Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book of Revelation (2002) Part 1

His sideways commentary about a Bishop ostensibly shot for his "homosexuality" (rolling eyes emoticon) notwithstanding - maybe he was, like so many Bishops/people of the cloth, a "pedophile" and that was the real reason, not because he liked members of his gender?, this is a good assessment of Revelations and what I also and many others have experienced too. 

IF YOU LEAD A LIFE THAT BETRAYS YOU, YOU WILL LIVE A LIVING DEATH. YOU WILL BE DEAD INSIDE. IF YOU IGNORE JESUS (the Kingdom of Heaven is Within, your Intuitive nature, your Psychic self, you don't listen to Love and all that is Within, if you don't heal your childhood traumas and wounds and dysfunctions and/or dysfunctional upbringing in your childhood family of origin), you will be traumatized and do tons of things (Neuroses) to avoid/cover up/distract from the real pain you experience ( to paraphrase the quote by Jung). IF YOU FAIL TO ADEQUATELY ADDRESS THIS YOU WILL LIVE A LIVING DEATH. Period. End of story.

And to think that kind of behavior, that kind of unaddressed trauma and issues won't have a blowback, won't have a  nadir, won't reach a tipping point, if you think that's sustainable as a way of being, of doing the plate-spinning act and always avoiding, avoiding, avoiding your real pain, the real issue,  and if you think that eventually, that in the natural scheme of things that there's no way there's a Thinning of the Herd when that happens, then you "my friend" are delusional. 

As so many of you are. That's not an insult, that's a description of an action. I mean no disrespect when I call people like that delusional. I mean it as a LITERAL description of an ACTION these people are doing.

 To act like you aren't dead inside when you are, to think you are in touch with your emotions WHEN YOU AREN'T, to follow SO MANY false prophets AS YOU DO because YOU AREN'T LISTENING TO YOURSELVES--

(are you listening?)

THAT ---



and then the false prophets, who are all sick and damaged themselves, will all tell you that the problem is yourself and they will never take responsibility for the lies and disinformation they have been peddling and then that person following them will have disillusionment or worse, and the whole world will seem like dish water, and if they take it to heart what some of these false prophets,  people who are psychopathic narcissists like Teal Swan have done, who do and say things like suggest suicide as a solution for able-bodied, otherwise healthy people who are just depressed, and then actually has at least one, maybe more of her followers ACTUALLY DOING IT, ACTUALLY carrying through on the act, and actually committing suicide as a result of her "ADVICE", then YOU WILL HAVE TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF BLINDLY FOLLOWING THAT PERSON. Who is also a Plagiarist of the highest order and who is leading many people down a slippery slope to deliberately abandoning themselves just so she can get narcissistic supply, which is a sin.

I have had run-ins as well in my private life lately with false prophets /UFO cult leaders who think they are "channelers" and "intuitives" tethered to the UFOs and actually are these ETs mind slaves and they are actually people who emotionally are quite sad inside and damaged too and who DON'T actually want to look at who they are and what they are doing in favor of giving it all up for the ETs and to that I say the ETs who are doing this actually take a dim view of you, they are watching and monitoring your reactions and actions only to see where you are in your personal reality (not very far, actually) and to see how the people you interact with react to it (not very well if they believe that swill you are promoting, which is that they CHOSE you for a "special mission" to "help spread love throughout the galaxy". Nope. They are monitoring you as a science experiment to understand human behavior and their creation. And their creation IS STILL PRETTY MIND CONTROLLED if you ask me. If you "just woke up two years ago" and what you did with that was start a UFO channeling cult, YOU ARE PRETTY FAR REMOVED from your mission, mate. And once again, this person is a Pleiadian/ starseed. 

They are not happy with your mission if you think THE ETS CHOSE ME.
They DO NOT WANT THAT. They want you to fight them. Challenge them. To be your own person. If they choose you to be mind controlled, the point is they want to see WHAT YOU DO WITH IT and the LAZY route is to join/start a UFO cult.

THEY ARE WATCHING YOU. And they are MAKING FUN OF YOU and GRAVELY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU if you think the ETs are here to save you and you become obsessed with your star being origins to the detriment of everything else. 


Nothing more, nothing less. You came here to have experiences and if you think being duped is the road to consciousness, so be it. But they see you as having failed as a human being if you think the pinnacle, the ne plus ultra of your existence, is to follow another.


The end.



Saturday, October 8, 2016

Welp, this just happened.

What I've been saying for years about what she knows and why she would be in bed with the Rockefeller Initiative, which, among other things includes spliced genetic trials of human and alien DNA spliced into the humans, but what do I know, I'm just a clueless, stupid psychic. PS: THIS WAS DELIBERATELY LEAKED PER THE MIDDLE MANAGER AGENDA TO HAND OVER THE REINS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET, THEY KNOW THE GIG IS UP. Her hand is being forced, make no mistake. It is being FORCED. It is NOT through the kindness of her heart. It is being done at the barrel of a gun.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hello, Sailor.

Our true situation. The reason they created the control systems is they tinkered with us and then realized some of us became sociopaths as a result and didn't want us to blow up other planets since some of us have such a hard on for blowing up other nations.

We have been "allowed" because it is the time of Revelations in prophecy, just as it was foretold, to "ascend" to the stars as a galactic civilization.

That's it.

The control systems, the occult- it was ALL designed to control us, keep us in the playpen, until they deemed us safe enough to join the galactic civilization in the stars.

 It's already happened.

 No need for disclosure. No need for truth from the purveyors of lies
(a futile exercise if ever there was one).

We are already deigned civilized enough, and they have interbred with enough of us so our loyalties don't lean towards heartless destruction, and enough are waking up to their true selves, that we can join the club.

I know it sounds heartless what they did, but mostly we were assholes who prevented a lot of this advancement ourselves. (Cough, cough, missing trillions, cough, cough, secret space program: )

We drank the Kool Aid, we aided and abetted much of it- none of us put up a fight, so that too seems kind of silly to "vilify" people for not wanting to have us commit genocide on ours and other planets.

The Cool Kids get it, as with anything it always takes a few years for Paduka and Des Moines and Peoria to catch up.

Oh, I also forgot to mention it's National Taco Day.

You're welcome!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sophia Loren - You Wanna Be Americano (HD)

Va bene , Mignolo . Fate bollire giù , ora . Apprezzo il vostro "tributo ", scrivendo così tanto porno su di me , ( e il vostro " vena creativa " non è riuscito a parlare di una moglie , ahem ) , ma questo è per il vostro amico la Allenatore .
E 'nato in Italia . ;-) Ma sei stato fratelli letterali prima . Si , è vero . In Italia , non meno! 1400s . Il Nord. Commercianti. Hai venduto ( e fatto alcuni ) pelletteria. Alcuni per il mercato equestre. Forse è per questo Broseph piace fruste , vincoli , e cavallo colture così tanto .
Ooh !
Non so dove il vostro stupro fissazione cosa proviene, però . Che , non ci piace . Non così tanto.
No, questo non è parlare opposto. E 'veramente inquietante.
Sei gentile di un ragazzo raccapricciante , ah, ah ! E non in modo divertente !

Ciao , bello ,


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ayahuasca Magic: Interview: Anya Briggs

New interview with Scott Turner at Ayahuasca Magic on YouTube,  I don't know what was going on with the audio but the way the acoustics were combined with the internal microphone I think on my computer makes it go in and out in some parts. 

I'm sorry I'm not media savvy or tech savvy!  I'm also kind of spazzy ! 

 I'm kind of like a feral person doing the St. Vitas dance who possesses the gift of speech but only speech that makes her sound like a Valley girl with marbles in her mouth, but perhaps you'll enjoy this anyway! Or maybe more so! 🙌

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

The Codependent's theme song!  
Or is it Ms. Gaga waking up and smelling the coffee about her illuminati childhood? Or both? 

Either way I consider this a breakthrough moment!  It seems she's been laying more than a few more hints about her self-emancipation as a human being and the darker elements of the entertainment industry  in a number of interviews, public statements, and her music itself since, oh, around 2013. I'm not saying she was waking up and smelling the coffee, I'm just saying.  

And either way , the girl's got pipes, you have to grant her that! Girlfriend can sing.

 I wonder if she's still going to take place in the illuminati ritual in space that I talked about in 2013:  

Perhaps. She might be contractually obliged. But her heart isn't in it if she does. 
It'd be interesting if that gets canceled!

And it's weird because I know people who know Mark Ronson and the other producer who worked with  her on this new album who is in the band Tame Impala, so that's interesting too. 
I'm glad she worked with them, they're incredibly talented people...


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Lion's Roar

1 Peter 5:8

"Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, 
as a roaring lion,
 walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."


Monday, August 15, 2016

The Kinks - Apeman 1970


People always ask me about myself, and the point is not about my experience,  the point is about getting perspective. If people are in pain it's usually because they experience a deficit of perspective and cannot get out of their own way enough to see other ways of doing things.

 That tends to be the source of about 80% of their pain depending. Please get out of your way. Please let go of that which no longer serves you. If you can't get out of your own way, than therapy might help. I know, there's a lot of bad therapists, but there are some good ones. 

Interview a minimum of at least three and don't settle for less. If you get any red flags, any weird feelings about the person, then don't hire them.

It's all about perspective. If writing in the journal and talking to others about it (trusted friends and loved ones, hopefully) doesn't help and you feel this way for two weeks or more you might have depression. And you might want to talk to someone professionally about it.  

Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that inhibit your life for two weeks or more is usually out of my jurisdiction  and probably requires the assistance of a certified, licensed counselor or other psychotherapeutic professional. 

Psychic ability does not magically fix all things. It is not a cure-all. It is simply an additional tool in one's toolbox that they may use should they desire to do so. 

But it is not the magical fix-all. 
Get some perspective. It might save your day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"First Turkey, then Greece"

It is not my intention to promote fear, and increasingly I feel a need to add the disclaimer that this is for "entertainment" purposes only, and that I will not be held responsible for any actions or inactions that come as a result of telling you this, but I just woke up from a completely disturbing dream that felt different than just a typical "filtering stuff from the day" type of thing.

In it I was in a jail cell with a bunch of other people, they were strangers. Six or eight couples lined up and start dancing toward the door. They are all male and all wearing sand/dune colored military uniforms, save for the last couple, a man and a woman. The woman wears civilian clothes, the man is in the same uniform as the rest.

As the couples tango towards the door, the people guarding it on the outside smash the prison door window glass and stick the barrel of a machine gun through it and start shooting indescriminately at the group. The dancing couples continue to dance toward the door regardless, all getting mowed down/shot to death in the process.

Everyone is screaming and there's mayhem. I am horrified.

The dream ends and in the blackness of sleep just before I wake up,  I clearly hear the words
 "First Turkey, Then Greece".

I wake up.

This dream left me shaken; I deliberately have avoided the news the last two weeks or so partially because it was disturbing and partially because I have just been busy, but upon wakening, I felt it necessary to finally look at a timeline of events of what had gone down in Turkey.

So apparently there was a coup attempt!

If you are planning on visiting Europe anytime soon, you might want to reevaluate any plans to travel to Greece in the next 12-14 months or so, and especially reevaluate or think twice before visiting any nightclubs/places where there is dancing on a regular basis . I'm not sayin', just sayin'... But if something like that were to happen, the attacks would mow down civilian and military alike.

I also feel like if anything goes down in Greece like what went down in Turkey, NATO might -just saying MIGHT have also primed the pump for it if not flat-out orchestrated it.

UPDATE: Thursday, 28 July, 2016:

I want to add, I just haven't had a chance yet,  that about 20 minutes after posting this, I heard very clearly that Greece would be protected. Now I don't know what that means specifically, but it seems to me that there seems to be some kind of protection of some kind with Greece as a pivotal point in all of this with radical Islamic terrorism, maybe manufactured terrorism with international agencies behind it, etc. etc. but that there seems to be something that overrides all of this and I don't know what it is, whether it be spiritual protection, physical protection, a combination of the two or the like. It seems to me energetically to be celestial in origin. I know, roll your eyes if you want,  but that's the energetic I'm getting.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Your consecration.

Enjoying Your Time Out?

Oh, so you had a shaman in Southeast Asia teach you how to possess people at will? 
Awwwww, that's so cute. 

I guess you tested your hypothesis and found out that G-d was in fact very much alive. 
How does it feel to get taught a lesson by an envoy from the most high? Does it make you feel special? Like you're a member of an elite group?


So are you happy now? Did you get the answer you sought? Was it worth it? 

Dude, I'm not even disappointed,  I just think this is funny. You thought I couldn't see your chess moves eight moves ahead? Like I wasn't waiting for the betrayal like so many other smooth talkers before you who all had a fix for power and control, who all believed up and down that they too had "a handle on it"? 

Please, don't insult me any further.
 Does the thought that you're not in control AT ALL come as a surprise to you?
  I know it scares you. 

You have seriously breached a contract, but I forgive you. Just be aware that your actions have consequences. That you may have created some blowback. Things might be created as a result of the blowback that might stall your progress. 

You are aware of the ripples in the water effect when you throw the pebble in, right?

Maybe you should speak to Bomoh about that. 

Oh and this would be too obvious to use a Neitzsche quote in response to yours, but maybe obvious is actually more your speed:

"Beware that, when fighting monsters, you your self do not become a monster… For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Psychedelic Furs - All that money wants (HD) (All Of This And Nothing 1988

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. "
-Romans 12:2

London, be careful. Don't stoop to their level (re: demonic possession, djinn, etc.)
There is another way.  
You will be protected. Brexit isn't going to solve everything, but you'll be okay. #ThankYou 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lauryn Hill Zion

In answer to your question:

PS: I liked your fry up today. It was delicious. Not a fan of sausages per se but for some reason they always taste better overseas. I think it's because they don't put preservatives in the food so much ;-)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Second Awakening

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Why being "In Ego" is a Good Thing (for Empaths, Codependents, HSPs), Pa...

Part 2:

Part 3:

5D or Psychosis?

Part 2:

Codependent Enmeshment or true Empathic Exchange?

Part 2:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How Culture Views Psychics, Cultural Distortions of Psychics - Oral History Interview

This was a delight, I love the topic she presented as part of an Oral History project for her class at NYU about cultural perceptions of Psychics and I really love that she didn't come into the subject with any preconceived notions or bias of any kind. And of course that she had very good questions to ask. I only wish we could have talked more about cultural perceptions of psychics, most of which are dictated by a "skeptical" forced/highly biased cultural narrative that has nothing  to do with my day-to-day reality and says way more about the skeptics themselves than anything to do with real psychic ability. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sibling Spiritual Attacks, Rivalry, Abuse - Family Disputes

I'm not a religious person, but this is an epic sermon. Thank you for testifying, whomever this person is. Thank you for this beautiful speech for anyone who survived dysfunctional families and the little-talked about issue of sibling abuse who routinely backstab you/abuse you/betray you and then expect loyalty because: "family".

If the religious language makes you uncomfortable, replace it with "inner guidance", "Love",
"self-esteem", " healthy boundaries"
 "well-being", and "health, wellness, sanity and sovereignty".