Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview I did for Revolution Radio on the Giza/Gizeh Intelligence interrupted by UFO sighting by host on live taping

For some reason Part 2 is not listing as a screen captured video, but you can see it here:

The first hour covers my awakening experiences and how they connected with recovered memories of being a MILAB.

 In the second hour, we discuss how they connect to strange marks on my body now, The Gizeh/Giza Intelligence, and a secret war being played out etherically as well as physically (3D/5D realms, as well as others, other timelines, etc.) 

Interesting "coincidence" about the taping of this interview - JUST as I begin to talk about the Giza Intelligence in Part 2, Michael reports a UFO sighting live as we are speaking on the air- from his description, it appeared to be the same type of round metal drone that I describe seeing in Part 1 with my awakening experience on August 15th, 2008.  I sensed it was observing and reporting/recording data of him and that it was benevolent and coming from the same people who visited me in 2008 in front of my home. (Could be Plejaran/Pleadian.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's a Girl To Do?

I will be interviewed on The Art of Dreaming on on Wednesday, 4/25/12, 8-10pm ET


From screenwriter, author, journalist, and radio host Michael Hemmingson:

My interview guest Wednesday (tomorrow) on The Art of Dreaming at Revolution Radio will be Anya Briggs, on topics of MK Ultra survivors, milabs, channeling, UFOs, Space Command, telepathy, super soliders, and many other fascinating matters. Tune in 5-7 PM Pacific, 8-10PM Eastern at 

We will be discussing the marks on my body and the Gizeh Intelligence. 

Re: Marks on body courtesy of The Gizeh Intelligence

The Gizeh Intelligence is responsible for this. Those who can do so, make them pay. Do not spare the rod with these people. They have taken enough as it is and I am not in a forgiving mood. Wherever possible, I have enclosed the original image and then the image adjusted for contrast. Otherwise these are unretouched photographs, straight from my iPhone.

These are from this month alone and the most recent are the color images that look like my arm is made out of the most psychotic crumpled bed sheet impression ever. But I can assure you these are not crumpled bedsheets making an impression on my skin. 

These appear without warning upon awakening, but also in the middle of the afternoon, when I am doing dishes, when I am talking with someone on the phone, when I am out with friends for dinner- they pop up randomly and without warning. 

Sometimes they are mildly painful and feel tender to the touch, like a papercut. Sometimes they feel like a mild sunburn. The shots where my arm appears red and is not adjusted for contrast are actually the reaction to my iPhone camera- my arm turned red when I put the camera in front of it, and then goes back to a relatively normal shade when I take the camera away from it. I can't make this stuff up, kids. It's real. Deal with it. And please someone can you help me? Thanks.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A message to Miss Sarah Stanga

Attention Flash-in-the-pan: 

Ride the coat tails of someone else for a change, you're busting my chops and harshing my mellow. 

If you want to quietly be obsessed with me for a year and a half but are too cowardly to use your real name (pseudonym "Violet") and tell me you are in the programs with me and have a stalker crush on me and then just as quick as you please stab me in the back after all I ever was was loving and supportive and wanting you to heal (black witches hate love and support) and tell everyone on your blog that I am "psychically attacking you", tell someone else, I am not into it.

Deprogramming is not politically correct, Miss Stanga. What "The Druid" James Casbolt was offering you was infinite generosity and healing but you are just too entrenched in your love of your victimhood and a reliance on the superficial (And negative ET-ruled re-programmer of supersoldiers Stewart Swerdlow and black magus negative-ET-ruled drug addict/alcoholic/grifter Max Spiers- who DEFINITELY got his talons in you) to see that he was giving you the biggest gift ever. Just because you say you are a Buddhist does not make it so.

What you are conducting is a negative ET-controlled witch hunt. Cowards grow like weeds.

 I'm a moon flower.

(Miles Johnston, are you reading this? Why haven't you interviewed me yet? Don't you think it's time to interview a woman in the programs with James who ISN'T a black widow spider for once? (Alara is a very enthusiastic, cheerful participant/one as well.) Don't you think it's time to interview someone who could perhaps connect the dots better than these black witches who seem to have a thing for finding you and digging their talons in deep-- and then posting histrionic negative comments about me on their blogs and psi attacking me later?)

Your crocodile tears aren't fooling anyone, woman. You have just been served.