Monday, December 30, 2013

"Secrets of Project Red Light" - A. H.

Boeing Aerospace employee re: his conversations with General Curtis LeMay re: UFO coverup, also covers what Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Gorbachev, and Kissinger all know/knew about coverup, that MJ12/Majestic is real (currently under another name) and more.

"New" Age Deception #8: Chaos Should Be Feared

Mark Passio gets it. 

Anarchy literally means "Without Archons". 

Food for thought.

Highly recommended series.

Roseanne Breaks the Set on the Vatican, 9/11, House of Saud & Geriatric ...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who's Controlling The Snowden Documents and to What Purpose?

For your further edification re: The Snowden Documents/Snowden himself and corroborating what I have also been saying about how this might not be as altruistic an act as people think:

Oh, and surprise, surprise, an executive at PayPal is involved with Greenwald's book deals, $250 million soon to be media empire, etc.
The company just happens to have extensive ties to the intelligence community.
 Where have we heard strange things going on with Paypal execs before?

Maybe I'm grasping at straws here, but perhaps as it goes in the intelligence community, so it goes in "seemingly" disconnected fields like space tourism and aerospace as well?

It seems like there are huge doses of potential advertising and mind control here with the populace, and I certainly know of the level of mind control going on with the executives at the top of their game in the aerospace-formerly-of-financial-services-industry-heavily-connected-to-intelligence-agencies.

It's not that far a stretch if the arms of the octopus have many tentacles. 

5 Ways to Distinguish Your Calling From Your Ego

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Family captures shocking UFO sighting in Colorado that looks almost exactly like the one I saw in 2008

This looks A LOT like the "wedding cake" style UFO I saw on August 15th, 2008 outside of my apartment building, except that the underside of mine was lit up with an intense, welder's torch-level blue-white bright light in a ring that looked like a round fluorescent tube under the craft. Mine also had a distinct slight wobble to it in motion and a metallic "medicine ball" shaped "mascot" that had a red light, a blue light and a white light on it that trailed behind it. My sighting object(s) came out of a single point of light in the sky that then morphed into this craft seemingly instantly. It also flew right over my building completely silently just as this person describes. Regardless if this is real or a hoax (I sincerely doubt this is a hoax, but whatever), this looks almost exactly like the floating craft I saw in '08.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

For wise guys with big ideas who want quick and easy access to power

"I've done some pretty horrific things in the past...I was working on some rituals and I was experiencing terrible possession...I mean basically...I invoked some force, which made me very unstable...My doctor would say that basically I suffered excessive severe stress. But even my acupuncturist said it was to do with the magic practice that I was engaged in at the time...I don't want to inspire any gullible people to repeat any of my actions...I was playing with chaotic primaeval forces...I would not trust Aleister Crowley, Nietzsche, Spinoza etc - I would not trust any of them to run a society for my offspring to live in. I'd court martial them, bloody court martial, mate!"

- Jaz Coleman (Lead singer/songwriter for band Killing Joke), 'New Musical Express' magazine, 27th October 1990