Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Jewelry. Do you think it's too much?

(Woke up with these little gems this morning. I did *not* go to bed with that bruise. In fact, as I do every morning upon waking now, I was inspecting my arm for marks, did not see the bruise on my open forearm, then I looked again a second later and it was there. I honestly don't know how that happens.)

Yeah, that's what I thought too. 

I had a feeling last night that I was going to be abducted again, and then someone whom I couldn't see last night in my room startled me and started talking to me about being taken- I know who this person is- a black ops military guy with a "big mouth" and a "big walk" who is open about it, but I didn't like his attitude and his paranoia so I thought I'd just tell you about it a little more. 

I am sick of these vetting sessions and it's freaking my cat out. You know you owe him an apology for stepping on his tail/"accidentally" kicking him. He was completely upset today.

 It's just so tiring walking around Comic Con being stared at and never engaged with, so I thought I'd do a little pro-active engagement:

Hi. My name's Anya and I'm not your tool. Neither am I your little Necro-friend's/stooge whom you often follow around and/or are followed by/in tow with.

Thanks so much for your time! I'm in booth #9! 


Teen Wolf Girl at Comic-Con 2012

Spazzin' out!

Giffords/Batman Shootings: It's Possible Ties to MKULTRA & More

2nd Shooter in Batman Massacre Ignored

Sunday, July 29, 2012

UFO Appears Over London Olympics

This was benevolent. Not a blimp, not the product of the NWO, not any Project Bluebeam nonsense. Why would a secret psyop decide to "unveil" its fake UFO in the midst of smoke and explosions and loud noise so people were so distracted that they couldn't even see it while it unveiled itself? 

Trust me when I say if the secret government wanted to stage a false flag UFO invasion, they wouldn't need lasers to create the illusion in the sky. They already use real ones. 

There's a lot of talk about negative reptilians and grays manipulating people but please don't forget that there are a lot of benevolent beings as well. More than the negatives. Way more. The Universe is a creative force and light creates. Darkness cannot sustain itself unless it feeds off of a willing participant or a tricked one. You have free will. Please stop adhering to this dogmatic idea that a quarantine is still "on" and people are "forbidden" to come here unless they are negative. All bets are off now. This is the "endtimes" as written in the bible, but not The End, capital T, capital E. It is the end of the world
as we know it.  You brought that ship there just as much as the inhabitants decided to go there. It was co-creative as an idea and the ship decided to show up when enough people willed it silently (or not even conciously, necessarily.) 

Thoughts create reality. Be very careful of the reality you want. You will create it more and more now.

The Oracle of New Delphi


Lost Season 2 Intro

Archuleta Mesa and Dulce, New Mexico - simple directions

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I just got your message, baby.


Didn't realize you were hacking the system to send me a singing telegram. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that's what the system as it currently is is there for. Flattered nonetheless. All right *sigh*, like it or lump it, one extra-schmaltzy serving of Serenades-R-Us, courtesy of (hopefully) uncompromised white hats in black ops. I told you guys about boundaries, right? 

And I wish to add, someone who shall remain nameless is piping up and asking me to say "Hi to you", whomever "You" is, because it isn't me they are referring to in the context of this sentence.

"The Gorillas say hi as well. We are protecting Anya and keeping her strong."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The connection to James Holmes, The Joker, Michael Jackson's death, The Vril, Project Paperclip, The Knights Templar/Freemasonry, and satanic Scientology

The Rogues Gallery: 
Wow, the drapes really do match the carpet.

Apparently my assessments are not only correct about James Holmes (, they dip personally into my story as pertains to connections as well to the maidens of The Thule/Vril Society, my grandfather's involvement with treating (or rather, not treating) a Project Paperclip Nazi Scientist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base during World War 2, my psychic abilities and possible psychic cybernetic implants/programming, and even a confirmation of a mention, however coded, of the most famous Scientologist ever Tom Cruise and his wife Katie HOLMES divorce. (Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard's ONI background is deeply connected to the occult Satanic/Nazi/racialist/Masonic leanings to all of this Eugenicist New World Order agenda.)

And there's even a new-in-the-public-eye-but-not-behind-the-scenes group of alphabets who just can't get enough of this occult thing, the deeply science, research, and tech-embedded devotees of mind control in the honest-to-God, The-Outlaw-Jesse-James-funded, racist good old boy Knights Templar satanic network known as The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC).

Prepare yourself, this article has more twists and turns and brilliant dot connections than the best summer reading page turner. Unfortunately, it's all true.  

Link to article HERE.

            By the way, the bet my money is on for one of the 21st century's top villains is by far Phillip Anschutz. 

  Someone write this guy into the next Bond flick, please!
Christopher Lee needs work!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 19th, 2012 Truther Girls interview - this was a fun one

(I'm willing to bet that's non-GMO pizza.)

Sonia and I talked about the war on consciousness, energy, and personal empowerment in the face of Illuminati tricks and loopholes and how the tricks and loopholes stop working once you are aware of the magician's secrets.

Link to interview HERE.

Continued analysis of what is happening in Colorado (Dark Knight Rises massacre in Aurora, Colorado/Dark Cabal Agenda)


To add to the growing list of events going on and the increasing fascination with the state of Colorado, one must seriously start to ask the question: "What's going on in Colorado?" 

I don't know if the timing of my visit there last month was geared towards some etheric or literal ritual and/or psychic facilitation of mind controlled slave James "Devil's Breath" Holmes in some kind of remote controlled thing myself (stranger things have happened), but I am willing to bet that there is some hidden connection between this tragic event in Aurora and the things that have happened and continue to happen in the state. 

It is strange how I am basically being hammered in the head lately with this info and it all seems to come from one place. So it wasn't that much of a surprise when the hammer hit the nail head once again. I also find it interesting that Holmes was a med student majoring in neuroscience at the University of Colorado (who had just last month dropped out) given the heavy role neuroscience plays in all of this.

So now that I have setup the current situation for you, I have decided to include an analysis of some of the occult machinations as well behind this very organized, very satanic false flag operation.

It's no surprise in retrospect that on June 21st you have the satanic rituals involving a baby being covered in gold and *sacrificed and eaten* by the 100 Illuminati banksters in attendance in Denver to usher in the Summer Solstice.

Then on the 23rd, you have the forest fires in Waldo Canyon 69 miles from where the sacrifice happened (Kabbalistic numerology breaks it down: 69 = 6+9= 3+3+3+3+3 (5 3s is significant as well as the number 5 again being the sign of the pentagram [heavily used in satanic ritual], the 3 is used in the illuminati many times over as a double 3, 33= 33 sections on the spinal column, the seat of energy activation in the body, the spine connects to all chakra points, the spine leads to the brain, also 33 degrees of masonry, etc).

"Coincidentally", June 21st is a 3 day (2+1=3) and June 23rd is a 5 day (2+3 = 5).

And now a ritual killing at a screening of the one film (Dark Knight Rising, in theater #9 at the Cineplex, actually) that I was just talking to my friend about as a public announcement that the Illuminati is "rising" or breaking down and leaving their posts. 

This was definitely orchestrated. Shocking for the uninitiated, but not, I suppose, if you know how to read signs and symbols. There is a very specific reason this film was chosen to accompany this horrific act in that it further drew attention to their "hiding-in-plain-sight"/"Have we got your attention now?" mentality/process/obligations. 

Astrologically there are some incredibly strange things happening as well: the Pleiadian alignment was on May 20th, the Summer Solstice happened on June 20th/21st and this happens on July 20th. 

Add to that the Columbine massacre happening 19 miles away from the Aurora massacre and happening on April 20th, *19*-99.
(99 = 3 3's + 3 3's.)

And finally, Holmes is 24. (2+4= 6, 2 3's.) I wouldn't be surprised if he is in his sixth or seventh month of being that age to boot. (6 +6= 12, 1+2= 3 or if in his seventh month of being 24, it would come out to the number 13 which is also significant for occult ritual purposes.)

As an endnote to the post, this fascinating astrology link was pointed out: 

Note the emphasis on Procyon, Sirius and Aldebaran, all involved with my story heavily through interactions, and with groups like the Vril Society and the Giza/Gizeh Intelligence. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are planets that are continually made in reference to Super soldiers astrology charts as well. Typically they tend to rule heavily. (And don't think the globalists haven't coordinated super soldiers and Monarch slaves astrology charts well before many of them are even born. Some have mentioned that labor was induced so they could be born under a different sign and some have been hand picked in no small part because of their astrological placement as well.)

I want to also add how strange it is that there are three media events that have held people's attention as of late- the divorce of Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise, the massacre, perpetrated (as far as we know) by James Holmes, and now as it has been brought to my attention, a woman by the name of Dame Kelly Holmes just was designated to carry the Olympic Torch on day *60* (3 and 3) of the torch relay. I really hope I am correct in my assessment that what I said in the Bases 15 interview remains the same (that no bomb and/or terrorist attack would go off at the Olympics, that an attempt had been thwarted by a "rebel faction" of uncompromised white hats inside black operations.) Of course I could be wrong. The date for the Opening Ceremony is July 27th (2 + 7 = 9, 3 3s.) 

(Thanks to Thomas Iskandar Voute for the information about Dame Kelly Holmes.)

Update: Just found out that Holmes's birthday is December 13 (any 13th day of the month is always a heavy ritual day) and that makes his sun sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by, surprise surprise, the planet Jupiter.

Party In The CIA (Parody of "Party In The U.S.A." by Mile...

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Janus Group, psychic programming, and psychic killers


Some info about the nefarious, shadowy Janus Group. Possibly also related to my story as pertains to artificial telepathy, Illuminati R&D with nanites, the occult, etc., etc. :

More resources and data on Theta programming/psychic killers/Janus:

Having just been in the belly of the beast (Colorado Springs, home of NORAD, Space Command, etc), I thought this was also interesting:

"(NORAD is a main center for Alex and Janus end-timed programming.)"

It seems all roads lead to Colorado Springs when you are referring to the technology and occult relationship to mind control programming. If you haven't seen my blog post yet about my strange recent visit to Colorado, you can read it here:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colorado Springs, Forest fires, Space Command, Me, and artificial telepathy

(Images of Waldo Canyon taken from cab while leaving Colorado for the airport, June 23rd, 2012. The fire had literally just broken out not 5 minutes prior to taking this photo. Note the eerie faces in the smoke and the white object to the right of the pole on the right- in both photos this object didn't move and I also didn't notice this object when I took the image.)

Interesting that I was literally just in Colorado Springs working on a missing person/likely cold case homicide the night supposedly also of the satanic bankster baby-eating rituals in Denver; the same night of the Summer Solstice (a very heavy ritual day). I did know NORAD was in that area, but I didn't realize Peterson AFB was also the HQ for Space Command. I know, I know, you'd think I'd be aware of this stuff by now given my experience with Space Command, but it's amazing the stuff that gets blocked. Basic things, sometimes. I do recall trying at times to find out where Space Command HQ was located and something would always keep me from looking for that- I would attempt to do a Google search and something would come over me and I would get distracted by design I suppose. So I guess that's been officially unblocked. Interesting as well that as I was literally leaving Colorado Springs on the 23rd, I was able to capture a very eerie image of the first fires in Waldo Canyon that later devastated the area.

I got approximately two bad hours of sleep the first night in town (the 21st)  and was not exactly fresh as a daisy the next day (psi attacks all night and extremely weird but unseen presences in my hotel room). Someone suggested to me that I was remote influenced or lured to be there around that time. It wouldn't surprise me. Let's just say my experiences with Colorado have been less than satisfying. The entire state is housed over an underground facility the likes of which you don't want to know about. (You who are uninvolved.) 

This blog is interesting.

Thanks to Haley Meijer Casbolt for pointing it out.There's also a who's who of guilty parties listed with their photos attached HERE so you can point them out in a lineup when the time comes to pay for their crimes against humanity. Of course there's a Bush family mafioso in there who's a heavy player as well as the other usual suspects in positions of power.

Make no mistake: the black cabal has been using this technology on the civilian populace for some time now. It is literally a virtual concentration camp they are putting you in if they use this on you. Of course they are using this tech on MILABs and other civilian guinea pigs like targeted individuals and the like and not "only" the military like they say they are, and of course this violates all kinds of laws and ethical considerations, but since when does the occult military cabal care about any of that?

"Perhaps one should begin by noting that Booz Allen Hamilton maintains an office at 121 S. Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO, and this office holds an $11 million contract with Peterson Air Force Base, headquarters of the U.S.A.F. Space Command." 

And Booz Allen's website with locations in many towns, apparently: