Friday, November 27, 2009

Final McKinnon plea fails....

From Exopolitics World Network and Ross Hemsworth:

British Home Secretary Alan Johnson has refused to halt the extradition of alleged hacker Gary McKinnon and he may well now be extradited to the USA this side of Christmas.

I ask you all to write to the British government in every way possible by e-mail, post and to all departments to stop this abuse of human rights. The crime was committed here in the UK and under our own laws,m Gary should be tried here in the UK and not extradited to face life in prison in the USA, just for trying to found out the TRUTH about UFO's!;

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Could Tell You, But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me


And a guest blog for Powell's books by the author, who has some additional patches on the page I believe not listed in the book- seriously intriguing stuff, for me particularly the "Altair" patch- I dunno why.

More secret space program info

Had another "falling off my chair" moment: at about 2:40 of this video, it states that the ***Orion*** Project (again, their continuing obsession with this star system) was created to send nuclear warheads into space. Now I can't obviously prove that this would be materiel for nuclear *power* as well, but my contacts in Solar Warden told me that in order to have this "experiment of hope" happen, the ETs had to agree to letting the system be powered by nuclear since it was primarily being funded by the Bilderberg group and their defense interests, believe it or not. That's what I was told, obviously I have no way of verifying it.

It is a very uneasy alliance according to my star being contacts, they realize how volatile and frankly stupid it is to use nuclear power to go into deep space travel, time portals/worm holes and the like, but they agreed to it because- and again, I have no way of proving this- it was "divinely decreed" and that it was "time" to finally allow us to be truly galactic citizens in spite of the minority's lack of sensitivity or insight into the profundity and danger of that decision.

Regardless of the reckless decision, someone on high apparently seems to think we are ready and that they obviously made provisions to see that something was overriding the system so they wouldn't accidentally blow themselves up and cause an intergalactic nuclear holocaust in the process.

Nonetheless, the presence of this patch indicating that nuclear warheads are being sent- into space- God knows where- is intriguing to say the least. It's definitely in line with what my contacts in Solar Warden told me, I really had no idea this "Orion Project" even existed until just now. The top secret patches reveal all kinds of interesting secret space program symbols and especially symbols that I recognized immediately as being relevant geographically to the beings who are contacting me, namely beings from the Orion star system, the Annunaki in Nibiru, and others. I don't know why, but those patches look really familiar to me... And then of course at 3:22 there's a curious looking, as the poster describes it "dimensional gate"... hmmm... very curious... Oh, I remember where I saw these patches- they come from a book called "I Could Tell You, But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me" about real black ops patches. Highly recommended book. How the author got ahold of them, I have no idea. But they look real.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So cool.

Hello Anya,
Many thanks for your fb friend request.
You have a cool motto on your page... "if you can't stand the weird, get out of the paradigm." I love it!
all the best,
Richard Dolan

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh my God. Seriously, don't ask me how this came to me, because I don't even know what half of this stuff means.

So I'm on my kick lately with LinkedIn, and I come across this inquiry in one of my groups (fyi it's a consultants' group) and a member brought this interesting inquiry up about the future of Business Intelligence. 

So what happens but suddenly I find myself typing out this response. 

It was my guides of course, but I swear to God I've barely even heard of the term "anodyne" much less what it can do.   (Google "Anodyne techniques" and see what pops up) Turns out it is highly relevant to interfacing with biological processes:

Group Topic:
Business Intelligence gets "Sixth Sense". 

Question: What are your Sixth Sense ideas?

Check out:

Pranav Mistry of MIT has morphed the cellphone, projector, camera and a few other devices to create something that looks like it’s pulled from the pages of a science fiction book. Check out the videos on the link above.

What does it mean for BI: interactive reports projected on the walls of elevators as people continue their discussions after heading out from meeting rooms? Reports dynamically structured basis who is participating in the discussions?

What are your Sixth Sense ideas?

My answer (where it came from, heaven only knows):

Interesting query, considering I am a practicing psychic intuitive consultant who literally carries the "sixth sense"!

I would say this: the future of business technology remains to be seen, but the forging ahead of new technology will maintain steady growth in the fields of anodyne technology- fields of research into anodyne techniques and growth patterns will reveal certain factions of brain-to-computer nanotech that solidify the mind-body resolution of the scale ratio of skin-to-growth necessary to feed that arc. 

Yes, friends, nanotech is the next great frontier and don't be surprised if microchips start playing a role in all of this. Some would say it is the "New World Order" of things, but I prefer to call it "luck of the draw" as to who comes forth with the next great interface system for collaboration in this field of mind-body-spirit that it seems to be taking.

Next we'll take the heart and soul of this: For instance: keep buying up stocks that seem to be futile declarations of this sort or the other, we'll be seeing nanotechnology making a comeback in a big way. The next 6-8 years will be a boon for the future service industries as well related to frontier technology such as this. Integrated microchipping will instill a fear in others that it would be too invasive, but essentially the practice of microchipping is done externally already, and the GPS systems found in the cell phone or microphone of every semi-conductor are taking over the gain to be had in business software. Make sure you see fit to check out the number of other features and accommodations regarding chipping in the near future as it will foretell the nature of the beast as pertains to all things convenient and portable.

This is what I feel like most of the time.

I just love this image. Very much what my DNA activation felt like. "Lifted" from the Humanity Healing site.If you are a conscious entrepreneur/healer, consider putting your listing there to support their efforts.

I am also on LinkedIn if you are interested in a business building collaboration:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brief interview with Adrian Hicks that includes picture of woman ET he saw "walking the high street".

This is very much how Aya and Ra'I'El's bodies and faces looked like. Not the clothing though. They were both wearing fitted suits that looked like cat burglar or deep sea diving outfits. But their arms were doing the same sort of wavy thing and they sort of had this snake-like sideways walk that is very hard to describe.

British councilman encountered ET in 2004, calls for ET disclosure as result. "It changed my life."

This is just remarkable. It's been out for a month at least, how did I not hear about this sooner? Amazing. The description he gives about her walk is very accurate to my experience viewing two beings walk as well. They were also blonde. One of them was Aya and the other was Ra'I'El, my Orion ("We are from Betelgeuse") friend.

Does anyone reading this know about timeline differentials? Please enlighten me.

Today they spoke with me for an hour- they said it was necessary to slow down the "timeline differential" in me in order to best facilitate the learning curve I was on. Anyone care to speculate what that means? The conversation lasted for about an hour about what I was gearing up to do and so forth in the next 18 months or so (they do this once in a while as a kind of "tune up" session), but after they mentioned the timeline differential, I saw a field of triangles- holographic triangles- they were iridescent and had a golden yellow glow- just hundreds of triangles floating in front of my eyes. This lasted for about five seconds or so and then slowly faded away. Then the conversation continued on uninterrupted.

Welcome to my world!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmm.

I mean really. Do they REALLY expect us to just blindly take it anymore and not notice? This timeline is getting very interesting:

Exhibit A:
Water on the moon announced officially at rush hour on a Friday afternoon.

Exhibit B:
A week and a half before Obama is supposed to disclose something really, really big about something or other regarding the ET engagement with the human race, and three days after they officially find water on the moon, he goes to visit the Prime Minister of Japan and his wife, whom the press cannot get enough of because she claims she was abducted by aliens and went to Venus on a spaceship- Reuters, every news outlet covered this. Front page stuff.

Note the press and the home office went ape doo-doo when he did a full formal, traditional Japanese bow for the Emperor and his wife in front of the press. I believe that was sending a VERY clear message to the Powers That Be that he was bowing to the Japanese way of doing things- maybe even their incredibly enthusiastic and open attitude towards disclosure. It was, shall we say, a very "symbolic" bow of ways and means to come.

Exhibit C:
Now this conspicuous heap of junk aka the Space Shuttle Atlantis is getting ready to be "replaced by a capsule-style spacecraft called ***Orion*** that can travel "to the moon and other places in the solar system". Don't even get me started on the fact that the shuttle was called Atlantis and this new thingy is named after where supposedly portions of the Annunaki come from. Not to mention that NASA is an occultist's wet dream. (Do the research- the place consists of nothing but Freemasons, Nazis, and Magicians in the Alistair Crowley tradition.)

Indeed, Watson. The game is afoot!

Not to mention I keep getting downloaded and visited out the wazoo and the beings keep saying "The game is afoot" over and over again! They just did it to me again today.


Friday, November 13, 2009

It's official: Water on the moon. And they release it at rush hour on a Friday.,0,2036369.story

LOTS of interesting inconsistencies about the nature of the "explosion" on the moon in this article- also very interesting is this part:

The scientists hinted that other surprises may be coming in the next few months, as they continue studying the data from the mission, dubbed the LCROSS. "The full understanding of the LCROSS data may take some time. The data is that rich"

This raises my HMMMMMM factor by 9.



Oh. Wow. Wowy wow.

Ok, so I mentioned the trigger words yesterday. For some reason I was compelled to watch a video XChronicles on Youtube made about Dr. Jonathan Reed, "The most controversial man in exopolitics". If you are not familiar with the sad but truly astonishing tale of this incredibly brave man, you must familiarize yourself with his story. Many dismiss him as a hoaxter, I simply cannot because he has had contact with the same Rigel reptilians I have, except I called them the "chalk whites" for a long time before I knew who they were (they didn't tell me where they were from until months later.)

Many discredit this man, many of those people are paid CIA/NSA employees hired to discredit him, and shame on the researcher or film maker who dismisses his evidence out of hand. His story is well known in most other parts of the world, but once again the media suppression on his particular case in the United States is appalling. I think in part this is due to the manufactured controversy that unfortunately precedes him and it has done an excellent job of throwing off/scaring away journalists who would otherwise want to pursue the story.

XChronicles actually is an acquaintance of mine to be perfectly transparent about this, and he doesn't know I am promoting this video either, fyi. But he has asked to interview me and has told me Dr. Reed knows about me as well. Neither of them have asked me to post this as I haven't even told them about this, but I will be sending it their way now!

So as par for the course, the trigger word gets weird: I am watching this video and Mr. Raith says one of my trigger words: Mariposa. I was making some tea while this was happening and I stopped dead in my tracks and said "Omigod" about 57 times. Check out what "Mariposa" is. (Around 2:40 on the video.)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shocking new corroborations about S-4 bases (Area 51, underground bases, aliens, etc) from two sources of Wendell Stevens, MUST SEE

I kind of stopped in my tracks over this one- not only does part two of this ongoing docuseries reveal a former S-4 sentry who decided to go on the run and tell his story of guarding aliens in tanks and ufos independently of the dead colonel's accounts of the exact same place, it also mentions in the second video posted here at about 7:17 who really knows about everything- "Level 33" as they call it- wouldn't ya know it, but our old friend Hank Kissinger. Part 3 of this vid posting goes on to say that Kissinger is involved with MK-ULTRA as an ONGOING mind-control experiment, and that mind control and the MK-ULTRA program is deeply tied in with the UFO phenomenon.

I swear to God it sounds like I have a crush on him I keep bringing him up so much, but really, I think it's the reverse. Henry, you are SO not my type. No you may NOT carry my books home from school.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just realized something.

The beings who contact me always seem to adapt a buddy system!

Usually what happens is there are at least two of them that always show up - now that I think about it, all of the positive encounters I have had have been with duos of beings. The regressive/rogue elements always seem to show up by themselves.

The positive ones always have one who talks and one who doesn't! It's almost like the silent one is just assisting, or taking it all in, or waiting to see if their help is required. ALWAYS. Just now realizing this. Amazing.

I just came up with this.

Q: What should Gen-X contactees be called?

A: ConteXt


Was just sending a thank you note to Steven Bassett for another great interview on Coast to Coast AM and he was referring to the influx of Gen-Xers (count me in that stat) who are showing more and more interest in the exopolitical movement. Steven is always good at not throwing the baby out with the bathwater or diffusing attempts from other researchers to polarize the subject of disclosure by discounting it or saying it is irrelevant and a waste of one's time to try and adapt legislative proceedure and to get it into the mainstream as a topic of relevance. I am always scratching my head when people in the "movement" are want to do, to which I always have to resist the urge to say "do you have avoidance personality disorder or something?" because they think legislation is tantamount to becoming a Bilderberger or somesuch.

Well la dee dah, la dee dah: I suppose if you want to go on your UFO mountain top and ignore the fact that engaging and educating the mainstream so that they can become more informed and make more empowered, conscious decisions about the world they wish to co-create, you CAN, but it's kind of missing the whole point, peeps!

Love and Light,


Am being given phrases and words now that seem to be a code for something/activation sequence for something

This is the newest thing they do to me. It's been going on for about six or seven weeks now. I'll be sitting at the window, looking out the window, there will be a being usually standing in the doorway talking to me while we are both seeing shadowy blobs over the stadium, or lights covered in some kind of dark (cloaking) shadow, sometimes I'll make a portal, or there will be another pulsing thing just hovering over the old stadium and now they'll say something I can't hear, but somehow I can tell what they are saying and I reply "well why would I want to do that?" And then my head (gently) hits the sink and I get downloaded. Last night was another one of those times. The being who was with me last night (actually there were two) was very friendly and tall and DID look reptilian, but I felt no fear- he was smiling if you can believe it. The other one, not as warm, didn't like him as much as the smiling fellow, but not regressive - just had less to say)

They say a bunch of words and for some reason I repeat them, sometimes there are phrases too.

Last night I was downloaded and it was so funny- they had a series of phrases and words that I was saying as some kind of code/activation sequence for *something*, what I have no idea (well, I have some kind of idea, but I don't want to say it too soon for fear I will stop the natural process by which it should unfold).

And two of the phrases they (whomever 'they' is) kept repeating in between "trigger words" they ask me to repeat now (for my continual DNA upgrades? For downloads? To be a Manchurian Candidate? To participate in a Spelling Bee? I have no idea- the words change almost daily and usually I can only remember one or two) were from Sherlock Holmes:

"Elementary, my dear Watson"


"The game is afoot"

Again, ????

I don't try to figure it out, I am just the stenographer...

Was turning the radio dial the other day and heard this:

"Think of Radio Disney as your intergalactic wormhole"


Isn't Radio Disney supposed to be a kids station?

Is the concept of a wormhole such a popular term that they can use it as an ad for DISNEY?

This is the same company that made that film Race to Witch Mountain... Hmmm... a film about human alien children trying to get back to their home planet while stuck in Las Vegas at a UFO convention; Whitley Strieber has a cameo and everything... not sayin' this is connected to disclosure, but...

xo A-

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reset your brain and teach others too

Dr. Rauni Kilde recommends this technique for preventing EMF waves, etc. from interferring with your brainwaves/mood, etc.

It serves as a very effective "re-set" button for your chi energy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rauni Kilde hits it out of the ballpark again.

This Rauni Kilde interview is yet again freaking me out (see an older post on this blog of another interview with the Bases producer on my blog) with the corroborations she is stating about how the NWO targets single women for microwave attacks/mind control experimentation (check), how Kissinger is really the one running the show (*Cough*astral projection into my living room twice demanding I join his side, one of those times was five hours before my microwave attack*cough*), how they mark homes of people who are "expendable" who are whistle blowers with a giant "X" marks the spot in chemtrails (happens over my home, like, constantly- I guess you could probably say the entire South Bronx is "expendable" according to the NWO's viewpoint), how academics are 50 years behind the times when it comes to "non-lethal weaponry" data, and it goes on and on- I feel like this woman is watching my vids and reading my experiences, it's incredible- and yet, she was the former Chief Medical Officer of Finland. She's saying a lot of stuff that rings so very, very true about "non-lethal" (complete oxymoron) weaponry such as microwave tech/mind control/microchips. Incredible.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is what the time portals I create look like. (Copyright, Tiho Vujovic

The beings told me the sky "behind" the sky that the red ball is coming though is the same spot 300 years in the future. Replace the red ball with moving lights and basically you are seeing what I see.

Aya, my Pleiadian guide. (copyright, Tiho Vujovic)

This the part of a painting Tiho did a while ago that made me almost fall out of my chair. He and I didn't know each other nor was I aware of his work when she was establishing contact with me last year. Not bad for being 280 years old.

Love and Light,


Just taped an interview for a TV show/pilot this past Friday

It's called "The Tiho Show" and I was extremely honored and excited to be the show's very first guest in the US! I just want to assure you that I am not hiding under the bed in terms of trying to get the word out, ha- (Thank you, Jaxx ;-))

For those of you who don't know, The Tiho Show aired over 100 episodes in the host's native Montenegro, and now that he is in the States, he created the pilot US episode to shop around to producers.

I don't know when the air date is, but it will also be airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network locally in New York City, and he will be showing it to at least one really big cheese deal producer (helped produce at least one blockbuster) when he goes out to LA next week to shop it around.

Tiho is kind of a big deal in Montenegro, he's this amazing whirling dervish who reminds me a lot like Roberto Begnini, and he often stops in the middle of something and says "I am the best artist IN THE WORLD" and continues on, it's very funny-

The show format would often revolve around UFO/ET/contactee experiences (further proof the rest of the world is interested in the topic, it's only the US that lags behind-far, far behind- in education and serious discussion on the subject) as Tiho is also an experiencer and paints these incredible paintings about what he is shown/has seen/chooses to re-create a la Salvador Dali.

(FYI, Dali also dabbled in time travel, dimensions, and the like. There's info about Dali and his secret society involvements in France having to do with the aforementioned topics that are truly remarkable. I think Ian Punnet on Coast to Coast AM has a great interview with a woman writer who became a sort of by-proxy member of the same secret society that Dali was in in the 50s talking about the remarkable things that happened/she was told/witnessed.)

Tiho really is an incredibly talented artist, not the least of which is because he actually paints what I see, and in one instance, he even painted a picture of Aya, my Pleiadian guide, which just about made me fall on the floor the first time I saw that.

How I met Tiho was my friend Charity serendipitously was contacted by him online with a media art project she was working on and when she saw his work, she said to me "I know someone who might want to meet you..." The first meeting with Tiho this summer turned into a three hour channel, natch.

I'm going to try and post the two images, as one is one of the time portals I create, and one is of Aya- forgive my technical incompetency if I can't get them posted right away.

Here's Tiho's web address so you can see for yourself the multi-dimensional qualities of his work- I also have seen the ectoplasmic "spider web" or "swiss cheese" material he envelops his studies with as well in my journeys with inter-dimensional travel, it's kind of remarkable.

What I channel verbally, he seems to channel visually, and he's actually been told by several scientists independently that his paintings not only have a "healing" quality, but that the scientists have said that they also seem to visually depict really advanced physics theories as concepts on canvas - he's quite a remarkable person.

Tiho's site:

Oh, and one more thing, this kind of blew my mind - before the taping, I was nervously seated waiting for the interview to start, feeling quite self-conscious and awkward, thinking "once the toothpaste is out of the tube, you can't put it back in again" as this was my very first TV appearance, and I guess to calm my nerves, the beings started to do a very funny reading for the couple seated next to me.

They were a very formal but kind and receptive couple, it was all about what kinds of food they liked, he liked roasts- pot roasts, pork roasts, etc. etc, and she was very good at cooking native Montenegran dishes. I also told the woman she REALLY liked artichoke dip with parmesan cheese, and that she was at some event recently where they were serving it as an appetizer and she really lit up like a candle when I said that, and then we did the taping, and afterward, the couple came up to me and the man shook my hand and said "I am an Ambassador from the Montenegran Consulate. On behalf of the people of Montenegro, you are welcome to visit the embassy any time."

You could have knocked me over with a feather, lol - they were lovely, and is it any wonder the woman would be at an event where appetizers would be served? I bet all dignitaries eat is appetizers, lol

Love and Light,


PS- People were lovely at the taping, and afterward I was swamped with people telling me they were having all kinds of paranormal experiences now and what should they do about it. I am pretty sure most of the audience had no idea what the subject matter for the taping was before hand as well, which is even more interesting!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just got a phone message from a reporter at the local Fox News affiliate here in New York who was doing a story on "psychics who live in the Yankee Stadium area" who was trying to get an interview with me to see who would win the World Series.

Doesn't he know I am not necessarily that kind of psychic and that I HATE predictions? Hate 'em. Time is a stream, not a hard and fast rule.

ANYHOO, I didn't have time to get into it with him about the Law of One or the Unified Field Theory or the fact that if I was correct I would forever more be inundated by bookies and "gentlemen callers" masquerading as a date when in fact they were trying to get sports scores.

The beings said I could do this, but that if I was right, I would forever more be inundated with phone calls from sports addicts, and that it would "clog" the path I was currently on.

FYI, they said "Posada gains in the third and Jeter wins it in the ninth" whatever that means. They said "it's Posada's game" meaning I guess the Yankees win the last game, which isn't such a surprise, right? I mean they are the Frankenstein team to end all- whatever. "The best team money can buy" is the phrase around these parts. Well, the parts of NY with Mets fans at least, ha.

I personally feel like a circus freak doing stuff like the above mentioned, but what do you guys think? Should I call this reporter guy? Obviously he's on deadline so if you respond after today, no matter. But do you all think I am serving my mission best by predicting sports scores? Hmmmm....

Love and Light,


Monday, November 2, 2009

Brad Pitt interested in Channeling?


Brad Pitt’s Spirit Channeling

Brad Pitt, who previously graced the cover of Architectural digest, has become obsessed with “deep-trance spirit channeling”.

Brad Pitt

The 44-year-old actor, who raises six children with partner Angelina Jolie, is believed to have become interested in the phenomenon after watching a US television documentary

A source revealed: “Brad is having sort of a midlife crisis. He is asking the big questions, like ‘What do I want to do with the rest of my life?’

The source continued: “He has also taken up deep-trance spirit channeling, trying to commune with ghosts, after watching the documentary ‘Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America’. Angelina is trying to be supportive but is now worried that Brad may become obsessed.”

Brad Pitt is also said to be keen to explore his hobby in a new movie
, but is facing protests from Angelina.

The source added: “Brad is looking for a script about channeling, but Angelina is afraid that if he tries to bring it into the mainstream, people will really think he’s gone off the deep end.”


Personally, I wouldn't worry too much that Angelina is freaking out over this. This is the woman obsessed with knives and used to carry a vial of her lover's blood on a pendant? Nah. I would be willing to bet she's down with it. Sounds like some hype-machine machinations going on behind the scenes for that article...

"Tuning In" by the way, is a GREAT movie. Really excellent doc on the process and how it is. I say good for Brad! (You can find it free online on Youtube. Just type in "Tuning In Movie" in the search engine.)

Love and Light,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Just saw this absolutely earth-shattering movie last night. WOW, is all I can say.

I don't talk about this very much, but what happened to the girl in the movie happened to me on a much, much smaller scale when I was 20 and living in a haunted house in Ohio. It remains to this day one of the singular most terrifying experiences of my life, and I can testify that whatever this disembodied spirit was was definitely trying to harm me as well, and did the same thing to me in my bed that happens to her in the beginning. (A spirit, or what they call a demon, sits on top of her and tries to choke her- in my case they sat on top of me and tried to suffocate me by pressing down on my chest while something under the bed was slowly pressing upwards so that I would literally have the life squeezed out of me as if I were trapped in a giant wine or olive press of some kind.)

I literally was being attacked, and I don't know WHAT possessed me (if you'll pardon the pun), but something in me called out to Jesus, I think I said something like "Jesus Christ, please help me!" and suddenly an invisible hand very quickly helped me sit up in bed- I literally felt some kind of invisible hand help me sit up, and I felt warm and protected and no longer fearful, and I started yelling at this thing to get out of my house and swearing at it and telling it it had bothered us enough (the haunting went on for about 9 months straight) and this being made out of intense blue-white light who looked like a Depression-era farmer jumped up in my face and turned into some kind of ghoul, and then flew out the window in the direction of a cemetery that was right down the street from my home. We never had another negative incident in the home after that.

There's way more to the story than that, but that is the gist of it. I am not one to be religious, and I wasn't even seriously calling out to Jesus specifically, it was simply a call for help, but I definitely received it. I have met Jesus before. Really. He's great, and I love him so much. I've also met Mary, The Angel Gabriel, and Arcangel Michael. Buddha, Sufic masters of the 13th century, Ra, Abraham, and even King Arthur once came through when I was beginning as a channel. All of these masters, as well as the many others I have spoken with all are here to teach specific lessons, as well as universal ones.

That is why I am not fully prepared, or here to say Jesus specifically is "the savior". Especially since in my very first written channel, they used the quote "The kingdom of heaven is within, dear children".

There are so many Ascended Masters, and they all essentially are speaking the same message through different facets of interpretation, which is the knowledge of and experience of love through the prism of experiential framework.

Plus, to say Jesus is the one true savior kind of contradicts the whole message the beings tell me about continually, which is that we are here to save **ourselves**. Jesus is very real, though, as are demons and/or negative spirits. I just don't fancy to claim I know who they are and why they are communicating with who they are communicating with.

I also found it interesting that in the movie, they refer to Emily as a "hypersensitive" and that these kinds of spirits are very attracted to these types of people. My mother told me when I was a teenager that I was a "sensitive" person- meaning, in the clinical sense, not as a kind of derogatory term, ha- and it was so true- strong lights, loud sounds, even certain types of fabric I wear make me want to go out of my skin- crowded rooms have to have A LOT of love going on to not give me a panic attack or feel like the walls are caving in, and then of course lest we forget, there's also that whole "I see dead people" thing. ;-)



I heart Mike Clelland/PAY FOR IT, PEOPLE

Or as he signs off, Mike Clelland! (Anyone who signs off with an exclamation point at the end of their name is a-ok with me)

Had an INTENSE, really great six hour phone call with the guy yesterday (fittingly enough, on Halloween), very moving at points- this calls to mind several conversations I have had by phone with other contactees/experiencers, and they all seem to find me or I find them in pretty much the same manner Mike found me- it's like a magnetic pull, and then we spill the beans with each other for hours, and it always feels like a long-lost friend or family reunion. As in, I KNOW the guy as a family member or from a long time back in school without that being the case, of course -- very interesting experience.

Anyhoo, the guy is a multi-talented force of nature. Subscribe to his AMAZING blog. Hire him to draw incredible artwork for you. Pay for one of his incredible,
MacGyver-esque, survive-in-the-woods-with-nothing-but-a-stick-of-gum-and-a-bowl-of-marbles tours he gives for ultra-light backpacking trips.

Here's links to his sites:

Do I sound like an NPR Fall Fundraiser? I don't care, y'alls need to understand something: most of the experiencers and contactees I know (including me) are DEAD BROKE. I am talking BROKE. Did I mention BROKE ASS BROKE? We do what we can to come into your worlds and do normal stuff and then go back to ours and have our regular visits with destiny and some inter-dimensional benevolent reptilian healer named K'taah, or some cat-faced Lyran who is doing etheric surgery on our stomach to remove emotional blocks, but doing so tends to put a damper on the funds.

If one of us has a service or product we provide, and you like our story and want to read about or hear more, request our services and pay for them. This supports our efforts and gets the word out further faster without us hyperventilating into a paper bag because we can't pay the rent that month.

We are not Wal-Mart. We are not a trans-national corporation. We are not, for the most part, tenured professors at Ivy League schools and this "contactee thingy" is just gravy. This is our life. We are for the most part, independent contractors because the stuff that happens to us is so outlandish, it makes it nearly impossible to lead a 9 to 5 life.

Most of us literally are walking such a narrow financial tightrope, and are just barely able to provide this information to the world while probably fretting about whether or not the DSL service used to make the videos we make will be on next month, and yes, we all asked for this, but there is such a thing as reciprocity. If I can't keep my lights on, it's a pretty safe bet you won't be being entertained by my tales of astral visits to Sirius B to speak to an Intergalactic Council, now will I? And as opposed to really bad science fiction, this is really happening to me!

Enough with the haters saying this should be free. 95% of what I give of my information is free. But let's be realistic, people. I ain't gonna take a vow of poverty and wear a hair-shirt just to satisfy some skeptic's idea of "legitimacy" and you shouldn't either. The NESARA Act hasn't passed yet, so until that magical day happens, let's try to spread the love AND the cabbage around just a little bit.

(I will also definitely consider barter: I need help with web design/promotional materials/PR in a big way... just sayin'...If you have skills to do any/all of that, please send me samples/links of your work and if I think it's appropriate for what I am doing, let's talk.)

Email me at: for rates and scheduling for an appointment.

And I love you even if you don't pay for a reading, but I will be much less stressed out about the electric bill if you do pay!

(FYI, sorry, guys, but due to the sheer volume of high strangeness that happens to me and the amount of time it takes place in, at this time I cannot do free readings requests anymore. If I am compelled to give a free reading, I will certainly do so, and do so still quite a bit, in fact most of my readings are free. But if you are requesting a free reading, due to financial and time based limitations, that is no longer possible.)