if any of these Earthlings. 
They might have a chuckle at the term "colonizers", though.

The whole Mars one-way trip is actually an elaborate ritual sacrifice, but that's another story altogether. If these industrialists don't know that life on Mars doesn't already exist, they are spending an awful lot of time, energy, and money on a so-called "dead" planet. 

This timed sudden push for colonizing Mars from so many media sources is troubling, and may have a predictive programming element to it as well.  Over what specifically, I cannot say.

More updates as they appear. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rihanna - Diamonds


What must have gone down at that summit, I guess! 

You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do!

I know, Desi.  I know. It's hard to explain this information sometimes. But it'll be okay. Eventually.

Bucks County, Pa., is known for its unique enclave of wineries.
One of the accomplishments of wealth are vanity vineyards, and the super rich have them dotted about both sides of the country as living testaments to the millions of dollars it takes to tend to a fickle product that requires years of fastidious and tireless attention, all for the possibility of half-a-decade or more's worth of work destroyed in one season due to drought,  flooding, or even just the wrong fertilizer used on a cluster of grapes. 

If the batch goes bad, it's often millions down the drain and years of work wasted. 
 It is the provenance of the idle rich. 
It is a status symbol.

People who care about that sort of thing (or, I suppose you could flip that and look at it as people who care about "rugged individualism" and perhaps a desire to simply make their own glass of wine) 
tend to also care about the trappings of this existence. 

Nice trappings, but trappings nonetheless. 
Houses, cars, boats, future ex-wives' alimonies: this stuff takes time and dedication and work and people to tend to it all!

It's "what you do" if you are trying to keep up with the Joneses.
 It's hive mind. 

So it struck me as curious that I received calls last November from not one, but two researchers in the fields of Cryptozoology and UFOlogy respectively about attending a "Shh, don't tell anyone, it's secret!" Bilderberg-style UFO summit in Bucks County.  The first researcher called to ask me if he thought it was a good idea for him to go, and the second one called to ask if I would like to be a 
"Plus-1 standby" in the event his other healer friend couldn't make it. 

Apparently a very wealthy individual who made his money on the internet was hosting a three-day blowout to wine and dine to within an inch of their lives 30 of UFOlogy's most up and coming and influential researchers in the field.

Keep in mind I said the people invited were considered influential. They were not necessarily the best and the brightest, but the ones who get attention or were estimated to based on feats of research they had accomplished recently that got a lot of press. 

Many of these names in attendance ARE some of the best and the brightest in the field, and have contributed much in their unique positions as whistleblowers, educators, and public servants for breaking the truth embargo on the 60+ year silence on the reality of the extraterrestrial engagement with the human race and its subsequent side effects as a result.  

We have much to thank most of these people attending for their tireless and diligent work in the field and I respect (most of) them who were in attendance. But I have to ask why something like a celebratory weekend of people in the fields of UFOlogy would have to be a secret, and why anyone in a field that supposedly has a vested interest in that which has to do with truth and transparency for all would be attending something that (I think) required signing a non-disclosure agreement? 

That seemed fishy, and was the first red flag that went up at the same time the hairs on the back of my neck did as well. 

"Do you think I should go?" One of the researchers (who is also a friend) asked me. "NO. There's a heavy mind control element. I am begging you not to do this, ________." But, intrepid explorer that this young man is, I could hear the lovely smile in his voice as he said "Ha, I'll be alright, Anya. I'm protected. I know how to take care of myself." I begged him to at least say a prayer of protection before going in and he promised me he would.

I didn't have a good feeling about him going and when we hung up the phone, I couldn't help but feel like it was the last time I would speak with him as "him" again. It felt like it was the summer after high school graduation and we would go our separate ways,  losing touch permanently.

It was a very melancholy moment. I have not really spoken with this person since. As predicted. 
He stopped returning my calls, and the only contact I've had with him since last year is a one line comment he left on Facebook about "how we have to talk soon". His energy around this statement (since I am a unique authority on reading bioenergy off of people's Facebook comments and due to the fact that I am a bonafied  professional weirdo) seemed dreamy, distant, and druggy. 
These are not words I would have ever used before when describing this man.

Two days after I spoke with Researcher #1, I got a call from the second researcher to tell me about this event and to invite me as a "Plus-1 Standby".

 This person is prominent in the field of UFOlogy for newsbreaking stories about the infamous Dulce, New Mexico ("alleged") underground military base (supposedly joint run as a human/ET secret base of operations) and has helped blow the lid off of strange goings on at this place corroborated by a groundbreaking interview he did with someone who supposedly worked there in the late '70s/early '80s. He's had A LOT of harassment as a result and he deserves an award for all of the hard work he's done. 

But both people calling me up and telling me about this event seemed to have multiple things going on while they were telling me about it. 
First, there was the genuine interest they had in hearing what I thought about the event intuitively as one of the levels of inquiry, the second level to this was perhaps an insurance policy just in case something happened to them, that they would have at least told someone about it in advance as a warning to others that something was wrong if something did go wrong, and thirdly, that perhaps there was some remote influencing already going on with these people to attend and that calling me was perhaps a subconscious cry for help to try and break any siren song they were hearing by having someone like me dissuade them from going. 

I am sorry to say I failed in that final request if it was that. I have a lot of sorrow over this and on breaking the silence over this, because it does not make me happy to see so many names here in attendance at this event. 

Now here's where things get really weird (and it wouldn't be my blog if they didn't):

It wasn't just that these researcher friends were probably already "hooked" in to some kind of heightened suggestive state that prevented them from free will or choice in the matter, but that the people who were possibly negatively remotely influencing them were not human.

There, I just said it.

Yes, dear readers, it's true: the energy I was getting off this event was that this anonymous billionaire figure who hosted 30 influential people in the field of UFO research is completely and totally owned by the Dow Grey (Martian?) aliens. 

The Dow are not necessarily programmed lifeforms either like most typical grey beings sent to poke and prod people in abductions. No, no, this group had the misfortune of being fully alive and owned by their genetic code in a way that most Greys don't have the "privilege" of owning. 

The trouble with this group owning their own code, however is this: they're kind of insane. This is the same group of Grey aliens who hover over the Robert Bigelow-of-Bigelow Aerospace-owned Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and do the cow mutilations and whatever else experiments to tamper with the Dow's genetic code to keep them from dying out (Which they are.) 

But the problem with this is, in order to sample and test and experiment with saving their race, they have for whatever reason decided to hover over that area of the country in two timelines at the same time.  And due to the temporal dynamics of that unique situation, it's making them nuts. 

The decision-making capabilities of this group of "people" as my guides are calling them are uniquely formed to make decisions with the human race without the humans knowing about it. 
The Dow are running scared now, however, because of plots to destroy the nefarious nature of years of negative influence and mind control they've enacted on the populace and that information is running down/breaking down for lack of a better term. 
The tech is broken and the machine is showing its cracks. 

Hence this 11th hour freakout in Pennsylvania in an attempt at dominion over part of the UFO research community that influences thought and opinion for millions if not billions around the world who are interested in this sort of thing. 

It's primarily the Dow Greys intentions in this regard to keep people owned and they don't like what I'm doing by posting this, but whatever.  It's not like we're going to hug it out and go to brunch afterwards. 

They were (some of) the original progenitors of Mars is what I am getting, ladies and gentlemen. 
They have utilized their abilites of mind control and genetic manipulation to partially seed the population of the planet, and over time, most of the people of Mars look very much in size and shape and proportion like we do due to mixing of races -- and of breeds -- from all over the galaxy. 
People on Mars are a dime a dozen, and not all of them are humanoid, if you dig me.

I would refer you to the recent photographs William Stilling has posted (but I haven't obtained permission to post here yet) for some interesting images coming from the Mars Rover Curiosity lately that either he or someone else has added colorization to and the results are stunning. 
There's at least one image of a cluster of very, very human looking people on the surface of Mars looking at the Rover with curious smiles on all their faces.

Not the least connective tissue to this of all is because the man who hosted this event in Pennsylvania is widely known for being openly interested (obsessed is really more the accurate term here) with the concept of Mars colonization. 

I can tell you that my feelings towards and associations with the planet Mars have not been good ones. In fact, mostly my association and the feeling I get with Mars is overwhelmingly icky. 
Not a very scientific term, but an accurate one. Vague nausea is the feeling I get when I even have to think about Mars or colonies on Mars. I don't know what that is, but it's not a good thing. What little association I have had with people coming out to the press about being approached to be a part of Mars colonies, having done teleportation jumps and claims of having spent time there (as well as possibly having some recovered memories myself of the place),  as well as this:

kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I have to think about it. 

So, I have since learned to trust those feelings on something or someone, because very often you have a basis for something correct when you do. It's called trusting your gut. 
I know it's not very scientific, but it's served me well lately.

Anyhoo, back to the fête in Pennsylvania:

After my initial mention of this event on Facebook not too long ago, one wife of a researcher who attended (she was also invited but didn't go) phoned me up and the concern in her voice was noticeable.

 She also told me that about six people had contacted her since this event happened and had mentioned with concern to her that her husband was behaving like he was on drugs but wasn't on them. His wife told me he started acting that way after he got back from this event in Pennsylvania. 
Terms to describe his behavior used were "he seemed out of sorts", "like he was on drugs", "dreamy" and "out of it". 

I detail these reports further in a recent James Gilliland interview recorded on May 20th of this year  about the event further and on a bigger picture level, the all-out assault on consciousness happening behind the scenes designed to not only possess human beings, but to distort and confuse the true information that gets out there in order to further confuse the "agenda" of these Grey ETs working side by side and above the capstone of the authorities of Earth:

I shudder to think what the final end game application for this is, if at all. If it has to do with Werner von Braun's statements to Carol Rosin about it being a staged false flag "alien invasion" that the stage is currently set for or otherwise, I don't know, but Mars seems to play a role in this - whatever it is- and it doesn't look good from my standpoint. 

The more people become aware of the ET presence engaging the human race, it's a pretty safe bet that the Powers That Be will take steps to manage that content through deliberately planted disinfo and muddying of the waters.

I am not posting these names because I want to humiliate anyone or discredit anyone. Many of these people have contributed much to the field of UFOlogy and I post these names precisely because I don't want them to be discredited through alien means (literally and figuratively). 

I care about them and their best, highest interests, even if I don't like some of them personally. 
Some of these people I care about deeply and am posting this because they are friends and colleagues and I truly want them to be safe and intact and sane and sovereign. 

I truly believe that if these men who contacted me about the event didn't want a safety valve to get this information out, they wouldn't have asked me about it. I would have wanted someone to do the same thing for me if the tables were turned. 

Ask yourself: what is the truly loving thing to do here? To remain silent while you watch your friends change and become strange, or try to alert them, however publicly about it (I can assure you private conversations would consist of: "I'm glad you're worried about me but I'm FINE, Anya" and nothing would happen except they would get even more distant and remote). 

I've also found that direct confrontations of people who are mind controlled sometimes react violently and break off contact with people they care about, so I had to approach that in a surreptitious way. 
I know some of the people who attended this thing have, as James Gilliland calls it when someone is taken over by an entity, perhaps permanently "gone dark", but some of these people are worth saving.

 It's not my business to mention who I personally think on this list is beyond help. But I do think for the purposes of disclosure and truth (something these people give lots of lip service to and claim to care a lot about), we should critically examine this, in my opinion, truly bizarre event last November and question these people why it happened, what the circumstances were, what was spoken of, and who was officially in attendance. 

I know that a number of mind control techniques were used to hook people into this thing. Neurolinguistic programming started with the wording of the invitation and didn't stop until these people were brought back to their individual homes after it was over. 

Some researchers were really worked over with a variety of methods to attend, something they might not have normally done under other circumstances if they were in their right head: Drugs were used, possibly even scopolamine (Devil's Breath) in the water and food. 

The only thing I hear that came of this event was raves about the food and drinks served. 
Nothing more. What I do know is that is the only info of the official story of what went down, that a lovely time was had by all, but those could have been screen memories. 

Especially since I picked up that three or four researchers were actually taken to a deep underground military base not far from (about 25 miles under/away) the site of the party and worked over mentally for days. 
People saw people slip away at the party and didn't return for more than 15 minutes or even hours. 
Sometimes a few seconds or minutes of influential neurolinguistic programmed conversations when a person is tipsy is all it takes. 

There's a recipe book for all kinds of mind control programming and it's not necessarily as simple as a guy swinging a pocket watch in front of a person's face saying "You're getting very sleepy" over and over again.

The saddest part of all of this is the researchers who didn't need any coaxing to go to this thing and didn't think there was anything wrong in the first place. The ones who had no reservations about going are already owned by the Dow and don't even know it to begin with in most instances. 
Those types are particularly dark and worked over. 
Arrogance and an over arcing theme of "All ETs are good" is usually what hooks those types in.

There is a small silver lining here: three or four of the researchers in attendance were immune to the mind control and went either because they wanted to know more and to know how the machine "ticks", and/or were protected by benevolent ET races of varying types and/or are angelic human to begin with and thus immune to the powers of seduction by which the billionaire tried to
 "bring them in". 

Those people are to be applauded for their "Daniel in the Lion's Den" courage and fortitude and I by no means wish to vilify them. But they had to be mentioned. Everyone who went had to be mentioned. 

This is by no means a complete list. I am going by memory of what the researchers who I was in touch with told me who would be there and from text messages I received by one of the researchers while he was at the event. 

Without any further ado, the names of the attendees I can 100% say attended:

Micah Hanks
Anthony F. Sanchez
Scotty Roberts
Stephen Bassett
Kerry Cassidy
Miriam Delicado
Chip Coffey

UPDATE, MAY 25TH, 2013:

A reliable source just provided me with several more names of attendees who definitely,
100% attended:

Leo Sprinkle
Mel Fabregas
Stanton Friedman
James Fox
Kim Carlsberg


Col. John Alexander

Proof of the attendance of the following men at an event in Bucks Co., Pa., last November:

And possible attendees (not at all 100% sure if they attended or not, but could have very easily):

Paola Harris
Nick Pope
Richard C. Hoagland
Bob Dean
Marcia Shafer
Grant Cameron
Whitley Strieber

Bill Birnes
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Graham Hancock
Erich von Däniken
Jordan Maxwell

Obviously, if you are a researcher who did NOT attend this event and want me to remove your name, by all means tell me and I will be happy to do so. I am going off of memory and text messages from over six months ago, so obviously the list of possible attendees is vague at best.
But I am 100% certain that the list of attendees who I know definitely attended is correct.
I waited this long to say something because I wanted to give everyone in attendance the benefit of the doubt to speak up about it if there was a way to do so. 

If this was an important meeting and even had no mind control element to it, I would still want to know about it. What is so secretive that this billionaire would require such privacy over topics that would concern the reality of the extraterrestrial engagement of the human race, which, let's face it, was PROBABLY a topic of discussion at some point and time during that weekend.

Anyway, that's what I've got, take it or leave it. I think this event has disturbing implications for truth and transparency in the UFO community and the pursuit of said truth. But maybe that's just me.

UPDATE, JUNE 18TH, 2013:

There were some names removed from the original "100% attended" list. Sorry!
Clerical and scheduling error.

 Here's more on this:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"America's Secret Chernobyl"

Re: "Mini nuclear reactors" the Air Force was using- related to Lady Judge Barbara Thomas (possibly?) and her company. This totally makes sense about my prediction around this zone of the country. I had no idea this was even a problem there or that this was even an issue.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prediction made on my Facebook page came true re: bombing on Syrian border

On Wednesday, May 8th, I was overcome with a very strong feeling that I had to post a prediction right away. It was 5:36 pm ET US. 

"There's going to be retaliatory mortar fire on Syria as soon as tomorrow or in the next 72 hours or so."

I posted this on my Facebook page ( my computer died on Monday, so no screenshots available, but it is still posted.)

So this morning (Saturday, May 11th, 2013), what do I find but this:

Car Bombs Kill 43 in Turkey Near Syrian Border (Reuters)


Among one of the  weird "coincidences" found in my prediction was that the border town's neighborhood afflicted by these attacks were filled with thousands of Syrian refugees.  So yes, the attacks were literally ON Syria(ns). And of course Turks as well, unfortunately. 

My deepest condolences to the families of the dead and prayers for swift healing of the minds, bodies, and souls of the wounded. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Prediction - Airplane crash with U.S. Officials on board in Spring of 2014

Note: Many of you are finding me via a disinformation blog called "Former White Hat". FWH is an amalgam of disinfo agents, including, but not limited to, a man by the name of Michael Hemmingson. Guest contributors have also included Michael Prince, aka James Casbolt. While I can excuse the ongoing disinfo and smear campaign against me by Prince/Casbolt due to mental illness, I cannot excuse the actions of Hemmingson.  I am clearly not a member of the "black cabal" nor am I their "Illuminati puppet". If anything, I abhor this. I hate that I feel a need to mention this as a note, but some of you are too damned gullible for your own good. As always, use discernment. Don't believe me if you don't want to, I pray I am wrong in this below listed prediction, but I swear on all I hold dear, whatever fallibility I own is through honest mistakes and not the deliberate malice of someone as delusional and sick as Michael Hemmingson or Prince. Blessings, Anya

- Plane crash with US officials on board, legal/law related, could be a US Marshal and/or Judge on board

- Happens within the first four months of the new year, 2014, most likely in March or if not,
 in the spring of 2014.

- Crash happens on or around:

- San Pedro, Espanola, New Mexico or near the San Pedro River in Arizona
- A place in New Mexico or Arizona with salt flats (Death Valley?) or with the name Salt in it
- Northern New Mexico
- A northern central road
- New Mexico/Arizona border
- Near a desert springs or near a business or area called "Desert Springs" (California?)
- Palm Desert (California?)
- A river in Arizona or New Mexico

- Plane coming from or containing people from possibly Oklahoma, Texas, or Washington, DC going west (to California?) May be coming from Washington, DC, or have representatives aides from there on board

- U.S. Official like a Judge on board

- Court case surrounding deaths of this will involve the Environmental Protection Agency for some reason

- Don't know how this relates yet, but there is something to do either in transit or revolving around a court case having to do with either:

- Land mass

- Land rights

- Land negotiations

- Possible whistleblowing?

- Someone on board was in process of going to a "crowd hearing" (class action lawsuit?)

- Possibly a famous person inside plane, connected to law somehow

This may be a downed plane on purpose because of incriminating testimony that a person was either about to give or was waiting to give to the people on board (possible whistleblower testimony)

The phrase "field parts" as in heavy farm equipment or heavy machinery may be involved/connected to this somehow as is the phrase "Highway grounds".

The plane is small, a 29 seater? At most it is medium-size, not huge. Have no idea what to compare it to as I am not an expert on aviation, but at most it holds only a modest amount of people on board. Might be a commuter jet.

See the color red with triangle shapes associated with the company who owns the jet. Don't see the logo, but the color is red.

The song "I've Got A Name" by Jim Croce is associated somehow with this crash.
The lyrics "Rollin' me down the highway/ Movin' ahead so life won't pass me by" show up
 and I hear that part of the song affiliated with this incident.

- 1-9 fatalities

- If there are any survivors, one or more of them will be in a neck brace and/or in traction for a minimum of 6 months to a year.

Can't pick up any names directly from this yet, but names involved with this case sound like "Door", "Doorman", "Dorchester",  "Dart" - if there is a last name, it might be something like "Dohrer".

Ring of Fire


The blog post where I trash remote viewing and the industry around it

  Why you should never trust any ex-military intel person who teaches remote viewing:


Cathi Morgan shares her brave and excellent research into the covert and/or illegal use of LSD and other mind altering drugs on unwitting and unwilling human test subjects and most of the architects of these programs conveniently enough were also pioneers and advocates of the fields of remote viewing and espionage.

If remote viewers are such good prognosticators, then why don't they do what I do for a living instead of just teaching the highest bidder, regardless of their intentions or scruples, how to do remote viewing? 

And if everyone is such a good remote viewer, then why aren't any of these people being taught these techniques doing what I do? Where are their accurate predictions? 

Oh, maybe it's because what they are doing is not really the best form of clairvoyance or any sort of useful mechanism for predicting future events. Maybe it's something else. 

Not to talk smack, but if being taught the remote viewing protocol is all it takes to be psychic, we'd all be doing what I do. And YET... there aren't any stepping forward who I know besides the military guys who haven't gotten anything right publicly in the last 15 or 20 years. 

Whatever happened to the RVers who said they'd seen the future and "didn't see anything after 2012"? 

How many remote viewers predicted the Boston bombing? There's just a lot of holes that appear with the cult of remote viewing that so conveniently gets lumped in with psychic ability that I have not been able to integrate any of easily, if at all. 

Remote viewing is just spying.

It is not the end all, be all, and is not a useful indicator or predictor of future events.
It is not the magic bullet. It is not the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of psychic tools. 

Otherwise, the Powers That Be wouldn't need to abduct me from my home at gunpoint, drug me and drag me from my home. Me, a civilian with no aspirations towards the military at all, spirited away to an underground facility to be used as some kind of Jean Grey for their nefarious purposes.

If remote viewing was already something the military could perfect and repeatedly use with successful results, then they'd already have their own Jean Greys doing it on the payroll. But they don't. They have to crowd source for the really terrifyingly talented ones.

 And of course they didn't abduct me and use me just for remote viewing purposes if they already do have an army of Jeans.  I think I may have also been used in experiments and operations that telekinetically more or less resemble the prom scene in Carrie, but I digress.

If remote viewing is the ne plus ultra, one-size-fits-all solution to everything psychic prediction anywhere ever, no one is saying anything about it publicly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Predictive Programmed Purge?


This movie looks really dumb, by the way. 

But the "Nothing is ever going to be okay again" line followed by a release date of  May 31 is troubling, because I was thinking around Memorial Day weekend 2013 a false flag could happen, mentioned in a recent post here:

and here:

Interesting that this film is called "The Purge". 

The title for me couldn't help but bring to mind other "purges" throughout history: 

 I also find it interesting that the filmmakers and distributors decided upon this
topic to greenlight, this way to edit the trailer and promote the film, a movie about
 a home invasion on a state-sanctioned day of crime that promotes a virtually unemployment-free world as a result while "America the Beautiful" plays in
the background.

Order through chaos.

Not sayin', just sayin'.

UPDATE: 10 hours later: