Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last time I am saying this. PS: I love you and the journey you are on.

Hey, New Agers! It is time to stop acting like the secret government doesn't exist (excuse me "has no reality for you") and accept that many people have been subjected to military abductions, mind control experiments, and the like. 

Hey, anti-NWO and conspiracy theorist types! It is time to start trusting, stop being so paranoid, and understand that you are a magnificent being of light who has lived before and you will live again. So what can the NWO do to you, really?

 I feel like I am going through my parents divorce all over again: Which side should I choose?

 The reality of my story is YES it is light and YES it is dark. That's the *reality* of the situation. 

Don't tell me what the definition of unity is. Unity is many things: for me it is listening and sharing and healing through sharing and listening and showing respect for people's opinions, not just getting together in a field somewhere and sharing a big group hug. Unity has many expressions. 

If I have to talk about being a military abductee, I will. It is a form of healing. If I have to talk about love and light, I will as well. Information is just that. It cannot intrinsically harm you. 

What, are we children here? Because I feel like many of you are behaving as such. GROW UP! Dark as well as light exists! Not just one or the other! We are all incredible manifestors, start acting like one and believe that you can share the dream of unity and oneness in a panoply of ways. Stop being so orthodox within that definition, because what you are doing is creating duality yet again. 

Go dancing with your shadow self. Get over your phobias. Buy your inner angel a drink. Entertain angels unaware. Make friends, not enemies with the "other side" and see what happens. I guarantee you won't get your head bitten off. I've lived to see both sides and I am fine. You are stronger than you realize, children. 

Love and Light,


Friday, June 11, 2010

For what it's worth, my thoughts on A'Shayana Deane's new interview on Project Camelot

I don't mean to speak ill of lightworkers and people with good intentions... but I am deeply concerned by some statements made in the recent Project Camelot interview by A'Shayana Deane.

Within the first five minutes, she states that "channeling is dangerous" and then proceeds to take 10 minutes of exposition just to make the first statement. If you are really connected to Source and really listening to truth and heart-based "mechanics", you are not in mind like that. It is not an astrophysics theorem. If you are speaking truth, you simply speak it, the terminology of "ascension mechanics" does not require so much labyrinthian set up to explain. You just say it.

I am deeply concerned that this woman is in fact being contacted, but not by the kinds of "love and light, service to others" ETs she claims from a group she refers to as the "Galactic Alliance". It is normally not my place to be so bold in speaking publicly about another person "in the field" so to speak, but when someone says "channeling is dangerous" my feelers/antennae go up immediately. My feelers are saying "this woman is fear based and being manipulated" at the core- and not only that, she goes on to say that the Wingmakers material is subversive and dangerous for the following reasons (response on Kerry Cassidy's blog from James himself):


The identity of the WingMakers is not how I have portrayed them, but rather they are a fallen race of ETs with a dark agenda. 

2) That the WingMakers art and music activate a DNA response from those who view or listen to the material that brings about a negative merkaba. 

3) That the WingMakers caused the recent earthquakes in Chile, killing innocent lives.

I would use caution when being given information by anyone in esoterica who says "you are wrong and I am right, and I have been the one to 'set the record straight' and tell you what it really is." That is cult-mind at work, ladies and gentlemen. 

No one has all the information, nor is esoteric information verifiable on any kind of scientific methodology as pertains to "ascension mechanics".

She gets out charts, presents words and terms that frankly don't resonate and sound completely made-up, and in turn to James's response on the blog, she reacts defensively and acts like he was the one in the wrong for defending his writings (which, admittedly for the sake of complete personal disclosure, are in complete service-to-others mode, if you ask me.) 

James' work rings true for me, this woman's does not. In full truth, I have not given the interview the full attention it deserves, and I need to review it further, but if you cannot explain or express in plain language ascension mechanics, you have no business delving so deeply. It does not require made up terms, or any kind of claim of "expert" or "specialty" status, and certainly would not involve warning people off of the work of a man who has served tirelessly and with great humility for the good of humanity by empowering them in awakening with such love and compassion. 

All that is required in explaining or expressing ascension mechanics is the pure intention of LOVE and heart. The rest will follow.

I do not trust this woman as far as I could throw her, but I leave it up to you to decide for yourself. My opinion may change as I absorb more of her information, but my first impression of A'shayana Deane is not a good one, ladies and gentlemen. Just some food for thought. 

Love and Light,


(link to Kerry's blog with letters from both James and A'shayana:

ADDENUM: For those of you who have not had a chance to read the comments on this post, A'shayana Deane is 100% definitively Anna Hayes the contactee. The sudden need for an identity change is very suspicious to me- people are emailing me as well saying that suddenly most if not all of the Anna Hayes videos on Youtube are no longer posted on the site. Alter egos don't bode well with me, it smacks too much of dissociative identity disorder. It may be one thing for a rock star to do that for "creative license",  but when it is a member of the esoteric community, I am always suspicious. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself what the meaning of this is.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chi balls, astral agents, bilocation, and more!

Lately the newest neat little trick I've learned about is bilocation... also am now getting downloaded (from other awakened starseeded humans now, *not* just ETs!) and have the ability to create chi balls, throw negative astral agents out on their kiester, etc.

You can ALL do this, people. It ain't that hard. On the quantum field, once you have paid attention to something, it is there, manifested, in your face, this absolute gift from the universe, *begging* you to take advantage of it and to learn from it.

  Don't run and hide, it's so much fun and so empowering, you have no idea. 

The Powers That Be want you to be so scared of yourself you s**t your pants every time you ponder the magnificence that is your multi-dimensional self.  It's been designed this way for too long. 
But the reality is, it is also your birthright as a human being born on Planet Earth to learn about these abilities and to grow from them and from others good works as well.