Sunday, November 28, 2010

I will be on a panel discussion with Melinda Leslie (MILAB researcher) and Eve Lorgen (MILAB therapist, researcher) on Dawn of Shades on Tuesday, November 30th! Also: High Strangeness happens to radio host after she interviews me

 This is sure to be a fascinating discussion about a topic that is just starting to be discussed on a substantive level publicly and is not to be missed. Eve and Melinda are at the forefront of what is happening in MILAB research and the alien connection to it, and I am sure we will have much to discuss. 

Show website:

Make sure you check out the broadcast, the live version is going to be free while the archive will not be, so plan accordingly!

As an aside, I feel compelled to mention a strange pattern has been happening lately that I have not talked about publicly yet.

On November 9th, I was recently a guest on Gia's show Dawn of Shades 

 and apparently as has happened with other people who come in contact with me lately, it apparently kicked up some psychic dust. Often after I speak with a client or friend or an interviewer, strange psychic things happen to them and they for some reason feel I am connected somehow. I am not sure if I am somehow activating something in that person, or if something is happening externally as a result of coming in contact with me, but this has exponentially ratcheted up in the last year or so, and always with a comment attached saying something to the effect of "and it happened right after I spoke with you". 

I am glad that every single person who has told me this has chosen to see it as a place of self-empowerment and discovery and wonder rather than shutting down and letting fear take over. 

And if anyone asks, I really don't know what is happening either, could anyone help us figure it out? 

Here is a link to Gia's experience in that regard: